Making baked oats for breakfast is the latest trend on TikTok, but is it any good for you? We find out.

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Last year you couldn't scroll TikTok and Instagram without being inundated with banana bread  and feta pasta recipes and it seems baked oats are the new baking trend everyone's getting on board with. The baked oats hashtag has 23.9 million views on TikTok, with users making everything from blueberry muffin baked oats, to chocolate baked oats to raspberry and cinnamon baked oats.

Like banana bread before it, the beauty of baked oats lies in the simplicity. You just blend porridge oats, eggs, milk (dairy or non, your choice) and bicarbonate soda together along with chosen flavourings and protein powder then cook in a baking tin for seven to ten minutes, ready for breakfast. People on TikTok are going wild for the versatility of the recipes, with TikToker @EmSarahRose who's had 244,000 views on her how-to video, commenting "Well then, that’s breakfast sorted for the rest of my life."


Well then, that’s breakfast sorted for the rest of my life ##fyp ##bakedoats

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Because baked oats are ultra-simple and delicious looking, we had to wonder whether they're too good to be true or is this is a genuinely healthy breakfast option? What does nutritional therapist Kelly Mulhall of hormone balancing programme The Natural Balance  think about the breakfast taking over TikTok?

"Oats are a great complex carbohydrate," Kelly said. "They're a great source of fibre  and have a high content of beta-glucans which helps build a strong immune system , all whilst lowering cholesterol. In general, I would recommend swapping out the smaller and more refined porridge oats for organic jumbo oats but overall I would say these recipes do look pretty healthy and yummy!"

Dietician Lola Biggs of supplement brand Together Health  praises the addition of protein powder to the recipe, saying: "Although the protein content of oat is higher than most other grains, opting to add a scoop of your favourite protein powder to the baked oats recipe will work to keep you fuller for longer. Stick to half a cup of protein per portion to help keep the calories in check."

How many calories are in baked oats?

Calorie-wise Kelly reckons that chocolate oats, which are particularly popular and are made with cocoa powder and sometimes chunks of chocolate, are about 396 calories, while the blueberry muffin oats are likely to be around 611 calories. "To make them healthier I would recommend removing maple syrup and any synthetic sweeteners including stevia, which some people on TikTok are using. Simply stick to the sweetness from the fruit and milk instead," Kelly advises. "Try to introduce a mix of seeds. Yes, this may increase the calories, but it will provide a source of good fats and fibre that will keep you full for longer and promote a healthy gut.  I recommend pumpkin, sunflower, sesame, chia, ground hemp or ground flaxseed."

The best protein powder for baked oats

Many of the baked oats recipes online have protein powder in which Kelly says will help contribute to a sense of fullness reducing the need to snack as well as adding different flavours. "Protein is vital for muscle repair (so a great addition if you work out in the morning) and vital for the body to make neurotransmitters which aid mood. Just make sure it is a clean protein brand; look for one that has no added sugar or artificial sweeteners, casenine, gluten or bulking ingredients like milk powders or vegetable oils and of course organic products are always best."

The best baked oats recipes online

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