Christina and Charli of That Girl share the recipes of their three favourite healthy smoothies

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Take one look at Christina Howells and Charli Cohen, founders of That Girl, and you’ll see that you can trust them when it comes to getting fit and healthy. The brains behind our Project Bikini workout plan , this fitness duo have revealed the recipes of their three favourite drinks so that we can all get one step closer to becoming That Girl...

That Girl Skinny Green

There is a lack of real green juices on the market - they all have added fruit or sugar and often represent a whole meal in terms of calories.

We wanted to provide an honest sugar-free green juice that someone could drink with a meal or as a hydrator to give all the health benefits, without the sugar and calories.


395g cucumber

2 stalks celery

20g spinach

20g kale

1 lime

1 tsp aloe

1/2 tsp Organic Burst wheatgrass


Juice. Add aloe. Pour over ice.

That Girl Restore

We wanted a juice that provided proper pre- or post-workout nutrition with protein and electrolytes. Spirulina is a rapidly absorbed protein often used in sports nutrition, whilst maca is the perfect energy boost and hormonal balancer. The chia seeds are great for added fibre and omega  3 . We wanted to add an antioxidant rich fruit to neutralise the oxidative stress caused by training, hence the blueberries.


1 scoop chocolate warrior protein

50 g spinach

1tsp chia seeds

100 g blueberries

1/2 tsp organic burst maca

1/2 tsp organic burst spirulina


Juice.  Add powders. Blend. Pour over ice.

That Girl On The Go

We were keen to get beetroot into this juice for its natural source of nitrate that has been seen to improve stamina and endurance. It is also rich in potassium - essential for hydration and a rich source of antioxidants. Additionally, ginger and baobab are great for immunity, which is important when you are on the go and living a pressured lifestyle. We choose Jax Coco for its electrolyte balance essential for hydration and its great taste. As for kale - do we really need to say anything?


30g juiced beetroot

30g cucumber

20g kale

1/2 pear

30 g ginger

Jax coco

1/2 tsp organic burst baobab


Juice. Pour over ice.