Dr David Perlmutter’s new cookbook looks after your body and your brain health

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After exposing the detrimental effects wheat, sugar and carbs can have on the brain in his bestselling Grain Brain, Dr David Perlmutter is back with a gluten-focused vengeance to help us cut carbs and sugar cravings for a healthier eating experience all round with The Grain Brain Cookbook.

Funny and friendly, he opens with a heart-warming introduction about the origins of the Grain Brain Diet, why bad diet has such a negative impact on brain health and how to cope when the inevitable wheat craving rears its ugly head. The cookbook also contains a handy ‘Grain Brain pantry’ with advice on which foods are best for your brain, and which just belong in the bin.

With a great section on how to cook the basics - stock, vinaigrette and tomato sauce - there’s no excuse for skimping on any area of the Grain Brain Diet, and even gluten-free virgins will find David Perlmutter’s delicious dishes super simple to whip up. From tasty breakfasts and mains to mouth-watering desserts and snacks, The Grain Brain Cookbook provides a healthy eating overhaul for anybody looking to improve their body, mood and mind power.

The Grain Brain Cookbook by David Perlmutter (Yellow Kite), £13.99,  available to buy  from 11th September