Boost your metabolism and fight fat with these five kitchen essentials

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Alongside eating healthily and keeping active it’s always helpful to have a few handy tricks up your sleeve to optimize your hard work. Adding certain foods to your diet can speed up the process of fat burning, keep hunger at bay and in turn help you on your way to achieving your ideal shape. Zoe Stirling, the nutritionist behind Project Bikini (our 12 week fitness and nutrition plan) shares here the top five foods to add to your healthy eating arsenal.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil contains medium chain triglycerides, a type of fat used as an immediate energy source in the body rather than being stored. It’s also thought to help prevent food cravings, however, bear in mind that it’s most effective in smaller quantities.


Oats contain plenty of soluble fibre, which not only helps with satiety but also aids digestion and the removal of fat from the body via the bowel. Eating a variety of sources of soluble fibre is key to getting a flatter stomach.

Green tea

Green tea contains catechins, which activate fat-metabolising enzymes thought to help reduce body fat and weight. Remember green tea contains caffeine so it’s best to drink it earlier in the day.

Cayenne pepper

The active component in cayenne pepper is called capsaicin, thought to increase fat loss by increasing energy expenditure. Go easy; a little goes a long way!


Containing nutrients that convert food to energy and support circulation, spinach may help to boost your metabolism. Plus, it’s low in calories but high in fibre, keeping you fuller for longer.

Not sure how to incorporate these foods into your diet? Project Bikini  contains 36 delicious and healthy recipes packed with these five fat burning wonders.