GTG's co-founder explains why and how Get The Box came about, and how to buy yours while stocks last

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When Sus (Taylor) and I started Get The Gloss back in the summer of 2012, we had a million ideas and schemes - many too crazy or too impractical to pursue.

One idea that’s persisted from the start, however, is that of putting together a box of treats for readers based around a specific health theme. A selection of tried and tested products, together with all the expertise you need to get the most out of them.

This month saw the launch of our first box: the Magnificent Seven , hand-picked with the help of Gloss experts to help you kick-start a healthy eating regime.

Whether you’re just looking to give your system a boost, or embarking on a full-scale overhaul, it contains a selection of nutritional superheroes, from chia seeds to oat, omega oils and magnesium, as well as matcha tea and Aduna super fruit powder.

Better still, despite everything in the box being full size, we’re selling it for half the normal cost of the contents: £19.95 instead of £40. Plus, of course, you get a detailed Get The Gloss guide on the whys and wherefores of everything in it.

We're planning to create more - perhaps a pregnancy and post-pregnancy one; or a post-operative one. Or my own personal favourite, a teenage tantrum one (a tad ambitious, perhaps, but there’s no harm in trying).

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