Balsamic-infused sparkling water anyone? From the viral ‘healthy’ Coke recipe to the trending sultry eye makeup and handy yoga poses to soothe pesky period pains, we’ve spent hours scrolling through TikTok so you don’t have to. Introducing the best videos we’ve seen this week

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Whether you’re a seasoned TikToker or haven’t even downloaded the app yet, we’re all aware that TikTok is the place where videos go viral. 

Granted, many are utter nonsense and not worth wasting your time and life on, however, every so often, there’s a little spark of joy or inspiration that will either bring a smile to your face or introduce you to a genius life hack to make the mundane that bit easier. 

Here are the videos that have done exactly that for us this week. Enjoy.

1. The ‘healthy Coke’

@mandyvjones @LaCroix Sparkling Water ♬ original sound - Amanda

Looking to find a healthier option to switch out your daily Diet Coke habit with? Well, this could be it. TikTokker Amanda Jones (@mandyvjones) shared a tip that her Pilates instructor had shared with her on how to make your own drink that tastes "just like" a Diet Coke without any of the nasties. The ingredients? A splash of balsamic vinegar, heaps of ice, topped up with any sparkling drink. Maddy uses a guava-flavoured sparkling water in hers. Obviously, be careful with what type of sparkling drink you use as there’s no point in using one that's full of sugar. For anyone wondering, the reason balsamic vinegar gives the whole thing a healthy spin is because vinegar is great at balancing blood sugar levels and keeping hormones in check.

2. Madeleine Shaw’s 5 yoga poses for period pain

The next time period pain strikes, yoga teacher and nutritional therapist Madeleine Shaw (@madeleine_shaw_) has five simple moves that even a complete yoga novice could do to help ease that pesky monthly discomfort. She recommends trying out baby pose, child’s pose, goddess, pigeon and butterfly pose up against the wall.

3. Siren eye makeup

This isn’t exactly a new eye makeup look, rather a combination of a few different application methods that have been morphed together. However, because it looks so great and is relatively easy to do we can see why it’s gone seriously viral, and we mean seriously viral — #sireneyes has racked up more than 491 million views. It combines the smudge of a smoky eye and the pigment punch of liquid eyeliner, but the really clever part is to leave a gap of eyeliner in the centre of your eye to create that sexy, seductive look that is the lifted siren eye.

4. Corn on the cob BBQ ribs

We are not joking when we say that we were salivating when we saw this corn-on-the-cob BBQ ribs recipe from Bosh (more on which later), but why are corn recipes trending in the first place? Quick recap for the uninitiated, ‘Corn Kid’ is a viral sensation on the video-sharing app thanks to a little boy called Tariq who shared how much he loves corn in a now viral but previously random interview. The clip was then remixed into a super catchy song which has now taken TikTok by storm, with people using it to describe the things they also love, from their cat to WFH, to fashion and fitness. Still with us? This in turn has naturally led to a boom in corn recipes. The power of TikTok hey!

Somewhat influenced after seeing countless corn kid videos over the past few weeks, GTG's design and social media manager Jemma Thompson popped into M&S for lunch and stumbled upon a tactically-placed shelf full of corn at the front checkouts. After inevitably picking up a packet of three corn on the cobs, she made some air fried Mexican corn loosely following this MOB kitchen recipe and said it was lip-smackingly delicious! Quick and easy to make, this is the perfect dish to keep the summer vibes alive now that we are officially in September (sob!).

While we would love to see one of our favourite dentists Dr Rhona do the floss dance, this video is actually her showing us all exactly how to floss like a pro with dental tape. And we bet you didn’t realise that you have to get the floss under your gum either?

6. Reapplying SPF with a makeup sponge

@susanyara Use a sponge to re-apply your sunscreen! Full video on my YouTube channel MixedMakeup. #skincare #sunscreen #mixedmakeup ♬ original sound - Susan Yara

It’s important to state that this video is very much about topping up your SPF i.e you should have a good dose of a facial SPF under your makeup as a base layer. But we think skincare expert Susan Yara gives a really good demo of how to use a beauty blender to reapply SPF over your makeup when you're on the go. Though we must stress again, that while this a great hack, it's of course never as good as a regular, thoroughly applied layers of SPF.

7. Beach hack to avoid the sand

This is one hack to remember for your next beach trip. Pack a fitted sheet, a few things that will hold up the sides (water bottles will do the trick) so that it almost turns into a playpen. Take a collapsible bucket which you can then fill with water. And when your feet are covered after a lovely walk along the beach, dip them into the bucket of water, dry them off and step into your sand-free zone. Genius!