Tea-m picks: 10 healthy herbal teas worth stocking up on

Ayesha Muttucumaru 21 April 2018
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The 10 best herbal teas

A cup of tea - it’s good for the soul. And it turns out, the body too thanks to the extra wellness benefits today’s blends are serving up.

From getting you workout-ready after a long day to tackling a hangover after a long night to even, helping you sleep better, they do more than just provide a post-lunch pick-me-up. Designed to boost both body and mind, there’s been no better time to mix up the way you take your tea.

Which one should you try next time you pop the kettle on? Here are our top picks.

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Pukka Ginseng Matcha Green Tea, £2.79 for a box of 20 teabags

Great for: an energy boost

Pukka’s new Ginseng Matcha Green tea is both refreshing and uplifting. Each plastic-free bag (a trait shared by all Pukka teas) contains a blend of organic matcha, green tea and energising natural botanicals to help revitalise body and mind. It features: matcha - a special type of green tea made from the fresh leaf tips of tea plants, that can be higher in antioxidants than other green teas, giving it greater anti-inflammatory potential, and red ginseng – a traditional herb for supporting energy. It’s classed as an ‘adaptogen,’ meaning it can help the body maintain energy and stamina. Tulsi - also known as Holy Basil - has adaptogenic properties too. Its traditional uses include supporting mental clarity and focus, as well as calming an anxious mind. Lastly, ginger root encourages healthy circulation.

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teapigs Happy - Uplifting Tea, £3.99 for 15 tea temples

Great for: a mood boost

Had a bad day? These citrusy ‘positivi-tea’ temples (which are biodegradable too) from teapigs can help thanks to their uplifting blend of turmeric, apple and star ingredient, lemon balm, a natural remedy valued in aromatherapy for its anxiety-reducing properties. Refreshing with a spicy depth thanks to additions of cinnamon (a great source of protective antioxidants) and soothing ginger and cardamom, they’re a treat for spirits and senses alike.

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Clipper Lemon and Ginger Tea, £2 for 20 tea bags

Great for: nausea and bloating

A stomach-calming pack of lemon and ginger tea bags is always worth having on standby for those SOS moments when the after-effects of a heavy night out or a heavy lunch threaten to have their way on your day. Effective in helping stave off sickness, bloating and gas, the inclusion of licorice root enhances the belly-friendliness even further. Tea bags are unbleached and fairtrade and as of later on this summer, will be biodegradable and plastic-free too.

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Pukka Wonder Berry Green Tea, £2.79 for a box of 20 teabags

Great for: an immunity boost and stressed city skin

Fruity wild berries and green tea meet delicious spice in this flavoursome, vitamin C-filled infusion. Hero botanical ingredients include: echinacea, a natural anti-inflammatory, which soothes irritated skin and bolsters immunity. Next, elderberry, a renowned immune tonic famed for its antiviral properties whose colourful purple pigments are brimming with antioxidants, helps tackle pollutants in the environment and gives skin a healthy glow. This is further enhanced by comforting and moistening licorice root which acts as an ‘internal balm’ for dry, inflamed skin. It also contains green tea, a potent tea famed for its protective benefits and beetroot, a natural source of iron, calcium and vitamins A and C. And finally, ginger root, helps to improve digestion and increase circulation.

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teapigs Trim - For Metabolism Tea, £3.99 for 15 tea temples

Great for: a pre-gym pick-me-up

If you’re looking for a healthier alternative to sugary drinks to lift flagging energy levels before an early morning exercise class, this is your perfect match. Containing organic guarana seed, an all-natural stimulant known for its revitalising abilities, alongside a punchy blend of organic peach, rosehip and hibiscus to enhance its metabolism-boosting effects further, it’s a cup of tea worth jumping out of bed for.

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Daylesford Organic Digest Tea, £4.99 for 15 tea bags

Great for: digestion

Housed in biodegradable tea bags and grown sustainably without pesticides and unnecessary chemicals, this gut-friendly pick’s good for both your health and the environment. Inspired by Ayurvedic rituals, its blend of calming lemongrass, soothing liquorice root and purifying nettle leaves, makes for a belly-pleasing post-dinner treat.

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Pukka Lean Matcha Green Tea, £2.85 for a box of 20 teabags

Great for: shaping up

Pukka’s Lean Matcha Green is a sweet and scrumptious-tasting blend of high quality, sustainably sourced organic oolong and matcha tea, blended with a range of incredible organic spices such as cinnamon, ginger, fennel and turmeric root that work together to boost metabolism, improve blood sugar regulation and enhance overall digestive wellbeing.

Available from supermarkets, health food stores,  and Waitrose .

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teapigs Calm - For Relaxing, £3.99 for 15 tea temples

Great for: when you’re stressed

‘Popping the kettle on’ can instantly sort out a case of end of day overwhelm - especially if the end result is a tea like this that serves up some extra stress-busting benefits. Containing a relaxing blend of chamomile, lemon balm and valerian, it’s the perfect combination for those who struggle to switch off - just brew, breathe in and slowly sip to watch evening tensions slip away.

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Tick Tock Organic Rooibos Tea, £2.20 for 40 tea bags

Great for: stomach cramps

Think of this tea as a hot water bottle in a mug due to its ability to alleviate stomach discomfort. It’s believed that this is because rooibos activates potassium ions in the body which in turn, can help reduce tummy troubles and just generally leave it a lot happier. It works for us plus, because it’s naturally caffeine-free, it’s great for those who struggle to get to sleep too.

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Twinings Cranberry and Raspberry Infusion, £1.70 for 20 tea bags

Great for: a sweet tooth

Slave to sugar cravings? This fruity blend will help stop you reaching for the nearest packet of Haribo thanks to its delicious cocktail of raspberries, elderflower, cranberries and antioxidant-rich hibiscus. Diffusing into a deep-red colour and mouth-wateringly sweet, it looks and tastes like summer in a teacup.

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