Almond, coconut, soya, cashew... cow’s milk alternatives are on the up, and the latest addition to the supermarket shelves is certainly exotic. Here’s why Asda reckons you’ll be putting camel’s milk in your tea next

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We’ve been ‘milking’ nuts (so to speak) for quite some time, but the latest trend in dairy substitution goes WAY back. Kim Kardashian (i.e, the Pied Piper of the Internet) has been seen swigging it recently, but bedouin tribes have been subsisting on it for centuries, and rather than trek through the desert you can now get your hands on camel’s milk in selected Asda  stores up and down the land.

The first supermarket to stock the fatty acid rich milk, Asda responded to increasing customer demand to stock Camelicious, priced at a not cheap £2.85 per 235 ml. Hailing from the United Arab Emirates (where else?), camel milk boasts five times the vitamin C content of cow’s milk and half the fat. It’s still calcium rich, but is apparently far less likely to trigger allergies or intolerances, plus it’s a probiotic  so helps to promote  healthy gut bacteria .

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We also hear that it’s far less “farmy” tasting than sheep or goat’s milk, although the thought of a camel latte is making us feel ever so slightly queasy. Perhaps bathe in it Cleopatra style instead? It’s reportedly soothing for psoriasis sufferers  in particular, but that’s also quite a pricy bath right there.

Basically, what we’re saying is that we’re a bit on the fence here, but if you’ve tried it, we’d love to know your Camelicious impressions. Until then, we’ll be sat tight in anticipation of next the nuts (literal and metaphorical) milk to come our way, but sticking to the green top in our morning brew for now.

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