Astrologer Jessica Adams reveals what lays in store for your star sign this week

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Intimate arrangements about your finances, lifestyle or property? Deadly serious agreements about the house, business, money or apartment? Something must be decided here, and only you can weigh up independence versus commitment. This week is also about your grand 2016 relaunch. Sometimes a layer needs to come off, or even be added, to make you feel your own person. Perhaps it’s not about the presentation or packaging - it’s about your profile. A dazzling New Moon promises a new start and a new you. About time.


Your former, current or potential partner? The person who is against you? This man (or woman) is at the core of commitment questions, but there is also the mounting question of space, freedom, independence, autonomy - and a certain wildness and privacy. Only you can decide and this is going to take time, along with the odd reversal or delay. The other big factor this week is the secret you keep - or the role you play behind the scenes. Nobody has a clue about what you are up to, or what you’re actually all about at the moment. For you, though, this is a truly exhilarating chance to strike out in a radical new direction.


If you rise up and meet the challenge of a particular pledge, promise or weighty undertaking, when your working day becomes a more secure affair, yet you must look honestly at the loss of space or total control over your own routine. This also applies to your body, as what is now required in the world of food, drink, doctors, drugs, gyms or healers is a real commitment. A tremendous new beginning with one or more groups in your life, involving friends, suggests the chance to co-create a new social life and a new world. People power is key.


A large number of people born under your sign will be radically changing direction with new jobs, new projects, fresh plans or a different colleague, boss or client by May. This spells genuine freedom to you and others and although there is no guidebook or compass at the moment, the only direction is up and out. You are ruled by the Moon so wish on the New Moon you see this week - it’s the most exciting professional or academic omen of the year. Youth projects, serious lovers (who could bring a younger generation into your life), children or teenagers pose a big question. What will you do in order to gain a secure niche?


Your house, town, country, apartment, family or household poses a key question about commitment. Of course, security is usually exchanged for autonomy and independence, too. Diana, who symbolises freedom without compromise and space - emotionally, geographically, physically - is a key factor in your horoscope now so you have a lot to consider near Tuesday, Friday and Saturday. A big new beginning for you comes with the New Moon and it’s electrifying - a brave new world. Your journey, book, website, relocation, course, workshop or foreign connection is the key. It’s a key tied to a kite in a storm. Use it.


You will make or save a small fortune after September and by 2017 will have found the financial, property or business solution you need. Part of the story begins this week with the most sensational new beginning with your bank, business, charity, house, company, allowance, apartment, settlement or salary. There is a tremendous lust for freedom and independence in the air at the moment and for you, it is all about the price of being your own person. This is a rare chance to pursue your own values, on your own terms, in your own way.


The focus is now squarely on your former, current or potential partner. Or is your opponent, rival or enemy the key to your emotions at the moment? Your ruler Venus changes signs on Tuesday and it’s Game On. Very close to Thursday’s New Moon you will be writing a new chapter, with this person, or certainly about them. It’s like being given a blank page in a new book. The Sun’s dazzling conjunction to Uranus, the planet of revolution, occurs on Saturday. It looks as though April marks a complete break with the past for you two, no matter what game of life you are playing. Liberation is worth all the perspiration.


A dramatically different way of living and working is on offer, if you want it. Even if you don’t, your lifestyle zone suggests change may happen without you. What is now developing in your world will alter the way you see your food, drink, doctor, drugs, fitness, healer or body. It is tied into your daily routine and you may be stunned at how rapidly things move forward. There is also a horoscope note on your former, current or potential partner now. Perhaps this is also about a rival or enemy. Avoid situations where two or more women must compete for the approval or favouritism of one man. Why do it?


Venus changes signs on Tuesday, and enters your zone of children and young adults. This is also where we find serious lovers who could bring a younger generation into your life. Finally, youth projects also turn up here. A revolution is on the way and this exciting new chapter in your life will begin very quickly, at the time of the New Moon. When you see it, look up and make a wish. There is no game plan to follow. There is virtually nothing known about the situation which is being born. All you can do is commit to your own need to be utterly free.


The New Moon on Thursday suggests a completely new pathway with your house, land, family, apartment, town, country or household. It is the ‘road less travelled’ and even though you are famously cautious, sometimes you just have to experiment. You will be free sooner than you think, and people, places or situations which have cramped your style or obstructed your independence will soon be mere history. Just remember, even if you want to be radical now, you must also try to leave enough space for communication and co-operation once life settles.


Your ruling planet Uranus conjuncts the Sun on Saturday, ending a week of brand new experiments and exciting fresh ways to communicate. The internet, multimedia, publishing, languages or education are all good places to try out radically different ways of reaching people. Perhaps it’s the technology (like a phone or computer) or maybe it’s the way you’re choosing to connect. In all cases, by May you will be exhilarated by this new direction. Your career, unpaid work or university life suggests a commitment is required. If you make it there is a price to pay but you will also gain. Time to choose.


Juno, Diana and Cupido are all in your zone of travel, foreigners, internet, publishing and education. Conflicting forces are at work. Some situations tempt you to make promises and lock yourself in. Other forces pull you towards freedom, independence and fierce individuality. Choosing the right path will take some time. This week is also about a financial, property or business revolution. By May it will be behind you, but this week is a key part of the journey. There is no substitute for being genuinely free to do what you want, when you want.

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