From face oil to the right pillowcase via Botox, these are the tricks that GTG’s Co-founder - and former insomniac - has up her sleeve...

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Sarah Vine has written before about her struggle with insomnia - here she shares the eight products and tricks that have helped her get back to sleep...

1. This Works Pillow Spray 75ml, £18 -  Buy Online

Clinically proven to induce better quality sleep, but even if it wasn't who cares - it smells heavenly.

2. Gingerlily Silk Pillowcase, £45 -  Buy Onlin e

A silk pillowcase is not only wonderfully cool (there’s nothing worse than a hot, sweaty pillow when you can’t get to sleep), it also reduces bed hair from tossing and turning.

3. My own single duvet, from £18 - John Lewis

If you sleep with a partner, having two single duvets is much more conducive to a good night’s sleep than one big one. Firstly, you can have different TOGs according to need. I, for example, prefer a cooler duvet to my husband; but also it means that you don’t wake freezing in the middle of the night because someone else has hogged it.

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4. Fresh ginger and turmeric infusion

Ginger is soothing and warming, turmeric is a wonder root. I just chop them up and put them in one of those infusion pots ( like this one from John Lewis, £22 ) and allow to steep for a few minutes and then drink in bed. Warms the tummy, aids digestion, wards off winter colds and sets you up for a well-hydrated night. For tonic recipes see Tonics and Teas: Traditional & Modern Remedies That Make You Feel Amazing by Rachel de Thample, £7.64 .

5. Face oil

I’ve used oil on my face at night since I was in my late teens and I really think it helps keep those wrinkles at bay. Also, the process of massaging it in takes a few minutes, but it's very calming and relaxing. My favourite at the moment is the Hayo'u Beauty Oil 30ml £33  which I use with the Hayo'u Beauty Restorer tool £35,  a jade massage tool that improves circulation and relaxes tight facial muscles after a day of frowning at screens.

6. Night guard against tooth grinding – or Botox

If you grind your teeth, which many of us do, it can really have a big impact on your quality of sleep. I wear a special mouth guard made by my dentist (the brilliant Sameer Patel at Elleven Dental) , to protect my enamel and also discourage grinding. I also have Botox injections in my jaw muscles to weaken them and reduce general tension in that area - these are done by Dr Vicky Dondos at Medicetics .

7. A Teasmade

Forget those fancy body clock lights. The best thing for waking up slowly and calmly after a good night’s sleep is an old-fashioned Teasmade. I have a vintage Goblin one from the 1960s which I bought off eBay (there is a whole community of people out there who lovingly refurbish them); but Swan brought back a new retro model in 2009 ( Swan STM100 Teasmade £83.99 ) which you can buy from any electrical shop. The joy of the Teasmade (apart from tea) is that the water starts to boil before the alarm goes off, so you get that lovely soft sound of water heating up before the bubbling of steam. Plus, you then get to sip your tea before you’ve even left your bed. I use mine to make hot lemon and water or green tea, which makes for a great start to the day.

8. Sleephones Bluetooth Wireless Headband Headphones, £69.99 -  Buy Online

When I went through a miserable period of insomnia and sleep paralysis  in my twenties, I found, that having the radio on low and tuned to Radio 4 throughout the night brought a sense of comfort and familiarity that soothed my nerves. Since then, having the radio on has often lulled me back to sleep. I’ve recently discovered Sleephones, a fleecy headband with built-in headphones (the latest model is wireless) which allow you to fall asleep comfortably without fear of waking anyone else.

OVER TO YOU! What products/remedies do you rely on to help guarantee a good nights sleep? We'd love to hear.

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