These new Brown Rice Thins from Rude Health are the ultimate healthy break-time bite

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Put down the chocolate bar and step away from the vending machine because we’ve got the perfect new snack saviour to help you crack your guilt-ridden cravings.

Made from 100% popped brown rice these new Rude Health Brown Rice Thins make for a delicious crunchy nibble with a little something on them, or even bare naked straight from the pack (don’t judge).

Light, airy and practically popping with goodness these thins are the most innocent of all break time bites. They’re gluten free, low-fat, contain no added salt, high in fibre and contain not one bit of artificial anything - nothing, nada. Even the packaging is totally recyclable and made from sustainable rainforests.

Savoury or sweet you can mix these little beauties up any way you like. Go retro and have them with organic peanut butter and home-made jam, or spice things up a little and cover them with some chunky guacamole, salsa and a bit of red chilli. They even dip quite nicely into soup! Perfect morning, noon and night these rice snacks make for the most nutritious and delicious treat.

Rude Health Brown Rice Thins , £1.69.