Astrologer Jessica Adams reveals what's in store for your horoscope this week

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This takes time. It always does, when you are one half of a chemistry experiment. This two-way test-tube has been shaken up considerably by the end of a cycle which is also, perhaps, the end of an era. In the meantime you are feeling something breaking through - about yourself - which excites you, as much as it stirs things up. It would be tempting to dive headfirst into radical change, but this would be hard to undo later, and you may find you feel less wired once this transit is over.


Uranus, the planet associated with keys tied to kites in electrical storms, is at large in your horoscope. All kinds of crackling sounds and flashes of light may emerge - yet it is all happening underneath the surface. Your unconscious mind, your spirit and your unseen self may be hard to penetrate for other people. It is easier to access for you, but that does not make the hidden ‘me’ any less of a mystery. Some fairly new and wild aspects of yourself are breaking through. Give it time.


Uranus in Aries is here to show you that an entirely new way to be a friend, have friends - or make them - is something you must take baby steps with. If you just plunge forward like Neil Armstrong in moon boots, you could find it very hard to navigate further down the track. There may be a complete break or a radical change which affects not only the friendship, but the group. That is one possibility. Another is a natural departure from the past. That was then, this is now. Go slowly.


Uranus in your house of success, achievement, ambition and status can be an unstoppable force. He has been leaking out all over the place recently, as you have found yourself wanting to be yourself - rather than just playing a rather good part in someone else’s machine. The thing is, this cycle does require time and care. Having gone slightly further out than you night normally, you may now be tempted (in this week of oppositions in the heavens) to go all the way. Think first.


The Ninth House of your horoscope describes your intellectual voyages, your spiritual journeys, your geographical wanderings and your digital exploration. The Ninth House is also being well and truly shaken up by a particular Uranus cycle you will never see again in your lifetime. It will only be when you judge the end of 2015 from the perspective of 2016 that you realise what was actually happening. It’s a liberation of sorts. However you can’t go in blindly. Do your research.


There is always something new to be invented, and something rather far ahead of its time to be tried, when Uranus appears. Your money, business, house, charity, company, possessions or apartment is the obvious source of this at the moment. This naturally involves separation. There has to be a separation from the norm, from convention - and particularly from the past. If there are too many gaps, though, nothing really comes together. Be aware of that. Close a few.


It takes great insight to be able to look beyond the personality or life of the other person involved in your story at the moment, and see the situation for what it really is. This is about your own unshackling from an outdated view of what the two of you should be to each other, and it is more about the process of change, than it is about the particular character or destiny of anyone else. It is tempting to respond to change with more change, at the moment. Take your time, though. Take it easy.


Morrissey said it (or sang it) best, in The Smiths. Does the mind influence the body or the other way around? He didn’t know. You need to find out the extent to which your body is driving the rest of your life, though - and the impact your mind has on your physical health. This intricate machinery is now squeezing out sparks in all directions, as you hit a cycle which is traditionally associated with flashes of electricity. This lights things up, so you can see - which you need. What you don’t need, however, is too much dramatic change, too soon.


The profound change you are experiencing with children, parenthood-potential partners or youth in general is part of a cycle designed to loosen your ties to the past 12 months and enable you to pursue what seems to be calling you from the future. This is an odd state to be in. It can even feel as if the future just formed a concertina pattern with the present, squashing up against it. If you feel wired, out of time, too far ahead of your time or anything else - take a moment to ground.


The departure of the South Node from Aries and the tremendous ructions taking place with Uranus in that sign, suggest home is not what it used to mean. Nor is your family, country, home town or household. You have adjusted on the run, dealing with profound alterations to the usual set-up in the last few months. Now you must see just how more revolutionary you are prepared to be - or not. The smart money is on the middle way. One that is less rattling, perhaps.


Your ruling planet Uranus is in charge of your internet, multimedia, public speaking, words, ideas and images chart at the moment. Uranus was much loved by King George III who was not exactly the most conventional of monarchs. This idea of unconventionality, wildness and even madness-tinged perspectives is tied to November, and to your horoscope as a whole. It can be liberating and thrilling, even though it rocks every kind of boat. Just hang onto the basic co-ordinates.


The departure of the Nodes from the financial, property, charity and business axis of your horoscope is very recent. Now, you are rubbing up against a cycle which is notorious for delivering The Shock of the New, if I may quote Robert Hughes. The departure of one phase of your life, to be replaced by something which is as odd and ‘modern’ as Surrealism once was, needs time. Without time and space, the new approach which suggests itself could be too much for you or others.