David Kirsch’s 48 Hour Super Charge Cleanse will leave you feeling brand new inside and out

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When David Kirsch’s 48 Hour Super Charge Cleanse arrived at Get The Gloss HQ, we were surprised to see its flavour: Pink Lemonade. Curious, though slightly dubious about how healthy it could be, we gave it a try (it was delicious, FYI) and came to a conclusion: this is unlike any other juice cleanse you’ve tried before.

For two days, you replace all meals with David’s Juice Cleanse while staying hydrated with plenty of water, decaf green tea and herbal tea. The juice works to clear toxins and bring your body up to optimal health, making you feel healthier, refreshed and full of energy from the inside out.

Free from extra calories, carbs and sugars, its blend includes the best colon, liver and kidney-cleansing antioxidants, such as acai berry, milk thistle and cranberry extract. It’s also packed with fat-burning and energy-boosting ingredients like pure lemon juice concentrate, pure grade B maple syrup and vitamin B12.

The two days were surprisingly easier than expected, thanks to appetite-suppressing components. Once the juice cleanse was over, we felt like our insides had been scrubbed spotless, leaving us healthier and all over more energised. It altered the way that we think about eating, and has set us back on track towards wiser food choices. Thanks to David, we’re one step closer to being bikini-ready…

David Kirsch 48 Hour Super Charge Cleanse, £24.50, available  from Space NK