Astrologer Jessica Adams reveals what's in store for your horoscope this week

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Try to wrap up all the paperwork or discussion about your money, apartment, house, business, sales/purchases, company or charity before Thursday as you will go backwards and forwards with delays and changes into May. Very close to Tuesday you need to sign off from one of the year’s most important money-related talks or signatures. It involves a deadly serious agreement or a sexually intimate arrangement.


Very close to Tuesday the situation with your former, current or potential partner reaches a head and you have a decision to make. Any priorities about your name, face, shape, style or profile should be wrapped up as quickly as possible, as what is in motion after Thursday could easily swing backwards and forwards after your birthday. One example might be faulty spelling of your name on a website or a rejected portrait.


Your social life, group, friendships and acquaintances within social media now become your top priority. Either within this group, or dealing with an outside network, you must now share the control. This is important all the way until May. By then you will realise that some friendships or communities of people will never be the same again. Your ruler Mercury is about to go Retrograde Shadow in your house of secrets, and roles behind the scenes. In both cases, wrap things up before delays hit.


Try to sort out your groups and friendships as quickly as possible, as arrangements will be delayed or changed substantially over the next few weeks. You also need to look at the world of babies, children, teenagers and youth - or a serious lover. There are clear pros and cons now. Very close to Tuesday a choice must be made. Your career, university life or unpaid work will be transformed by May and this week suggests a reshuffle in the ranks or a change in the controls is waiting.


Huge changes are coming with your travel, foreign, publishing, academic or educational agenda now. There will need to be a major compromise or division of control, after Thursday involving a key person connected with your trip, website, book, course, workshop, export plan or relocation. By May your situation will be completely different with new rules. Your career matters more than usual and to avoid being tangled up in delays or even reversals, try to sign off from discussion or paperwork close to Tuesday.


Your ruler Mercury is up to his old tricks in Taurus from Thursday, and as this sign rules travel, foreign people and places, publishing, the internet and education in all its forms, one issue needs to be wrapped up as quickly as possible. In fact it will be on your agenda very close to Tuesday when you are between a rock and a hard place, but a choice made quickly saves you delays and reversals by May. What matters most now? The massive new agreement about your money, property, business, charity, possessions or tax, which is coming.


Your relationship with your former, current or potential partner may be the focus for an important new change of rules now. Alternatively this game is being played with your arch enemy, rival or opponent. Emotions will run high after Thursday, yet by May it should be possible to have a civilised agreement in place where you two share the territory or turf. Try to wrap up a key financial, property, retail, taxation or business discussion near Tuesday. If it lingers longer, it will be going backwards and forwards by May. Get things in writing now, quickly if you can.


You will go backwards and forwards with your former, current or potential partner for weeks once Mercury turns shadow retrograde on Thursday. For that reason you may want to sign off on a crucial discussion or piece of paperwork near Tuesday. If your enemy, opponent or rival matters more than a lover, then it is this person who is at the core of future reversals or waiting games, so try to finalise things now. Your working life and your body are both in the change zone of your horoscope now. A very different lifestyle and daily routine is coming by May.


The world of pregnancy, children, teenagers, youth projects or serious lovers now offers you a completely different future. You will need to work out how to share power with at least one person and maybe more, by May. Emotions will run high but try to keep things civilised as you both/all need to reach an agreement that works long-term. Plans affecting your working day, university life or your body will come up very close to Tuesday when you may want to finalise as much as possible, as soon as possible. Delays or reversals are likely later on.


Pregnancy, children, teenagers, youth projects or serious lovers are at the heart of crucial news or discussion, very close to Tuesday. The more you decide now, the easier life will be in the rest of April and May, as you will find anything left hanging becomes the source of delays or u-turns. You are now in the middle of the most important changes in months in terms of your house, family, town, country, apartment or household. People or organisations need to compromise over control and this is coming very shortly. Keep the discussion reasonable.


The more you can finalise with your house, family, apartment, town, country, household or the locals, the better. Your people and your place will be affected by delays and changes into May, so what is on your radar near Tuesday requires closure. If you must let things run on, get everything in writing and read the fine print. You are now on track for the most dramatic changes in months, affecting your life on the internet, or with publishing, multimedia, your phone or computer. By May everything will be completely different.


You now have quite a task ahead of you with the apartment, company, business, house, possessions, money, charity or taxation. By May a new arrangement will be in place where yourself and two or three other players have agreed to carve up the power very differently. The new world which results will not bear any resemblance to life last year. You also have an important choice to make about the internet, multimedia, publishing or other forms of communication near Tuesday. If you can finalise this, try to do so, to avoid delays in May.