The Gloss Report: water bottles

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The Gloss Report: water bottles

Need to drink more water? Most of us would almost certainly say yes - and a good quality bottle can make all the difference. A useful way to help increase our daily quotas, as well as provide a more eco-friendly and BPA-free alternative to disposable plastic variations, finding ones that are both leakproof and easy to carry can be a tough ask. However, today’s variety of more design-savvy substitutes looks to provide promising practical options to suit either work, home or gym.  So which ones are worth the investment? Read on to find out...
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OXO Good Grips Twist Top Bottle 700ml, £9.99

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The promise: “Good Grips’ leakproof bottle makes sipping simple.”

We give it: 9/10

Review: “This is a favourite in our family. Both my children take one to school and to survive being thrown around these BPA-free bottles need to be sturdy - and leakproof. So far, after two weeks’ use, they are holding up well. They are dishwasher safe, as promised, and the straw pops out easily and quickly when you twist the top (if you need to grab water quickly during a workout this is a plus). This bottle encourages you to sip rather than gulp, which one facialist told me is better for hydration as the body absorbs more water than when you neck large quantities. It has a sports loop for easy grabbing, fits in a good 700mls and the silicone straw is flexible with has a soft ‘mouth feel’.”

Reviewer: VW

3 / 8

Thermos Hydration Bottle 710ml, £12.95

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The promise: “Thermos hydration bottles make it easy to stay hydrated throughout the day. They’re reusable and built to last.”

We give it: 8/10

Review: “This is my go-to water bottle at the moment. BPA-free and fitted with a leakproof lid it, has a capacity to hold 710ml (very precise) of your beverage of choice - as long as it’s cold though, it's not designed to hold hot liquids. It’s the brand that Elle Macpherson  uses for her Welleco version of the bottle, and if it’s good enough for Elle, then what more can you say. Easy to hold and transport to and from work everyday, the cap uses a flip top mechanism to open and the lid itself includes a rubber seal that prevents water from escaping. Once closed, there’s a metal lock included which flips back to secure the lid - water leakage safety first here! I've noticed if you fill the bottle up too much, liquid can leak from the seal when you go to take a sip, so just be careful with that one! I've had this water bottle for a long time and it's still standing strong - just follow the capacity guidelines and you'll have no spillage.”

Reviewer: SM

4 / 8

Bobble Water Bottle 550ml, £10.49

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The promise: “A stylish, reusable bottle that makes water taste better by filtering out chlorine.”

We give it: 5/10

Review: “I am never without a bottle of water in busy London, but I must admit it bothers me that it’s usually one I’ve grabbed on the go - it’s not eco-friendly and I know it’s not healthy either. That’s why I tried Bobble - BPA-free, free of phthalates (known to be bad for you) and PVC. A curvy clear bottle with a bright carbon filter and matching rubber lid, it looks the part and using it already makes me feel like I’m doing something good for my body (and the planet). It’s not dishwasher safe, if that bothers you, but my main issue is the way it works. The filter makes drinking a chore; the water is dispensed so slowly that it’s frustrating, not to mention leaving me thirsty for more. If you’re not a big water drinker like me this may not bother you, but I’ll be looking for another solution that can keep up with me!”

Reviewer: JJ

5 / 8

bkr Madly Teeny Glass Water Bottle 250ml, £20

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The promise: “Perfect for on-the-go sipping and throwing in your bag. Small opening for no-spill sipping.”

We give it: 7/10

Review: “I’m absolutely terrible at drinking enough water throughout the day. Completely abysmal. My problem is two-fold: 1) I forget to and 2) bottles are often too large and clunky to carry in my handbag. So on paper, this 'Teeny' limited edition find from bkr looks like it fits the bill perfectly.

“Made of glass and silicone and BPA and phthalate free, its bright watermelon-coloured casing serves as an eye-catching reminder to keep sipping throughout the day. Plus, the extra gripping on the bottom is ideal for keeping cack-handed spillages to a minimum (I’m quite clumsy). Small and light (it only weighs around 1lb when filled), it fits into my work bag wonderfully, to make for a more commuter-friendly alternative to its bigger bkr sibling. And, it didn’t leak, (just make sure to screw the lid on tightly). The fact that it’s dishwasher safe is also a big plus from a practical point of view. The only drawback for me would be its price - costing £20 for 250ml, it definitely provides less splash for your cash in comparison to the others in this feature. That being said though, I would say that its size and shape certainly appeal to adults and kids alike, to make for a stylish and more environmentally sound alternative to disposable plastic variations.”

Reviewer: AM

6 / 8

Joseph Joseph Dot Tracking Water Bottle 600ml, £9.99

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The promise: “A leakproof bottle that helps you track your water intake.”

We give it: 8/10

Review: “Simple, slim and with a wide drinking-friendly bottleneck, I’m finding it hard to fault this BPA-free option from Joseph Joseph. At 600ml it’s just right for carrying around with you, and its main feature is a 4-dot system on the cap - each time you fill the bottle and twist the lid back on, a new dot appears so you can track how much you’re drinking, making it great for those who want to increase their water intake. It’s definitely leakproof and very lightweight; the only tiny drawbacks are that it’s a tad slippery (perhaps not ideal for sport) and occasionally, taking off the cap turns the whole lid - which is then hard to close without adding another dot to the tracker. This doesn’t bother me, however, and is quick to fix by twisting as needed to reach the number you were on. Plus, at only £10, it’s good value; no more plastic bottles for me.”

Reviewer: JJ

7 / 8

Form BlenderBottle 760ml, £14

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The promise: “Stylish, functional and the highest quality. Guaranteed leakproof.”

We give it: 9/10

Review: "This does double duty as a smoothie/protein shake maker, (complete with wire whisk ball) and water bottle and is my current favourite. Form, makers of vegan protein powders, tried out many on the market before deciding to go with this one and I can see why. It’s grippy, the lid stays on nice and tight, it’s super easy to clean and BPA and phthalate-free. The flip lid is pretty stiff, but having had so many water bottles leak in my bag, I’m totally down with this. And it looks good.”

Reviewer: VW

8 / 8

Swell Bottle 500ml, £35

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The promise: “Drinks stay cold for 24 hours and hot for 12. It’s sleek, stylish and covetable.”

We give it: 8/10 (two points purely knocked off for price)

Review: “Made with non-leaching stainless steel (steel can LEACH?!), the Swell bottle is BPA-free, has a vacuum sealed lid to prevent potential spillages and is indeed slinky and relatively light to carry around. Whoever’s in charge of design is doing a stellar job- from marble to nature scenes to textiles and prints representing the elements, you’ll be keen to flash this at every opportunity, which is just as well given the absolutely whopping price point. Swell recommend storing champagne in the 750 ml version of this bottle, which possibly says it all.

"Despite the splurge, for your investment you do get a very chic and easy to clean bottle that delivers on its promise to keep your tea hot and your water chilled (slip an ice cube in if you want it extra fresh). Swell has also partnered with multiple charities and is committed to supporting water programmes across Madagascar until 2018, so combined with the fact that the bottle itself should prevent you from buying the environmentally damaging plastic variety, it’s a green buy as well as a stylish one. We don’t blame you if your eyes are water though…”

Reviewer: AH