Astrologer Jessica Adams takes a look at your stars for the week ahead

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You will notice a big change in atmosphere, attitude and vibe with at least two areas of your life now - and maybe more. It’s like one chapter beginning, after another. It is also clear that 2016 actually starts here - January 1st was a red herring! One of the stories you are starting, or restarting, concerns the secret you are covering up. Alternatively it concerns what you do behind the scenes without recognition or credit. For a handful of Aries people there is also a major question about your unconscious mind or soul. This all sounds quite mysterious, yet in all cases, it’s time to take a deep breath and review 2015.


You are now moving slowly towards March, the month when you must address the total lack of boundaries with your friend, or others in your group. This is not a new issue. You have been through this, with these people (or others, yet in a similar scenario) in 2013, 2014 or 2015. Fortunately you know what to do. Even though it is quite difficult to remove yourself from the friends, the group or the situation - try to distance yourself enough to see things clearly, without the unreality goggles on. Does that sound harsh? Actually, it is the job of astrology to sometimes gently wake you up and take the goggles off!


Your career, unpaid work or university life involves a confused and confusing situation - either because of the lack of structure, or the personalities involved. You can do a great deal to tighten things up near Wednesday and Sunday, and that will make your life much more simple in March. It is also time to look at the internet, foreign people and places, academia, publishing or education. A key person will enter your life or draw much closer to you regarding this, from Wednesday 17th February. You will be making up for lost time as you either had to scrap plans, change them or accept delays since January. Now, go ahead.


You have some interesting calculations to make, and a few compromises, as you must now put the money, business, house, possessions, charity or apartment first. Balancing the scales with one other person will be your top priority. Keep a close watch on a potentially muddled situation involving foreign people and places, the internet, education, publishing or travel. When everybody and everything is all over the place, nothing tends to organise itself. You have to be proactive and try to rein the situation in, before the muddle increases. This is easily done, as you will see on two occasions this week, Cancer.


A story involving your former, current or potential partner which was delayed or rewritten weeks ago, now comes back a second time. This is one of the most important periods of the year for strengthening a relationship and understanding that you two are equal, but different. Be vigilant about your money, business interests, house, apartment, possessions or charity. The situation is very far from being watertight and unless you want to spend March doing repair work, you will try to stop a problem before it happens, this week. You urgently need rules, regulations and clear lines drawn in the sand over this.


The relationship you have with your former, current or potential partner is unclear. What happens near Wednesday and Sunday reminds you why one situation needs to be contained and controlled. This relationship is like a holiday from reality but unless you want to spend March trying to sort things out, you will nip one issue in the bud with this man (or woman) now. If you have an enemy, opponent or rival then be sharply aware of your boundaries. Do not let anyone into your space if you are suspicious of their motives or know for a fact they are against you. Pull up the drawbridge and fill the moat this week.


It’s all about the pregnancy, baby, child or teenager in your world now. Alternatively, there is a youth project, junior demographic or parenthood-potential relationship on your radar. You should thoroughly enjoy the next three weeks, as you will be in your element, exploring every layer of a complicated relationship, either with the younger generation, or with someone older who is pivotal to your plans. A high percentage of Libran women are now poised to fall madly in love or take an old relationship into hedonistic new territory, as Bacchus - an ancient symbol of pleasure and the good life - changes signs.


The time is now right to pursue what was scrapped, delayed or altered some weeks ago, with your home or family. Your house, home town, relative, apartment, household or homeland should be your priority until March, as the time is right to strike a balanced agreement with a key person. Look very closely at the world of pregnancy, babies, children or young adults now. There are no boundaries and you need to put some in. This may also apply to a youth project, junior marketplace or even a lover who could make you a parent or step-parent one day. Without firm rules and clear understanding, life will wobble. Rein things in.


Your internet projects, multimedia interests and writing, singing, public speaking or songwriting goals will soon take off. The stop-start nature of the situation to date has made it hard to feel as if 2016 has really begun, but from this week forward, you can throw yourself into connecting and communicating. You are very different to the other person involved, but you are also equal, so make this work. Your house, home town, apartment, family, household or homeland is at the heart of important questions about boundaries. The issue may be a fence (for example) or just a question of what is clear, firm and understood between yourself and others. Without boundaries life will be confusing.


Between now and March, promise yourself you will pay extra attention to e-mail, social media, websites, multimedia, your telephone and your mail. The issue you notice by Friday will not go away by itself and you must take firm steps to control and contain what is going on. Be aware of your internet privacy and do not let anyone or anything float past you, either on the telephone or in the mail. A really productive, demanding, useful phase for your money is ahead. Look at how you can make this situation with your business, cashflow, banking, property, charity or possessions work. A key person is here to meet you halfway.


Minerva in Leo, your opposite sign, tells you to keep searching for answers with (or for) your partner. This may also be the case with your former or potential partner - and even an opponent. Complicated questions deserve thoughtful solutions, with this man (or woman). Be sharply aware of what is developing with your money, business interests, house, possessions, charity or apartment. If you let things run on, it will be harder to contain and control the situation by March. You are much better off, in every way, if you anticipate issues before they go any further.


It is always useful to stand back from yourself and consider how you are seen on the internet, in photographs, on film and in print. Neptune in Pisces will soon be joined by other key factors in your sign, so between now and March you must detach yourself from matters of image, reputation, branding and appearance. It may be your name, it may be your hair - or even the persona you present - but if you feel others are confused by you, then your hunch is correct. This is a very good time to look at yourself as if you were a product on a shelf and get real about your ‘advertising’ and packaging. Ditch the confusion.