Is your lunchtime lull or blood sugar plateau taking its toll on your energy levels? Here are 5 ways to eat and drink your way to a more productive work day

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Is your diet your to-do list’s worst enemy? Some foods may be hindering your working day by making your energy levels slump and your mind feel foggy. But, with the right  nutrition  know-how and the right foods you can change your diet to help fuel your productivity and take it to the next level.

Nutritional therapist and Get The Gloss Expert  Henrietta Norton  has provided us with her top tips for eating and drinking your way to success. From energy-boosting snacks to ‘brain food’ boosters to turn your slump into a spring in your step, her advice provides ample food for thought for injecting your lunchtime lull with a dose of life.

1. Ditch the energy-sappers

“Foods that can be converted quickly into glucose such as confectionary, ‘white flour’ products such as croissants or heavily processed foods will create a sudden surge of energy followed by a big dip and so steer clear of these. Be mindful of too much caffeine or diet drinks as these can do the same thing,” advises Henrietta.

2. Stock up on the energy boosters

“A good mix of unrefined carbohydrates, quality protein and good fats will provide the right building blocks for your body to convert it to sustainable energy,” says Henrietta. Looking for a healthy winning formula? “A perfect combination of this would be tahini and avocado on wholemeal bread for example,” recommends Henrietta.

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3. Meet the brain food building blocks

“The amino acids L-tryptophan and L-tyrosine are building blocks for the neurotransmitter serotonin and the catecholamine hormones (basically your stress hormones),” explains Henrietta. “Making sure that you have plenty of these in your diet from quality lean meat such as turkey or chicken, avocados and seeds can really support your tolerance of stress and mental wellbeing,” she suggests.

4. Cue the water works

...not literally (hopefully stress levels haven’t reached their peak just yet). However when it comes to hydration that delivers in both the short and long-term interests of body and mind, water is truly the best deskside tipple. “Don’t forget good old plain water - even mild dehydration can reduce cognitive productivity by 30%.” Looking for a way to make your water more interesting? Check out  these 5 ways to give your water more punch .

5. Snack your way to success

If birthdays, Fridays and sugar cravings have the potential to side-track your healthy eating goals, boost your artilleries with some clever forward planning and swap your go-to snacks for more nutritious alternatives that will keep you fuller for longer. Henrietta’s top picks?

“Make up a mix of plain nuts or seeds with a few chopped dates or dried apple chunks and keep it in a jam jar on your desk,” she advises. “My go-to if I am not on the move is a buckwheat cracker and half an avocado or an apple and cashew nut butter,” she adds. We’re adding these to our shopping lists as we speak...