Intermittent fasting has become the health-conscious foodie’s favourite way to lose weight. Fast Diet advocate Mimi Spencer’s new recipe book makes it as delicious as it is doable

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It's very rare for a new diet to crop up on the health scene that isn't immediately dismissed by industry experts, and it's fair to say the 5:2 diet , or intermittent fasting is this year's exception. The Fast Diet , made famous by Dr Michael Mosley and Mimi Spencer with their how-to book of the same name, is more than just a fad diet ; it's a way of life. Here at Glossy towers we've been convinced by numerous first hand accounts of how well the diet works to lose not just weight, but lose fat specifically - all the while making you healthier in the process.

Based on the principle that you cut back calories and 'fast' for two days of the week, the fast diet allows you to eat as you like, within reason, for the majority of the time. Hoards of Glossy readers, health enthusiasts and even foodies have adopted the 5:2 diet, usually with great results thanks to its simple format.

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But keeping on top of those calories isn't always easy thanks to busy lifestyles, even if you do keep your MyFitnessPal app  up to date; nor is it easy to concoct a low-calorie meal which isn’t simply a sad-looking boiled egg and sprig of parsley. This is why journalist and fasting fan Mimi Spencer  has teamed up with Registered Dietician Dr Sarah Schenker to create The Fast Diet Recipe Book.

With 150 calorie-controlled meals that make those two 'fast days' both easier and tastier, the new cookery book is brimming with ideas and tips to keep you on track. Divided helpfully into categories such as simple breakfasts, leisurely breakfasts, fish, meat, salads and soups, there's something for everyone no matter how fussy your tastebuds. Spencer also repeats the key concepts discovered by herself and Dr Michael Mosley in the original book, just to reiterate those all-important health benefits and the science behind why it works.

If you're no Gwyneth Paltrow  when it comes to cooking up a storm in the kitchen, fret not - this book is still for you. Spencer and Schenker go back to basics with a list of what ingredients are handy to keep in your fridge and freezer, before explaining what equipment might be needed and tips on how to perfectly poach an egg. For the lazy, tired and downright busy, there's also a (short) section on food to grab on the go that won't break the calorie bank, from a bowl of no-sugar Alpen to a Strawberry Pret Pot from Pret A Manger.

With an index of recipes sorted by calorie counts, a suggested meal plan and pristine photographs that entice you to get busy in the kitchen, this new recipe book is foolproof; we'd even use it if we weren't on the 5:2 diet plan.

The Fast Diet Recipe Book by Mimi Spencer with Dr Sarah Schenker is available now, RRP £14.99 on  Amazon.