Kiran Branch grills Bodyism on how to tone legs to red carpet standard after spotting a new trend at the Golden Globes

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Yesterday’s Golden Globes ceremony saw starlet-after-starlet sashay down the red carpet donning dresses with thigh-high splits galore. We haven't seen this much leg since Angelina Jolie's right leg broke free from her Atelier Versace gown and sought the limelight at the 2012 Academy Awards.

Unlike Angie's side-splitting fashion faux pas however, last night left the fashion and beauty elite with envious eyes and pining for perfect pins - but how do we get them?

Naturally, we turned to Bodyism for the answer - the health and fitness oracles responsible for the honed and toned bodies of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Elle Macpherson. The bad news is (short of finding a genie in a bottle), we're not going to instantaneously have legs that could rival Heidi Klum's.

That said, Bodyism is confident that the combination of a healthy diet and specific exercises will work magic by the time spring beckons, so put aside your 100 denier tights and try these top tips for size.

Leg exercises from Nathalie Schyllert:

Reverse lunges to curl

  • Set up with perfect posture, holding dumbbells in each hand
  • Both feet should be face out and hip width apart
  • Set the core
  • Step back with one leg; your front shin should be straight and perpendicular to the floor
  • Push up with the back leg, returning to a standing position, then perform a biceps curl by curling your hands towards your shoulders

Dumbbell overhead squats

  • Squat while holding your weights above your head, in line with your ears
  • Slowly squat down, so your thighs are parallel to the floor, keeping your arms above your head
  • As you come back up from the squat make sure that the weights don’t come down in front of your head

Nathalie also recommends doing 15-20 minutes of cardio after for an extra-efficient regime.

Nutritional advice from James Duigan

"At Bodyism we recommend that our clients avoid low fat foods, which often have lots of hidden sugar. Make sure you fill your fridge with plenty of green vegetables for fibre and lean protein, that way you’ll be laughing your way to a beautiful lean body.

“Also, try avoiding alcohol like the plague – it is honestly your worst enemy if you are trying to say fit and healthy – it will make you feel sluggish and bloated, not a good look. Not only will you feel awful the day after, your body’s ability to burn fat will be drastically reduced simply due to the fact that it will be busy working hard trying to convert the alcohol into energy."

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Kiran Branch