Kate reveals that there's no fast-track ticket when it comes to her figure - it is down to nothing but hard work

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The 35-year-old actress refreshingly told Us Weekly that her super toned body is a result of working her “ass off”. Unfortunately for anyone searching for that elusive weight loss method, the founder of athletic line Fabletics  confirmed: “Everybody wants some sort of secret and there just isn't.”

So how does the mother of two keep in shape? Kate’s exercise of choice is Pilates and she identifies her regular practice as the key to her enviably toned arms and six-pack abs. Kate told the magazine: “I wouldn't say [I work out] a lot, just consistently.” Prioritising a little and often approach, Kate continued: “'People think for some reason you have to work out for two and a half hours but it can be little. It can be 20 minutes, it could be 40 minutes, but you have to [get it in].”

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Kate’s love of fitness is reflected in her recent partnership with JustFab and the launch of their fashion-induced fitness line,  Fabletics . The range of workout essentials provide high performance design and premium fabrics at prices that don’t break the bank. With a pair of snazzy printed leggings or a stylish racer back vest, we've now got no excuse not to work out like Kate.