Delicious and carrying impressive credentials, Schär’s new range of low FODMAP foods offers choice to IBS patients following the diet

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IBS is a common condition that affects the digestive system. The exact cause is unknown, but the gut of people with IBS tends to be more sensitive. IBS symptoms vary from person to person; from intestinal bloating to horrendous cramps, diarrhoea to constipation, and can last for days, weeks or months at a time. Diet is reported as being a cause of symptoms in up to 90 per cent of people with IBS, however, a hectic lifestyle, anxiety and stress can also contribute to them.

For those who find their IBS is triggered by the foods they eat, following a low FODMAP diet may help to reduce symptoms, if making simple dietary changes has not been successful in the first instance. However, finding tasty and suitable low FODMAP products can be tricky, but, thanks to Schär’s new range of low FODMAP products , your supermarket shop is about to get a whole lot simpler.

Schär is the first brand to launch low FODMAP products, certified by Monash University, the founder of the low FODMAP diet, into UK supermarkets. But, what exactly does FODMAP mean? FODMAPs are a collection of carbohydrates that are poorly digested and absorbed in the gut that can trigger IBS symptoms in some people. The low FODMAP diet is a three-stage diet that firstly excludes high FODMAP foods that can contribute to IBS symptoms, before they are carefully reintroduced to identify which ones are triggers. Once you know which FODMAPs affect your symptoms, you can work out which foods you need to be careful about eating. It is recommended that the diet is followed under the guidance of a registered dietitian.

Thanks to the clear labelling of Schär’s range of products, finding these FODMAP-friendly foods is much less stressful. What does the brand have on offer? Schär’s low FODMAP range  includes Schär Baguettes, £3, Schär Brown Ciabatta Rolls, £2, Schär Panini Rolls, £2, Schär Seeded Ciabatta Rolls, £2.10, Schär White Ciabatta Rolls, £2, Schär Wholesome Seeded Loaf, £2.34, Schär Wholesome Vitality Loaf, £2.60, Schär Wholesome White Loaf, £2.34, Schär Pizza Bases, £3, and Schär Grissini, £2.50. In their ingredients lists, you’ll find wheat replaced with the likes of millet, quinoa and sourdough.

Taste-wise, they also deliver (the crunchy Grissini is especially moreish) to provide a marked improvement to other gluten and wheat free foods that have previously hit the market. With brown, seeded and white types to choose from varying from crunchy to something a little softer, there is a choice for every preference and palate. If you often struggle to get your low FODMAP fix, these are well worth popping into your basket during your next shop.

As part of IBS Awareness Month, Schär has also launched a dedicated online information source, , which features information about IBS and the low FODMAP diet, alongside informative videos and infographics to help consumers learn more. Visitors to the website will also be able to request a free information pack, including a mini low FODMAP product guide, fridge sticker featuring low FODMAP foods, recipe cards, plus an informative low FODMAP leaflet.

*Schär do not recommend making any changes to your diet before consulting a healthcare professional.

Written in partnership with Schär.