The 800 Calorie diet that's simple to follow - here's what you need to now about Exante

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We’ve lost count of the number of diet plans that haven’t fitted into our busy lives; many diets require you to meticulously meal prep which just doesn’t work if you don’t get home until late. Who has time to prepare seven portions of sweet potato and broccoli of an evening? Not us, that’s for sure. This is where Exante 800  comes in...

The Exante 800 involves eating 800 calories a day for fast and effective weight loss or if you’re looking for a more flexible plan that you can try their 5:2  diet. It's a GP-approved meal replacement plan which offers convenient options for people with fast-paced lives to do restricted-calorie eating. Exante  is currently promoted in 5,000 GP surgeries and the brand even hopes to be available on prescription in the coming years.

It’s recommended that 800 calorie diet plans are followed for up to 12 weeks depending on your BMI and weight-loss goals, but should you need medical advice, you should consult a doctor or another appropriate medical professional first.

Exante’s best selling products are their two-week  and four-week boxes  which are complete with everything you need to start your journey today. The Exante website is full of success stories ; people report weight loss of up to 11 stone following the 800 calorie plan.

As well as the Exante 800  there's also the Exante 1200  diet and the Exante 5:2 , an intermittent fasting plan.

What do you eat on the Exante diet?

It's a meal replacement plan where you substitute your normal breakfast, lunch and dinner with three meal replacements a day, plus 200 calories of high protein extras such as eggs, cottage cheese and tuna from Exante’s Healthy Food Ideas list .

While the idea of having three meal replacements a day might seem a little dull, there is plenty of variety to help keep up your motivation. What sets Exante apart is the sheer variety on offer - far from just chocolate, strawberry and vanilla shakes there are flavours including cherries and berries, caramel latte frappe and honeycomb to keep things exciting. For one-pot meals think cinnamon porridge for breakfast and chicken fajitas for dinner. In all, there are 79 flavours of shakes , bars , one-pot meals  and snacks to fulfil all of your cravings.

Remember, to maintain a healthy lifestyle while on the plan you should also up your water intake to between two and four litres per day.

Why Exante 800?

The plan is nutritionally complete, meaning you get every daily vitamin and nutrient that you need. Every product is one-third of your nutrient reference value, so three products a day is complete daily nutrition. Each one is a healthy and nutritious meal or snack, containing 27 vitamins and minerals.

Many of the meal replacements are vegetarian, and there's a vegan range  too which is gluten-free.

Haven't heard of Exante 800?

As well as appearing in leaflet form in GP surgeries, Exante has also popped up on our screens several times; it featured on ITV’s This Morning, with Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield. In the segment guided by Dr Zoe, the show's GP, they compared meal replacements shakes from Exante with other well-known brands, concluding that meal replacement shakes could provide a convenience meal without opting for fast food. And they particularly loved the lemon cheesecake shake.

Exante also had a starring role in ITV’s weight-loss show The Fast Fix as part of a study to see if a very low-calorie diet could send Type 2 Diabetics into remission - and it worked for four out of five participants.

How much does Exante 800 cost?

You can start your Exante journey from £2.50 per day, head over to  now.

Plus Get The Gloss readers can get 35 per cent off Exante meal replacements with the code GTG35 until December 2020.

Written in partnership with Exante