Eat a rainbow every day at The Juice Well

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The Juice Well, founded by Will Ricker and Joe Cross, is the newest premium juice bar on the block offering organic, cold pressed juices, superfood smoothies and cleanses. Working closely with nutritional experts, the dynamic duo have designed a juice menu that’s fun, delicious and jam-packed with all the super healthy goodness of fruit and veg that we need daily.

Alongside juices they also offer zingy tonics, reverse osmosis water, indulgent chocolate fixes and comforting dairy and lactose-free nut milk. They’re also able to lend a healthy hand if you’re feeling a bit peckish with their range of tasty and trendy snacks and treats, ranging from kale chips to raw granola and even peanut butter cups.

Even more compelling than the menu is the story of how The Juice Well came to be - juice saved their lives. Joe, having been diagnosed with a debilitating illness, as well as being overweight turned to juicing and managed to cure both his illness and shed the pounds.  Restaurateur Will jumped on the juicing bandwagon after learning he was diabetic, which led him to learn how to control his sugar cravings and lose over 15kg - if that doesn’t make you want to curb the caffeine and pump up the juice we don’t know what will. We’re parched.

Find The Juice Well at 4 Peter Street, Soho London W1F 0DN