Astrologer Jessica Adams predicts the week ahead for your star sign

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Close to Monday, the money, house, business, apartment, charity or possessions becomes a two-way street in very definite terms. There is a remedy close by, but there are also right/wrong issues to address. A commitment is suggested, and like all commitments it will give you certainty yet take away your freedom, to some extent. Still - this is a vast improvement on the last two years, Aries! With the Sun, New Moon, Mercury, Fortuna and Saturn in Sagittarius this week, the pressure is building on you to choose one path (or another) with your publishing, travel, academic, educational or foreign agenda. The Mars in Libra opposition to Uranus in Aries, your own sign, suggests you need time and space to strategise where your partner is concerned. This also applies to former or potentl partners - and oddly enough, enemies too. It all ends very well, from the final quarter of 2016. How well? The biggest and best is yet to come. Plan this.


This really is a fascinating Christmas when you consider how things stood with your partner in December 2014 and December 2013. Or are we talking about a former or potential partner? Some Taurus people ignored love in that period and focussed on war instead. Again, the atmosphere with your arch enemy is completely different now. The time has come to balance the scales with he (or she) who matters so much to you. And perhaps, to commit to one outcome, or another. A stellium in your house of finance, property, business and possessions suggests you must find out more, before you divert your own destiny. It may feel as if you only have a couple of paths available to you, but you have more. Even it it means coming to a grinding half ahead of the New Moon (look up and you will see it as a sliver in the night sky) it is worth deliberately taking apart every single number, fact or truth about your situation. A matter directly related to your working day or your body will also come up now. It leads to a vastly improved situation in the final quarter of 2016. It’s a stone on the pathway.


Whenever the Seventh House of your horoscope, which rules your partner, becomes as busy as it looks this Christmas, you can assume decisions loom. This also applies to your former or potential partner, too. And perhaps an enemy or great rival, if that person is more of a concern to you. In all cases, there is no ducking or diving. You cannot really play for time because certain situations cannot go on forever and there are very real options there. Guesswork or wishful thinking does not work, though. Before you make your new beginning with this person, on this New Moon, you must find out more. If you can say that you honestly devoted November and December 2015 to a fact-finding exercise, then 2016 will sit more comfortably with you, as you will know that you did everything humanly possible to research your options. If fertility, adoption, stepchildren, pregnancy, child custody or children’s welfare is part of the equation, Mars will move things along. Trust in the process as you will be fulfilled by the ultimate destination you reach, from September 2016 into 2017. Has your body been an issue for the last two years? Things have changed. Believe in that. And reach out to the person on the other side of the table.


Your ruler the Moon is part of a stellium in your work zone this week. Work also includes university life, of course, and any voluntary commitments you have. You are not being compelled to do anything, but you are certainly being pulled very hard. The issue, as it has been all along, is lack of in-depth knowledge about the realities of the situation, should you accept. Hard questions are difficult to ask, but you must ask them, before you launch on a new pathway that will affect your working life for months. If your body is the issue, rather than work, then you are a real crossroads when considering your food, doctor, drugs, healer, drink, surgeon, exercise and so on. Assume nothing and find out everything, as again, this New Moon will fix you on a pathway for quite some time. The world of babies, children, teenagers or serious lovers weighed you down enormously in 2013 and 2014. Now you must roll up your sleeves and get on with the task of meeting someone halfway. The atmosphere is totally different. You need no longer look warily over your shoulder, Cancer.


You can depend on a lighter, easier, more normal atmosphere where your sense of home or family is concerned, this Christmas. Ever since Saturn departed this area of your horoscope, you have been seeing wheels turn - and in fact, one nagging fear has gone for good. When a commitment is called for where your home town, homeland, family, house, flatmate or apartment is concerned, you can make it knowing that something important is on offer. The really big news in your horoscope now concerns your daughter, godchild, serious lover (the one who could bring a younger generation into your life), son, fertility, adoption, unwanted pregnancy and so on. If you have a professional or unpaid role with children or teenagers, that may also be the issue now. When your ruler the Sun joins the Moon this week, you must be ready to make a fresh start, based on plenty of research and deep contemplation. Nothing else will do. This is going to alter your course for the rest of 2016 and maybe 2017 too. Be thorough.


Your meticulous approach to detail is well-known, and the more you turn this skill towards your home town, house, relative, homeland, flatmate or apartment, the more comfortable you will feel in 2016. Leave no stone unturned as you set about finding more about what is actually involved - not what you imagine may be involved! It never hurts to be faintly cynical about people, places and properties in this cycle and to trawl internet forums, beyond official-speak. It may also be that you need to ask rather more searching questions of a family member, tenant, landlord and so on. The financial, business and property zone of your horoscope suggests wheels are already turning for next year. In fact, you will be much better off from September 2016, thanks to money saved or made. Roll your sleeves up this week and do what you must. The future looks bright.


Your ruling planet Venus is now in Scorpio, a sign which is associated with the most complex financial, property, charity or business involvements. She is joined by a slew of other heavenly bodies, which suggests that - never mind the reindeer - you need to have your calculator ready. Having been through the most horrendous time in 2013 or 2014, you are now ready to put the distant past behind you and move on. Your horoscope is certainly encouraging this, and as one stubborn cloud on the horizon shifted a few weeks ago, you can now operate under a clear blue sky - and make a commitment. The new choice which matters more than any other, concerns your way with words, images and ideas. Normally this is not a particularly big deal, but the New Moon suggests you had better find out what is involved in greater detail before you say yes, no or even maybe. Communication can no longer be taken for granted when Saturn is in this area of your chart and it must be researched and worked upon.


This New Moon is a weighty affair for everybody, as it occurs alongside serious Saturn, the planet associated with reality checks and the unavoidable facts. For you, it has major financial implications, as you already guess - if this is not about your business or bank account, it is about your house, shares, charity, company or apartment. Even though it may feel as if you are being shoehorned into making one decision - compelled by fate, even - this is not the case. You have enough time and space to dig out a few more numbers or answers. You also need to go beyond the surface issues into deeper concerns, like your personal value system. What will you (or will you not) sell out for? Who or what do you consider to be priceless? These questions will be even heavier in 2016 which is why you must take your time now, and consult widely. Matters of image and personal reputation also come up this week. For the first time in two years, you are free to set the pace, explore the options and roam far more widely in your pursuit of what works for you. That iron bar from 2013 or 2014 has gone.


Even though your friend - and perhaps the group - appears to be hard work at the moment, you are paving the way to a better future. In the final quarter of next year, it is friendships and people power, within the circle, which will change your life. What you address (or whom you confront) this week is part of the process, so try to trust what is going on. The moment has also come to stare at the New Moon (a sliver in the sky) as it is in Sagittarius, your own sign. Quite clearly this means a fresh start with matters of image, reputation or personal appearance. Resist the temptation to plunge in, as there are factors you must consider about the next six months, which you may be totally unaware of. A little canny thinking may help you see that nothing is ever as straightforward as it might seem, when it comes to the way you look or appear to the world. This is a really crucial crossroads in your destiny so take your time and take good advice. It’s only your profile, or your look - but oh, it’s going to matter in 2016.


At last you have a chance to prove to yourself and others, that your 2013 or 2014 social life, is not going to be your 2016 social life. The situation now in front of you involves old or new friends, and perhaps a team, club, society or other formal group. This feels more like a multi-layered relationship than anything else and perhaps the time has come to wed yourself to someone (or something) that makes sense. You have learned so much over the last two years and now you can relax and handle things very differently. There is also a white-hot moment of truth about your job, university degree or unpaid work this week. An earth sign like yourself, ruled by methodical Saturn, is very unlikely to respond in the heat of the moment. You do, however, need this moment of truth as it will help you follow a pathway destined to lead you to tremendous success after September 2016. The week is ultimately dominated by Saturn, your ruler, and so you must continue to fix your gaze on what you are covering up from other people; what you are doing alone; what you are doing without any credit or recognition. Before you make your choices, remember they will dominate 2016 and as a result, you have to be meticulous about weighing them.


Venus and Juno are normally associated with relationships and marriages, so it’s peculiar to see them turning up in your career zone. This same zone, which rules ambition and achievement, is also associated with university life and unpaid work. Clearly, some kind of chemistry experiment is about to take place with a person who is different to you - yet regards both of you as equally important substances. Out of this experiment will come a decisive moment, as you commit yourself, by Christmas. What else matters now? Your friend. And the group around your friend. When the New Moon appears above the rooftops it will look very Christmassy indeed. You can almost imagine Father Christmas and his reindeer near the chimney stacks. In astrological terms, though, this is your signal to think long and hard about what is likely to happen - even what you never dreamed might happen - with particular friendships and circles of people. You have to be a realist, now. You may not want to be, but as the implications of the choices you make now extend into 2016, do be wise.


Before you march into new undertakings affecting your career path, unpaid work or university life, you may want to be faintly cynical about human nature and perhaps the nature of your chosen field, industry, business or profession. This is not the time of year to be so hard-nosed, perhaps, but your astrological chart suggests it is far better to look at all the outcomes, rather than just launch into a decision (at this New Moon) which you have not researched. At the very least ask more searching questions and find out where the land lies these days - you may not be sufficiently updated. Success, ambition, status and achievement are heavily loaded areas in 2016 and 2017 but some effort now will lighten your load later, and you will be glad you found out. Money, business and property are also emphasised now. Try to see past the personalities and the people politics (profound) to a bigger, better future in the final quarter of 2016 and 2017. It's the kind of week when it would be so easy to live in the moment. Try to resist that and instead peer far into the future when your prospects look amazing.