The High Intensity Interval Training Playlist

4 February 2014
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The HIIT Playlist

Who rocks your workout boat more - Rudimental or Beyonce? Fatboy Slim or Eminem? We asked our fitness experts to tell us what tunes they pump up the volume to when doing High Intensity Interval Training .

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Susannah Taylor

Editor-in-Chief of Get the Gloss

For HIIT exercise, there needs to be a beat that can emotionally pull you through when the going gets tough and override the feeling that your legs are shaking or your arms hurt and you want to give up. Here’s my playlist of the moment that helps me push on through.

Drinking from the Bottle by Calvin Harris

I use this for Tabata on the bike. It speeds up super fast and slows down again throughout just like Tabata. It makes you push yourself really damn hard. I love it.

Blow it Up by The Vaccines

Not really sure why I love this song but it builds and builds and just lifts you up all the way through. I saw the Vaccines at Glastonbury last year and they are one of my favourite bands. The song is short though - wish it was longer!

Feel the Love by Rudimental

Just an incredible tune. Full stop. Every exerciser needs it on their playlist! It’s songs like this that make you reflect on what you’re doing and for me, how far I’ve come.

Not Giving In by Rudimental

My trainer Steve told me to listen to this when I was recovering from a knee operation and housebound doing knee exercises daily, which was a particularly tough time. It is also amazing when you have a fitness goal because the words describe what’s happening -  it’s particularly inspiring in keeping you going.

Love Me Again by John Newman

My song of the moment, can’t stop listening to it - keeps you on a high from beginning to end.

Anything Could Happen by Ellie Goulding

Looove this song - it’s really upbeat and powerful emotionally. It’s one of those that definitely makes you feel you can conquer anything.

Can’t Hold Us by Macklemore and Ryan

Fast and furious, this one really keeps you going. Great on the bike.

Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat by FatBoy Slim

A nuts workout needs a nuts song, and this is it. If you were into CrossFit this would be your one!

Counting Stars by OneRepublic

Love it every time I hear it; it’s fast and uplifting and turns a gruelling session into something bearable.

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Steve Mellor

Freedom2Train Fitness and Nutrition Expert

HIIT training will take you to some dark corners where you just want to stop, but music can really help to make it all go away and make you forget about your next rep.

Not Giving In by Rudimental

This song really gets me going because it encapsulates everything about HIIT training. This song tells you exactly what to do; by not giving in, you will push through your barriers - and when you find yourself searching for that motivation to keep going, this song gives you that and helps you climb out the hole you're in and finish the workout.

What I Might Do by Ben Pearce

No real idea why this song gets me but there is something about the beat that lights a fire inside me, especially when I am getting ready for a longer workout. It’s a great tempo to work to and makes me want to push myself to my limits.

Don’t You Worry Child by Swedish House Mafia

This always features on any running playlist I put together - if I head out to do some sprints this will definitely get me pumped up.

My ultimate song, if I want to get really fired up to work harder than I think is possible and push myself to new limits is 'Lose Yourself' by Eminem. This song describes a challenge, a fight that ends badly and then picks you up again and describes how important it is to make the best of any opportunity. For me this makes me want to push my body beyond anywhere it’s ever been. I usually save this for a race, competition or a big workout.

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Calgary Avansino

Contributing Editor to Vogue

At the moment these are the three songs that motivate me to run faster and push harder than anything else. If the music is right and loud enough, you forget the pain. That's when change happens; when you push yourself way past your comfort level.

Do What You Want by Lady Gaga

Monster by Eminem and Rihanna

‘Turn Me On by Nicki Minaj and David Guetta

My favourite secret sing-a-long is Timber by Pitbull and Ke$ha, and for stretching I like Drunk In Love by Beyonce & Jay-Z. She looks so beautiful and fit!

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Stephen Price

Managing Director of SP&Co

It's Like That by Run DMC because it’s an absolute dance classic.

Let's Go by Calvin Harris (feat Ne-Yo) makes you want to move - great for motivation.

Burn by Ellie Goulding - I always feel positive after listening to this.

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Nathalie Schyllert

Personal Trainer at Bodyism

Look Right Through by Storm Queen - it's a song that makes me happy and motivated to train. Great at the start of a training session.

Wake Me Up by Avicii keeps me going when I get tired. Perfect song to play while you're outside walking or running in the park.

Hold You In My Arms by Ray Lamontagne - a great song to play during the end of a session when you are stretching. It will help you to relax and lower your cortisol levels.

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Russell Bateman

Founder of the Skinny Bitch Collective

Save Me by Airwave is a relentless beast of a track. Perfect for when you just need to keep on going. Tie your hair back, take a deep breath and ride the intensity. Euphoric.

A Break in the Clouds by James Holden is a melodic journey; it fuses choppy edits with melodies to take your mind off the lactic acid in your legs. There’s a real danger of stopping your workout and just throwing your hands in the air during the breakdown.

Bon Voyage by Junkie XL - put this on if you're struggling for motivation. It will make you feel like you're on the start line for an Olympic 100m final. Close your eyes and let the beat take control. Amazing peak time track for peak time performance.

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Ronnie Kublova

Director at Powervibe Fitness Studio

Make the World Go Round by Sandy B - An old school tune, which takes me back to my younger days dancing around and burning calories in Ministry of Sound

Get Lucky by Daft Punk - When I play this song I want to dance until the sun goes down… and everybody wants to join in.

La La La by Naughty Boy is a fantastic cool-down track to make everyone relax, yet still very motivating. Amazing.

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Daniel Casey

Personal Trainer at Lomax Bespoke Fitness, Nutrition & Wellbeing

Witchcraft by Pendulum is one of my favourite tracks to start sprinting to on a cold morning.

99 Problems/One Step Closer’ by Jay-Z & Linkin Park - this will keep you fired up when you're doing an intense set.

Till I Collapse by Eminem - this track is perfect for the end of a workout when you need to push for those final minutes.

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Dalton Wong

Performance Coach at Twenty Two Training

My top three HIIT songs are:

Kashmir by Led Zeppelin because it’s the best rock and roll song, ever.

Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana as it reminds me of my teenage youth.

Rebellion (Lies) by Arcade Fire, which is Canadian music at its best.

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Luke Meessmann

Fitness Expert at TenPilates

The Rockafeller Skank by Fatboy Slim. This song simply has a great beat and some cool tempo changes which are great fun to play around with in matching the exercise to the music. I find it particularly useful for alternating sprints and hills on a bike or treadmill.

Eye of the Tiger by Survivor. It’s no surprise this song is a staple of many workout albums. The steady beat, inspirational lyrics and obvious movie association combine to help you push yourself when the going gets tough!

Thunderstruck by Blizzard Brothers. Everyone loves a good remix, and the one I get the best response to in my classes is this little gem of an AC/DC classic with a great upbeat tempo and of course the trademark distorted guitars and iconic vocals. It gets everyone pumped up and working hard!

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Kelly Morgan

Co-owner of 38º North

Higher State of Consciousness by Josh Wink. WIth HIIT you want to keep the energy levels high, so fast rock or dance music is best. Higher State of Consciousness is one of those tracks that just builds and builds - guaranteed to get you sweating.

The Pretender by the Foo Fighters. High energy rock with plenty of breakdowns and big guitars. A wall of sound that got me through a tough Himalayan hike but it's equally good for a high tempo circuits class.

Ghosts 'n' Stuff by Deadmau5. An epic big room house sound - plenty of break-downs and builds ups so you can't fail but to step up your exertion level - whether you're in the studio or on the Ushuaia dance floor!