Looking for an easier, more sustainable way to detox? Nutritionist Henrietta Norton has got the solution

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Forget faddy diets and juice detoxes, we’ve found the new way to cleanse and purify the body - and it’s all about natural nutrients.

Designed and formulated by Nutritionist and GTG expert,  Henrietta Norton , The 28 day Total Cleanse Programme takes a functional medicine approach, working on the bodies biochemistry and cellular health.

Over the years Henrietta found that she was presented with a number of female health conditions that resulted from the body’s inability to detoxify. These included everything from hormonal imbalances, and allergies to weight gain and subfertility. Taking these into consideration, this nutrient plan has been tailored specifically to women and works to nurture and replenish the vital pathways in the liver and gut that help to promote wellbeing.

Made up of three different products, the plan involves a Food-State Total Cleanse Complex, a Food-State Antioxidant Boost and Food-State Balance Multi Nutrient that all needed to be taken daily and alongside food. Each of the tablets consumed contain a unique complex of Food-State nutrients, whole foods and botanicals that are proven to flush out toxins and leave you feeling lighter and brighter.

A word of warning however, the pills do come with a rather challenging aroma and taste but we urge you to hold you breath and persevere - just a few weeks on this plan and we can’t express how good you’ll be feeling. Bouncing off the walls and with a spring in your step you’ll swear you’ve never felt better.

Wild Nutrition Bespoke Woman Total Cleanse Programme, £85, is available from  SpaceNK