Need a little help getting going with your 5:2 exercise regime? Here are 10 top tips to help get you started

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It’s all very well and good talking about exercising on the 5:2, but it's certainly easier said than done. Getting started is always the hardest part, both mentally and physically.

So, to ease you into your new exercise regime and perhaps give you a boost of much-needed motivation and inspiration, we've compiled ten top tips and tricks to help you get off the sofa and onto your 5:2 weight-loss journey with a little help from  Mimi Spencer  herself. Good luck!

1. Put on your workout kit, not jeans, first thing

...and put your running trainers by the front door. You’re much more likely to exercise if the tools are staring at you in the face. It also makes the guilt unbearable and totally unavoidable.

2. Write a pledge and make it as specific as you can

Making a note or reminder detailing exactly what exercise you’re going to do and when you’re going to do it helps to mentally prepare the brain to accept that you are going to do it.

3. Write a list of potential excuses

Include all the obvious ones, e.g. ‘I’m too busy’, ‘It’s raining’ and then address each one in turn by providing a practical and logical solution. Anticipating and conquering these barriers helps reduce the chance of you backing out. None of these excuses are going to kill you and remember nobody ever regretted going out for a run.

4. Monitor your progress

Keeping track of your journey and logging your achievements is a great way of encouraging positive thinking and in turn greater efforts for even greater results.

5. Take advantage of your environment

Whether it’s walking the scenic route to work or opting to take the stairs, not the lift, these little adjustments all add up and not only do they help with your aerobic activity but they also adjust your preference to not always take the easy/lazy option.

6. Get up and get going

Studies have shown that we spend a measly hour and a half on our feet, active each day - pathetic. So, when you can try and squeeze in little bouts of movement - go for a walk around the block, office or even your house - activity is activity, and the more you do the easier it becomes.

7. Be vocal

By telling people about your exercise plans and goals you’re far more likely to follow through. A result of perhaps either shame, pressure or guilt - who knows, but it works.

8. Exercise with others

One of the main reasons people employ personal trainers is because they need someone to drag them out of bed when they don’t feel like it - the cheaper, easier option of course is to invite your friend out with you - that way you’ll have a commitment to adhere to as well as a friendly companion.

9. Drink plenty of water

This not only keeps you hydrated but it also increases the need for loo breaks which in turn translates into more brisk walks to the bathroom. Every little helps!

10. Think yourself fit

Your mindset is almost as important as doing the actual exercise itself. Believe that you can and will make these changes, and be positive in your ability to follow through. It’s going to be a challenge but the will of the mind is much stronger than the abilities of the body. Conquer your mind and you can achieve anything.