Fizzy coconut water is about to hit our shelves and our cocktail glasses. Susannah Taylor gets a first taste

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You’d have to have been hiding under a rock far away from any supermarkets, health foods shops or trendy gyms for the last three years not to notice the trend for coconut EVERYTHING. There's coconut oil which healthy-ites cook with, add to coffee, keeping scaly limbs moisturised and adding salve to split ends with. Then there's all manner of coconut balls, bars, nibbles, popcorn, flakes, ice cream, yogurt and crisps. I'll be honest, as things stand I’m pretty coconutted-out; I actually can’t bear to cook with coconut oil anymore since it makes everything taste like a monkey’s lunch.

However, one taste I haven't tired of is coconut water. With its slightly sweet, refreshing tang, it's low in calories, said to be full of natural rehydrating electrolytes and it doesn't raise blood sugar levels like a fruit juice would. It is therefore ideal as a healthy base for smoothies and is great for rehydrating after a tough workout. If you go into Wholefoods, there is a whole wall dedicated to the stuff and some coconut water brands now sit in the juice section in Sainsbury's.

My favourite coconut water by a long mile, however, is Jax Coco. There is something really clean tasting, not too sweet that for me makes it the best. Sourced from the volcanic regions of the Philippines, it comes in beautiful minimal frosted bottles that add to its chic appeal. The Laurent Perrier of coconut waters it is also found in classy establishments whether that be the gym at Claridges or the bar at the Ned. Jax, as it is known by those in the know, is also used as a healthy mixer in cocktails.

I was therefore really excited to hear that Jax Coco is about to bring out sparkling coconut water and managed to get my hands on some. Initially I was slightly disappointed as I thought it was going to be plain coconut water with bubbles (the brand is well known for its purity), however, it’s actually a sparkling coconut water with real flavouring - lemon and ginger or raspberry juice - making it a healthy alternative to soft drinks. It's 55 calories per bottle

What do I think? I think it’s pretty darn tasty. Considering the simplicity of the ingredients (96 per cent coconut water, lemon and ginger juice in one and 99 per cent coconut water, citric acid and raspberry juice in the other) they make a far healthier alternative to reaching for a sugar-laden can of Lilt at lunchtime. And if you’re looking for a cleaner, leaner drink come cocktail hour, you might find they taste rather good with a dash of vodka too. And the lemon one could very well pass for champagne in your glass.

Available from 19th June at Selfridges

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