Delicious, satisfying and packed with great-tasting organic herbs and spices, Pukka’s new herbal lattes are the excitement your taste buds have been waiting for

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While something cool and refreshing was the type of drink we craved over the summer months, the story’s very different as autumn approaches. With the mornings and nights getting colder, we're in the mood for something hot, indulgent and better equipped to keep us energised and well this season, and Pukka’s latest launch has the perfect recipe. Meet their new organic herbal lattes, a range of plant-based blends, packed with a variety of tasty health-boosting herbs and fragrant spices such as cinnamon, turmeric, matcha and ginger to serve as a pick-me-up for mood and energy levels.

Each warming blend contains ingredients that not only taste divine, but make you feel great. And, unlike most other shop-bought lattes on the market, they're also free of added sugar and artificial sweeteners, with prebiotic, inulin, used instead to appeal to those with a sweet tooth and provide a helping hand for your tummy too.

There are four flavours to choose from and, with prices starting at £4.99 (for 15 servings), they’re significantly cheaper than a daily coffee run to your local café - and lower in calories too. If you love a hot chocolate, then you’ll love Cacao Maca Magic , a creamy, indulgent number that features uplifting cacao and superfood adaptogens ashwagandha, maca and shatavari. The perfect way to satisfy a 3pm craving for something sweet.

For a turmeric latte with a twist, try Turmeric Gold  which combines the Ayurvedic spice of the moment along with warming ginger and sweet tasting cinnamon and cardamom for an uplifting, satisfying and spicy caffeine-free boost.

If you’re feeling a little sluggish or trying to get your mind in gear in the morning and are in need of a caffeine fix, try starting your day with Majestic Matcha Chai , which, alongside organic matcha, also contains warming cinnamon and cardamom, which can help to invigorate digestion and metabolism too.

And finally, if you love all things ginger and crave those tasty much-loved festive flavours, then Ginger Joy’s  your ideal match. Known for its ability to enhance digestive health, this super-spice has been blended with cinnamon and turmeric to make it the perfect treat to enjoy after your meal.

Vegetarian and vegan and dairy, soya and gluten-free, they’re refreshingly far-reaching in their appeal. Plus, they’re also certified Fair for Life as well as 100 per cent organic by the Soil Association. You don’t have to be a Barista to whip up a cuppa worthy of Instagram either - simply mix a couple of teaspoons with your favourite plant-based milk, stir, sit back and enjoy.

Pukka Organic Herbal Lattes, from £4.99 (for 15 servings), are available from . And, as our gift to you, claim your free Bamboo Cup with any two Pukka Organic Lattes by entering code PUKKAGLOSS18 at checkout. Valid from 24 October to 31 December (subject to availability). We’ll toast to that.