Dr Michael Mosley’s Fast 800 Mediterranean-style diet programme has gone digital, with advice from doctors, exercise plans and even a mindfulness programme. Here’s what’s new and how to sign up

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Dr Michael Mosley’s original  5:2 diet plan  and subsequent Blood Sugar Diet  were bestsellers and helped him, and many others, to reverse his diabetes  diagnosis and lose visceral fat  especially, and his new Fast 800 diet  is proving just as popular. Dr Mosley's, whose channel four TV show Lose a Stone in 21 Days with Michael Mosley is currently airing at 9pm on Wednesdays, says that the 800 calorie a day  programme is more achievable than the former 500 calorie incarnation, however, there’s no doubt that achieving your goals is a whole lot easier when you feel supported across the board. Dr Mosley has just launched a Fast 800 digital lifestyle programme with online community and expert support to tie in with the launch of the new Fast 800 book. Studies indicate that group-based diet advice and exercise programmes produce better success rates than going it alone in terms of weight loss.

Here’s what to expect from the 12-week plan (which you’ll need to fork out £99 to access)...

A doctor-led personal assessment

The Fast 800 is a combined rapid weight loss and intermittent fasting plan and has three stages depending on how much weight you want to lose and how quickly (it's only intended for those who've been medically advised to lose weight). A tailored online consultation will help to establish the right plan to suit your needs.

If you’ve been told by your GP that you need to lose a significant amount of weight, the ‘Stage 1 rapid weight loss’ 800 calorie per day plan might suit. Or you might go straight in to ‘Stage 2’ intermittent fasting  approach, where you do two 800 calorie days a week (5:2) for a more gradual programme. Then there's a ‘stage 3’ maintenance plan following a healthy Mediterranean style diet.   You could even start with this before you go into Stage 1 depending on what suits your individual needs.

The online diagnostic tools will give you a better idea of where to start, with accompanying personalised menus that can be adapted for vegetarians too. New for this plan is the option of Time Restricted Eating , where you eat all your meals in an eight-hour window.

Foolproof recipes

You can mix and match meals according to your schedule and what you fancy on the day and your online shopping list will update automatically according to what you choose. There are a whopping 250 recipes on offer too so food fatigue is unlikely and a glass of wine or bar of dark chocolate are included in the offering so you won’t feel restricted or deprived along the way.

Workout plans

Dr Mosley’s further playing Mr Motivator by introducing online exercise plans to make it easier to get moving whether you’re a beginner, pretty fitness savvy or practically a pro. You’ll receive instruction, guidance and both peer and professional support to make regular exercise a habit.

Less stress

Studies show that mindfulness  interventions can improve weight loss outcomes and help to improve negative thoughts and feelings around food that can result in overeating. Mental wellbeing is as vital to our health as physical markers, so it makes sense that Dr Mosley has incorporated a ten-week mindfulness course within the Fast 800 online offering. There’s no lotus pose or dawn salutation required - a library of mindfulness videos makes fitting mindfulness practices into your day practical and accessible, even if you’re new to living in the moment.

A forum for all

Like a virtual pen pal situation, there’s an open forum to discuss all of the nitty gritties with others following a lifestyle similar to yours and doctors and health experts. You don’t have to participate if you don’t want to of course - an online personal tracker will allow you to assess exactly how you’re doing as an individual whenever you’d like.

All in all, the digital framework is something that doctors welcome, as GP Dr Clare Bailey (who also happens to be Mrs Mosley) highlights:

“I have helped many patients lose weight and take control of their health, but it is time-consuming and something most GPs are unlikely to be able to offer. So an online programme, with professional support, can nurture and encourage long term lifestyle change leading to lasting improvements in patient's health.”

If you fancy an even more interactive approach, get Dr Michael Mosley’s February and March tour dates  in your diary; he’ll be travelling up and down the UK to bust health myths, explore the workings of the human body and present the latest research on stress, fitness, weight loss and wellbeing. It’s a medical conference gone rock gig, basically.

Sign up to The Fast 800 online programme   here

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