Get your fast diet fix this summer with nutritional therapist Vicki Edgson’s top 5 tips for delicious and nutritious BBQ on the 5:2

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Looking for a way to barbecue on the 5:2 diet ? Then fear not, as we asked nutritional therapist and Get The Gloss Expert Vicki Edgson  for her top 5 tips for a 5:2-friendly outdoor dining menu this summer.

From some great cooking and preparation advice to some tasty  5:2 recipes , there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to enjoy the same level of chargrilled goodness as everyone else, without falling off the diet wagon in the process - you can still stick to your  5:2 fast day meal plans .

“These recommendations will provide you with the perfect combination of a 500 calorie meal, more or less,” says Vicki. “Enjoy, relish and eat without any sense of guilt!”

If that wasn’t an incentive to get the barbecue out, we don’t know what is...

Tip 1: Pick your vegetables

“Choose solid upright vegetables, such as asparagus, cauliflower, broccoli or courgettes. Wash thoroughly and trim all woody stems - this provides you with plenty of low-calorie, high-nutrient green goodness to add to the perfect animal protein for the 5:2 balance. There are plenty of other good vegetables that increase the rainbow of colour on your plate - wrap yellow, orange and red peppers whole in silver foil and place in the embers of the glowing coals for about 20 minutes. This will prevent the skin charring, yet cook them through thoroughly. Simply unwrap, and pull the stem gently to release and remove all the internal pips. Serve with the other vegetables and your protein of choice.”

Tip 2: Make your marinade

“Marinade all the firm vegetables that you are placing on the top of the barbecue in olive oil, lemon juice, multi-grain mustard and a pinch of turmeric or ground cumin for their antioxidant goodness. Mix thoroughly before drizzling over vegetables. Allow to stand for 15 minutes before barbecuing them on a light temperature ABOVE the coals and having eliminated all flame. Remove and allow to stand for a further 10 minutes to allow for gentle further cooking while not burning or blackening.”

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Tip 3: Protein principles

“Choose firm fillet of fish rolled and skewered, small chicken breast or 2 lamb chops and baste in the same marinade for protection as for the vegetables and place over the barbeque. Move your grilling tray a little further from the coals. Ensure that all flames are now out, to prevent from charring (as this will turn the fats contained in the source of protein rancid, altering the flavour.) Barbecued protein should still remain tender and not tough. It is better to cook a little further from the source of the heat for a few minutes more, allowing to stand on the serving dish for 5-10 minutes after cooking to allow heat to permeate the protein, rather than overcooking over the coals. Cover with foil to prevent loss of heat.”

Tip 4: Alkalise your dressing

“Mix 1 tablespoon pumpkin seed/avocado/coconut oil with the juice of ½ a lemon for an alkaline dressing over vegetables. Dress vegetables before adding any of the above proteins or 5-6 medium prawns or a 4oz fillet steak, light-grilled with no additives. If cooking fish or prawns on a barbecue, make sure that this is done last as the flavour will permeate any meat that follows.”

Tip 5: Supplement with this smoothie recipe

“Know that you have remained within your daily calorie allowance for the 5:2 approach by having a green smoothie for breakfast with  Sun Warrior Vegan Protein Powder , £45.95,  cucumber and your choice of green leaves, lemon juice and 1 teaspoon of  Chia Co chia seeds , £3.95.

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