The new book from Mimi Spencer that's set to save your skin this summer

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Mimi Spencer, co-author of the Fast Diet book , is a firm favourite at GTG HQ and our go-to source for all things 5:2 diet -related. So, when we heard about the release of her new book, The Fast Beach Diet , we practically sprinted to the bookstore and stuck our noses to the pages.

Based on the original bestselling Fast Diet, the Fast Beach Diet offers an enhanced, more full-on approach that’s designed to take you off cruise control and give your 5:2 lifestyle a sensational summertime boost. Created for anyone with a more pressing weight-loss deadline such as a holiday or wedding or even for those who didn’t quite get the sparkly results they hoped for on the classic 5:2, the Fast Beach promises more radical results.

Unlike the original 5:2 which is designed to be a sustainable lifestyle change, this diet is about kicking things up a gear and getting bigger results, faster. Like a boot camp for the body, it’s a condensed, modified 5:2 programme of greater intensity with the aim of greater weight-loss in a six week period. Sounds intense we know, but the extra push is only meant to be short term as after the six weeks users are advised to return to the classic Fast Diet rules.

So what are the two main factors used to up the ante on the new 5:2? More fast days and exercise. That’s right, in the Fast Beach it’s all about 4:3 and High Intensity Interval Training  (HIIT). By tightening up on fasting days and introducing HIIT, Mimi states dieters are much more likely to lose more weight quickly as well as improve on their overall fitness, strength and health.

Jampacked with tips, tricks, encouragement and delicious recipes, this book is the 5:2 with an attitude haulover, and just the kick up the backside we needed to get our bikini bodies in gear. Our six weeks starts now.