The greatest bikini movie moments of all time

24 July 2017
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The best bikini movie moments of all time

As summer rolls around we often find ourselves turning our attention to making sure we’re fit, healthy and beautifully beach-ready . Indeed, nothing provides a greater incentive to get in shape than the thought of lying semi-naked on a beach somewhere.

To help give us the starting boost we needed we’ve been casting our minds back to the women of all shapes, sizes and ages who’ve graced our silver screen and inspired us with their fabulous figures and positive bikini body approach.

So, from blonde bombshells running in slow motion to sophisticated sirens taking no prisoners, here’s our edit of the most memorable moments that have not only made the films themselves iconic, but the bathing beauties who starred within them legendary.

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Ursula Andress, Dr No

So iconic was Ursula Andress’s white-hot bikini in the 1962 Bond film Dr. No, that it went on to sell for over $60,00 dollars at a Christie’s auction in 2001. Indeed, the scene showing her rising out of the Caribbean sea in slow motion as ‘Honey Ryder’ has since inspired many a beach babe blockbuster. Curvy, carefree and rocking the hell out of that white bikini, nobody ever made a knife holster look so good.

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Brigitte Bardot, A Very Private Affair

As well as being the original blonde bombshell, Brigitte Bardot is also often credited with popularizing the first bikinis thanks to a number of her movie roles during the 1950s. At this time a bikini was relatively accepted as a piece of clothing in France - however, it was still fairly risque across the rest of the globe, which is why Bardot made it her mission to be photographed in a different two-piece on every beach in the south of France to encourage the trend. Looking as good as she did, it’s no wonder the trend took off.

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Sandra Bullock, Miss Congeniality

Who could resist the moment when undercover cop Sandra Bullock reveals her super smokin’ body in the Miss Unites States competition in movie Miss Congeniality? Containing probably one of the best movie makeovers in cinema history, theres nothing more satisfying than seeing her transformation from tomboy policewoman 'Grace Heart' to sleek and stylish ‘Gracie-Lou Freebush’.

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Angelina Jolie, Tombraider

When tasked with casting a beautiful, crime fighting historian with a penchant for violence and thrill seeking, it’s no surprise that Angelina Jolie came up top trumps. Stunning the world as Lara Croft in the film adaptation of the hugely successful video game Tomb Raider, Jolie brought a whole new badass approach to the bikini scene and gave new meaning to the saying, ‘wake up, kick ass, repeat.’

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Cameron Diaz, Charlie's Angels

Known to surf in her spare time along with a host of other outdoors sports, it’s no shocker that Cameron Diaz suits a swimsuit well. Athletic, lean and perfecting the ultimate slow-mo run, her role as Natalie Cook in the 2003 sequel of Charlie's Angels solidified Cameron as having a certified stellar bikini body.

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Halle Berry, Die Another Day

Paying homage to Ursula Andress, Halle Berry re-imagined the classic bikini-clad bond girl with this bright tangerine number. Toned, honed and perfectly sculpted, Die Another Day quickly became the highest grossing Bond movie after its release - and it’s not hard to see why...

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Rachel McAdams, The Notebook

Less sexy, more sweet, we had to include Rachel McAdams bikini moment as lovestruck teenage Allie Hamilton from The Notebook. A style that’s both popular and on-trend now, we’re not sure what we’re more envious of - her vintage-style high waisted gingham swimsuit, or her wave frolicking partner...

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Jessica Alba, Into The Blue

With a golden, glowing tan, tousled waves and a lean, taut tummy, Jessica Alba epitomises everything there is about the ultimate beach babe in action movie Into The Blue. Spending the majority of the movie swimming in tropical waters with her on-screen love interest Paul Walker, there’s not much about this film that isn’t ridiculously good-looking.

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Kate Bosworth, Blue Crush

Nailing sporty chic to perfection, Kate Bosworth’s surfing physique in Blue Crush marked the beginning of buff beach bods becoming popular. Speaking to Cosmopolitan afterwards about getting in shape for the role Kate has said: “I was weight training and learning to surf seven hours a day, seven days a week for four months. I gained 15 pounds of muscle.” It’s like they always say; good things come to those who work their asses off.

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Jennifer Aniston, Just Go With It

It’s no secret that Hollywood’s golden girl Jennifer Aniston has a great bikini body - but what really caught our eye about this scene was how at the age of 42 Jen was able to compete with, if not champion, against the stunning figure of co-actress and 24 year old model Brooklyn Decker. Indeed, Jennifer shows us that with a bit of hard work and dedication a fabulous figure can be had and maintained at any age.

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Kate Upton, The Other Woman

Causing womankind everywhere to let out a collective sigh, Kate Upton made her big screen debut in ‘The Other Woman’ as the sexy, young girlfriend in an unsuspecting love triangle alongside Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann. Nicknamed in the film as ‘the boobs’ and seen at multiple times running along the beach in a tiny weeny bikini, it’s no surprise that this movie saw Kate skyrocket to even higher levels of body adoration than she had had previously.

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