From why you should be eating cashews to the reason meditation could transform your skin, we’ve rounded up the top snippets of information from our day of wellness

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Last Saturday Get The Gloss had the pleasure of attending ‘Time Well Spent’, an inspiring day of health and wellness hosted by two of our favourite experts: nutritionist  Karen Cummings-Palmer  and meditation specialist  Sunita Passi . A blissfull day of relaxation held at the  COMO Shambhala Spa  within London’s  Metropolitan Hote l was centred round the theme of ‘Ageing Well’ and included talks from the experts, massages in the spa, guided meditation and a delicious nutrient-packed lunch.

Here’s what we learnt…

Karen’s top tips for a healthy lifestyle

1) Mix up your mornings

We are all aware of the significance of breakfast in kick-starting the metabolism but Karen emphasised the importance of changing up your breakfast day to day. Breaking your fast with the same meal each morning (when your stomach is at its most sensitive) can easily lead to intolerances so try to alternate your choices.

2) Be inventive with your breakfast choices

Karen believes the key to a healthy body and mind is variety. Stuck for inspiration? Karen recommends a sweet potato frittata or avocado on buckwheat toast.

3) Don’t completely cut sugar

If you are used to having a fair amount of sugar in your diet going cold turkey is setting yourself up for failure. Karen believes switching to natural sugars is a first great step and recommends dates, figs or a small piece of high quality dark chocolate to get your sugar fix.

4) Create healthy rituals in your life

So much of the way we eat and drink is about routine. By switching these unhealthy habits with healthy new ones you will find it much easier to keep on track. Karen suggests replacing your 4pm coffee run with matcha green tea - a creamier and tastier option with fifteen times the antioxidant value of regular green tea. For an indulgent treat you can top with cacao shavings.

5) Prepare your snacks

To avoid the temptation of sweet treats when you’re on the go it is important to have healthy snacking options with you. Karen’s favourite is raw cashew nuts which can be bought in bulk, bagged individually and frozen ready to be taken out an about. Cashews – and other nuts such as pistachios – contain high levels of amino acids that will boost your mood and energy level.

Sunita explains why we should all be meditating

1) Boost your skin

Meditation is proven to reduce the levels of Cortisol (the hormone we release when stressed) and increase levels of DHEA (proven to fight against depression). Cortisol plays havoc with our skin so reducing your levels can help with reducing lines and increased levels of DHEA will see an up in your glow.

2) A cleanse for the mind and body

Slowing down the breathing whilst meditating increases the oxygen intake and carbon dioxide output which functions as a cleansing process. Taking time and space by meditating will automatically make your mind feel less cluttered and allow you space to work through decisions and problems with more clarity.

3) Sleep better

It has been proven that meditating (at any time of the day) will help you to drift off faster and sleep more deeply.

Karen and Sunita plan to host many more events like this in the future, find out more  here .