From crunching on crisps to skimping on sleep, a new survey reveals the not-so-healthy habits of the UK's workforces

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If you’ve chomped your way through half a chocolate bar while reading this, don’t panic - a study by BRITA can now reveal you’re probably not alone.

The survey, which looked at eating, sleeping habits and stress levels, was carried out as part of BRITA’s ‘Pour O’Clock’ campaign, which urged workers to reach for water over a sugary snack at 4pm when they are most in need of a boost.

Researchers found that teaching is the healthiest profession, with 71 per cent eating three regular meals a day and 86 per cent getting six hours of sleep a night or more.

People working in call centres were revealed to be the unhelathiest, with 70 per cent admitting to snacking on crisps and chocolate throughout the day and a third avoiding exercise entirely during the week.

Most surprisingly of all was the revelation that less than half of workers in the health and fitness sector eat more than two portions of fruit and vegetables during a working day.

Below teaching, the other four healthiest professions were nursing, fashion designing, farming and fitness.

The top five unhealthy professions were found to be call centres, engineering, PR, building and working in IT.

In order to combat the nation’s unhealthy habits, nutritionist Jo Travers has devised five top tips on how you can beat the biscuits:

1. Drink water

As dehydration is often confused with hunger, this may be all you really need. Being dehydrated also causes us to feel tired and sluggish, and drinking fluids perks us up far more efficiently than caffeine or chocolate.

2. Get moving

Going for a walk will take your mind off unhealthy snacking, as well as improving your circulation and giving you a mid-afternoon boost that isn’t laden with calories.

3. Buddy up

Teaming up with a friend is a great way of giving and getting support in your mission to stop snacking for good.

4. Eat a good breakfast and lunch

This way your body won’t be craving nutrients and have you reaching for the biscuit box all day.

5. Treat yourself

Because we often snack when bored, listening to your favourite song or reading a few pages of a magazine during the day can increase productivity and divert attention away from unhealthy snack options.