From The Fast 800 by Dr Michael Mosley to The Angry Chef’s latest launch and Joe Wicks’ new veggie book, here’s what you’ll be reading in 2019

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If you’re searching for food and fitness inspo, look no further than the New Year’s line-up of nutrition and wellbeing releases. From Veganuary starter guides to getting Lean in 15  (vegetarian style) with Joe Wicks, there’s a page-turner for every taste and fitness level.

Here are the new reads worth knowing about.

The Fast 800 by Dr Michael Mosley, £8.99

Great for: finding out about the latest science around intermittent fasting

800 calories  has become the magic number when it comes to intermittent fasting , with even the NHS having recently announced that they will be recommending it to thousands of patients who have type 2 diabetes in an effort to help reverse it. Since releasing The 5:2 Fast Diet six years ago, Mosley has become one of the foremost experts on the subject and in his new book, he explores a new facet called Time Restricted Eating. Designed to be flexible to suit your individual goals and desired level of intensity, it incorporates low-carb, Mediterranean-style recipes and menu plans by GP, Dr Clare Bailey (who co-wrote the recipes for the The 8-week Blood Sugar Diet Recipe Book), to help those who read the book to lose weight, boost physical and mental health and reduce blood pressure, inflammation and blood sugar levels.

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The Hollywood Body Plan by David Higgins, £25

Great for: beating the tightness, aches and pains associated with a sedentary lifestyle

Suffering from the effects of sitting in a chair all day? We know the feeling. It’s turning most of us into ‘office athletes,’ says PT and physical therapist David Higgins, causing us to suffer from everything from tight hips to rounded shoulders and debilitating pain. It’s David’s mission to get us moving again and break bad habits, with his three-part programme incorporating low impact exercises, postural correction, intermittent fasting and self-care providing the perfect plan of action. Having helped hone the bodies of some of the biggest A-listers around (Margot Robbie and Claudia Schiffer from example), it’s the ideal read for those who are injury-prone or feel like they’re never progressing.

Available from 10 January. Pre-order it here .

Gene Eating by Dr Giles Yeo, £14.99

Great for: debunking dietary misinformation

“This is NOT a diet book,” says author, geneticist and TV personality Giles Yeo and so if you’re expecting to find a meal and fitness plan here, you won’t find it. Instead, what you’ll find is an interesting examination into the rise of modern day dietary misinformation. Building on his findings from his 2017 show, Horizons: Clean Eating - The Dirty Truth , it seeks to get to the bottom of why we’re all getting fatter despite conversation regarding nutrition being more in the public sphere than ever. From how important a role our genes play to putting the concept of calories under the microscope, it seeks to separate the science fiction from the non-fiction to demystify some of the most popular diets of the moment.

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The 6 Week Programme by Louise Parker, £20

Great for: learning new habits that lead to long-term success

The goal of this new book, much like Louise’s last two, is to refresh old eating patterns until they turn into a habit that you sustain most of the time. Her approach is based on four pillars - eat beautifully, live well, think successfully and work out intelligently - each of which is designed to lead to a full mind-body reset to turn short-term goals into a way of life. It features 72 new recipes and exercises, and over half of the recipes are vegetarian or vegan to reflect Louise’s flexitarian, plant-based way of eating. It’s especially helpful if you already follow the Louise Parker Method, the basics of which are laid out in her Lean for Life book.

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Veggie Lean in 15 by Joe Wicks, £16.99 

Great for: fast meat-free inspiration

If you’re looking to go meat-free  on more than just Mondays, this new book from the multi-million best-selling author is for you. Featuring 100 veggie meal ideas spanning breakfast, lunch, dinner and everything in between, it also includes a bunch of brand new HIIT exercises  and training tips to help you burn fat and calories too. “I’ve taken all the foods I love and ‘veggified’ them,” says Joe. “I used to think veggie recipes were all boring salads and quinoa, but the more I experiment, the more I see how totally wrong that view is.” Recipes include avo and berry breakfast pot, lentil bolognese and peri peri halloumi burger. They’re designed to ensure that you don’t question where the meat is. Anyone else’s mouth watering right now?

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The Anti-Anxiety Diet by Dr Ali Miller, Headline £14.99  

Great for: calming panic and worry through an anti-inflammatory gut healing diet

If you struggle with feelings of anxiety, panic, brain fog and shortness of breath, the food you’re eating could be contributing to the problem, says this American dietitian who struggled with her own anxiety issues and healed herself by gradually swapping her raw vegan diet for a gut-friendly eating regime that was low in carbs and high in fat and protein. Her personal experience, clinical practice and extensive research have been distilled into a 12-week plan with recipes. It starts with a two-week clean up where you eliminate inflammatory foods such as dairy, corn, wheat and sugar, following on from Dr Miller’s explanation of the links between chronic inflammation and anxiety. There’s a six-week ketogenic phase, which is good for weight loss and breaking sugar addictions, followed by the reintroduction of low GI carbs. If you’re vegan it’s not for you, but if you like to know the science behind what you are eating and how it affects the body and brain chemistry, this is a fascinating read, even if you’re not thinking of doing the plan.

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The 28-Day Vegan Plan by Kim-Julie Hansen, £16.99

Great for: those new to veganism

Doing Veganuary? If so, this new arrival acts as a great handbook for helping you make the switch smoothly. Written by food writer and blogger Kim-Julie Hansen, whose @bestofvegan  account has acquired a following of 1.5 million, it’s filled with plant-based inspiration covering everything from recipes (including black bean tacos, butternut mac ‘n’ cheese and blueberry and banana ice-cream) to meal plans, and shopping lists. What’s more, it also features useful advice for taking veganism beyond the confines of the kitchen, from DIY beauty products to how to shrug off negative reactions from friends and family while making the transition.

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The Truth About Fat by Anthony Warner, £14.99

Great for: a BS-free (and necessary) perspective on weight loss

Straight talking, insightful and extremely funny, the newest book from Anthony Warner aka The Angry Chef, provides a refreshing perspective on the complexities of obesity. Exploring the impact of socio-economic factors, the psychological, the physical and the genetic, its aim isn’t to give you a ripped physique in a month’s time, but rather to offer up some much-needed food for thought and shift the goalposts from weight loss to better health. Scrutinising diet fads and explanations from experts from a wide variety of fields with his signature razor wit, you’ll be engaged and hooked to the very last page.

Available from 10 January. Pre-order it here .

Just Eat It by Laura Thomas PhD, £12.99

Great for: resetting your relationship with food

“When was the last time, you even asked yourself what you’d like instead of what you ‘can’ or ‘should’ eat?” asks Laura in the intro. It struck a chord with me, as, I imagine, many others who read those words too. Interest around different diets and the villainisation of certain groups has led to a wave of fear and overwhelm, something that Laura herself has experienced personally and professionally. Despite her education in all things nutrition (she’s a registered nutritionist and has two degrees in the subject), she talks candidly about being caught in a binge/restrict cycle in her child and adulthoods. Things changed when she came across the concept of Intuitive Eating, i.e. tuning into your innate hunger and fullness cues, and exercising to feel good instead of to lose weight. This book acts as a go-to guide for those who’ve experienced the same, helping reset your mindset when it comes to how you eat - you won’t find meal plans or calorie trackers, but rather useful advice and insights for losing the guilt and feeling better about yourself inside and out.

Available from 10 January. Pre-order it here .

So Vegan in 5 by Roxy Pope and Ben Pook, £20

Great for: veganism without the deprivation

If you thought vegan cooking was complicated, expensive or bland, this myth-busting book will change your mind. Five ingredients is all it takes to whip up a delicious meal, say So Vegan creators Roxy and Ben (whose channel has amassed over a million loyal followers), and they can all be easily picked up from your local supermarket (no traipsing around specialist health food shops for hours on end trying to find them). Featuring over 100 fuss-free budget-friendly recipes that’ll change any preconceptions that vegan food is boring (peanut butter and chocolate cookies anyone?), it’s no surprise that the book’s already received glowing reviews from the likes of meat-free trailblazers such as Paul McCartney and self-confessed cooking novices like Coldplay’s Chris Martin.

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The Ultimate Body Plan by Gemma Atkinson, £16.99

Great for: building a stronger body and mind

Roles on Strictly, I’m a Celebrity and Hollyoaks have pushed Gemma Atkinson into the spotlight and, made her a prime target for media scrutinisation of her body on a regular basis. These experiences, along with heartbreak and grief, have shaped her physically and mentally, and made her a stronger person as a result. A theme of strength is therefore central to her 12-week fitness and nutrition plan. Feeling good should be the end goal rather than looking good in her experience, so, as well as a HIIT and a weights focussed workout plan, you’ll also find delicious recipes and 10 strength commandments to help you stay on track. This book is about making a change on the inside as it is on the out.

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How to Feel the Fear and Eat it Anyway by Eve Simmons and Laura Dennison, £10.99

Great for: helping you create a healthier relationship with food

If your relationship with food is fraught with anxiety, this book’s for you. Written by the co-founders of food blog, Not Plant Based, it’s all about injecting some joy back into your eating habits. Their approach is food fad-free, due to the effect that they can have on those who have a history of troubled eating. Both Eve and Laura have had eating disorders in the past and know only too well the toll that restrictive diets and deprivation can take mentally and physically. To counteract this, they’ve written a book that’s all about reminding people to eat with their “hearts, emotions and heritage,” and less with their Instagram account in mind, to avoid triggers and create healthier habits when it comes to what we eat and why.

Available from 17 January. Pre-order it here .

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