Daily Mail writer Samantha Brick is trending on Twitter again for her controversial opinions. Sarah Vine reports

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Samantha Brick is at it again. This time the self-styled too-beautiful-to-have-friends writer is ruffling feathers with her assertion that if a woman wants to stay beautiful, she must do like Joan Collins does and diet every day of her life. According to Brick , "nothing signifies failure better than fat".

She goes on to explain how, when guests arrive proffering a box of chocolates, she throws them straight in the bin; how, at the age of 42, she has been weight-watching for 30 years; how she has only ever dated men who prefer slim women, thus handily combining the roles of boyfriend and weight-loss coach; how she banished her puppy fat by observing a strict diet of Polo mints: a packet for breakfast and one for lunch.

Later, while living in LA, she "made a point of renting a house without a kitchen". These days, she stays slim with the help of her husband, the extravagantly moustachioed Pascal, who, she says, has told her that if she puts on weight their marriage is over.

There are two possibilities here. Either Brick is a functioning anorexic who will, if she continues on this way, very shortly find her bones crumbling to dust and her teeth falling out; or (and this is my own personal theory), she is the Ali-G/Borat-style creation of a comedy genius. Come to think of it, that Pascal's moustache looks suspiciously familiar...