Looking to spice up your 5:2 fast days? Why not do it with a smoothie.

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When you’re short on time and lacking creativity for your fast day dishes, a great way to spice up your menu is by experimenting with different types of smoothies. Not only are they super filling but when using the right ingredients just one glass can pack in heaps of of vitality, energy and nourishment.

We reached out to nutritionist and in-house GTG health hero,  Vicki Edgson , to find out the best tips and tricks for maximising your 5:2 diet with some super smoothies;

“The important thing to consider on your 5:2 Fast days is to ensure that you have plenty of nutrient-rich foods, whilst keeping your calorific intake to no more than 500 calories. I recommend that you observe the following guidelines in order to use the concept of juicing to the max:”

  • Choose vegetables over fruit to keep the sugar content as low as possible.
  • Go 'green' to ensure the max amount of minerals such as iron for energy, and magnesium to relax mind and body.
  • Use a strong blender, such as Vitamix, to 'blend' your ingredients rather than juice, as you want to keep all the fibre in your smoothie, guaranteeing a slow-release energy boost.
  • Add spirulina, chlorella or maca powder for added energy and vitality, so that you don't feel hungry on your fast days.
  • Only have one smoothie on your 'Fast' days, to replace one meal, but you may have 2 smoothies on the 'Feast' days – but ensure that you do have one full meal on either day
  • Add Protein-rich ingredients such as Chia seed, Quinoa seed, sunflower or pumpkin seeds that provide good levels of omega-3 as well as protein. You may include avocado or coconut milk on Feast days, but not on the Fast days, as the calorific count is too high.
  • Choose dark green vegetables and salad leaves over lighter ones, as the nutrients-content is higher. Opt for those such as watercress, spinach, rocket, savoy cabbage, adding in asparagus, broccoli and edamame beans for thickening the whole smoothie.
  • Mint, basil, coriander, parsley all impart a great taste to add to what might otherwise taste like 'lawn in a glass'.
  • Always add lemon or lime juice to keep the green colour, without allowing the colour to oxidise and turn 'brownish'.

Super-Slimming Detox Green Goodness Smoothie

Large handful washed watercress (3 cals)

Juice half lemon (61 cals)

4 asparagus spears, woody ends trimmed (12 cals)

5-6 large basil leaves (5 cals)

1 apple, cored (52 cals)

1 tsp sunflower seeds (22 cals)

1 tsp Chia seeds (35 cals)

150 ml coconut water (45 cals)

Total: 235 calories

Blend all until smooth, and sip throughout the morning.