With autumn firmly under way, what does it mean for your star sign this week? Astrologer Jessica Adams has your predictions

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Meanwhile, here's your weekly horoscope, below.


Your former, current or potential partner is at the heart of one of the year’s most important discussions, paper trails or e-mail chains near Monday 10th October and wise advice is on hand if you need it. Near Tuesday 11th October it is time to accept a fantastic offer or irresistible solution which has not been possible in years. Aries, if you are more interested in the right, then your enemy, opponent or rival will benefit you in ways you could not have imagined, very close to Tuesday 11th October. The weekend is more difficult. What made perfect sense, earlier in the week (in matters of love, partnership or war) produces inner conflicts, or real-world polar opposites. How are you going to resolve this? Perhaps it is time to accept that you only get one option like this, once in a decade. Do you really want to throw yourself or others off the right path, because of concerns about title, image, name, reputation or appearances? Aries, you may prefer to avoid the Full Moon for matters of partnership or conflict, skipping Friday-Sunday for major action or discussion. Ceres in Aries, your own sign, suggests that your stake in your online profile is high but there are easier times than this Full Moon to wade in. Finally, the big hard-work area of your life (foreign people and places, publishing, the web, travel, your beliefs) is about to become more interesting, yet complicated. It needs focus.


Put your time, energy and emotional investment into your workload and your body. There is no better use of your week, than making your lifestyle, physical condition, physical state and daily tasks the priority. In fact, Taurus, what crosses your radar near Monday 10th and Tuesday 11th could turn things in your favour for some months to come. If you planted an acorn in September, this week could see it becoming the oak tree you wanted. What else is going on this week? A huge focus on the secret you cover up is one possibility. Another is a role you play behind the scenes with no recognition. None of this is news to you, but what you might want to do is steer clear of strong feelings, people politics or radical (even revolutionary) moves. Why? You will be pushing too hard, facing too much inner or real world conflict. There are easier times to tackle this. Take notes, though, because what you feel needs an outlet, later. Your money, house, business, charity, possessions or apartment also raises brand new questions, soon, about people rather than price tags.


There is a younger generation in your life, perhaps enamoured of Peter Rabbit or Harry Potter, or maybe older than that. When your ruler Mercury forms stunning patterns with Minerva (wisdom) and Jupiter (opportunity) as the week begins, it is time to commit to your own future, as you will be far happier if you accept a role as mentor, guide or leading light with these younger people. Pregnancy, step-parenting, godparent, aunt, uncle or grandparent roles are possible, or there may be special work or projects involving the young. These would involve common interests which bring the generations together. Sometimes, all you need is a lover who is open to you acquiring younger in-laws, stepchildren or perhaps a baby of your own. The astrological climate now is ideal for this. Gemini, your only real issue now is managing friendships, social media, your social life and particular group involvements, be they political parties, protest marches or swimming teams. You live in volatile times. Sidestep potential dramas before they happen and do not blow it on the Full Moon. Look up and you will see it, Friday through Sunday. Yes, new rules are required with these people. No, not now, Gemini. Have I left the most important notes until last? Perhaps. This is about your former, current or potential partner. Maybe your enemy, rival or opponent. The chemistry will shift shortly. The questions are new. Devote more time.


Ceres, Uranus and your ruler the Moon all appear at the top of your horoscope this week, which is where you try to get to the top, professionally, socially or academically. This is also where you try to hang onto the mountain peak as well, or at least the ledge you found last time. If you believe your job in life is full-time parent, then this week is about that, but for most Cancerians, the issue is career, plain and simple. Find another time to make dramatic moves or reach grand conclusions. Skip the Full Moon period too, Friday through Sunday. What works now? The house, land or apartment. Your heritage, kinsfolk, homeland, culture and sense of belonging. Your close relative or flatmate. Honestly, Cancer, you will be kicking yourself for a long time if you let particular choices pass you by, as what you hear, read or discuss in the first three days of this week is a game-changer. Even if the start of the process is difficult, stick with your vision and nurture this to completion. Diana, Cupido and Venus all enter Sagittarius soon, too. Work, full-time parenting, unpaid work or housework suggests a big atmospheric shift and women, not men, will be the movers.


Your version of the Queen’s Christmas Day speech is now in front of you. Of course, this may be your thesis or a particularly weighty trilogy. You have something to say, convey or write and now the perfect opportunity is here. Just be aware that your ruler the Sun is opposed by Uranus and then the Moon, over the weekend. Your flying start may be dogged by inner conflicts or real-world issues, yet you should not be put off. The end results will be wonderful. What needs care now? The bigger picture. Foreign people and places. Travel or emigration. Academia and education. Digital or traditional publishing. Your beliefs, which may include astrology. As soon as Ceres changes signs on Thursday you should slow down, cool down and pull right back from making your life more complicated. Yes, a change will need to be made, but this is not the time. Skip the Full Moon period, Friday through Sunday, if you can. New! Very shortly, Diana, Cupido and Venus all enter your house of babies, children, young adults and the lovers who can bring that generation closer to you. The atmosphere is about to change dramatically and it’s all about the complexities of relationships.


Take a deep breath, clear the decks and find the time, energy and space to devote yourself to your money, business, house, possessions, apartment, charity interests or company. The paperwork, news or conversation close to Monday 10th and Tuesday 11th October builds on what you sensed, back on the first day of the month. This is a major turning point for you, not possible in years. The end of the week is more challenging. Along with the prospect of a genuine solution or big opportunity, you must deal with objections, inner conflicts, or a situation which is divided into polar opposites, with very little room for compromise. You may want to avoid Thursday-Sunday for the biggest discussions or decisions, as there is unfinished business ahead. What should have been a completed carve-up, compromise or new deal never happened, yet now it must. The trick is timing. Skip the Full Moon for an easier life. Take notes, though – what you feel needs to be examined, then acted on, when the time is right. Ultimately, you are in a fantastic position and Jupiter’s famous glittering safety net is below. Diana, Cupido and Venus change signs soon, too, so your family, household, home town or homeland is all about the women. Read minds.


What remains unresolved with, or for, your partner will have to be tackled after Thursday, yet you may want to skip Friday-Sunday as the Full Moon will only increase the emotion. This also applies to a former or potential partner, too. And enemies, rivals or opponents? It goes without saying. Unfinished business from earlier this year has come back, and a new arrangement based on a fair share of the control, must emerge. As this fresh set-up between you two (or perhaps a third person) must be built to last, you may want to lay the first brick another time, as the end of the week is laden with inner conflict or irreconcilable differences. Libra, what works in the most stunning way now is your commitment to your own title, reputation, wardrobe, appearance, brand and image. Hatch your own egg. This is not self-interest, it is common sense and you will be thrilled at what you hear or read, as the week opens. You will notice all sorts of inner or real world obstacles as you set off on your relaunch, rebirth or renaissance. So what? Deep breath. Keep going. Diana, Cupido and Venus in your internet, multimedia, education and publishing zone soon, suggest women are about to pose big questions.


Focus on one part of yourself, or your life, which others might call unknown, deep, mysterious, hidden, out of sight, or completely off the radar. That is where the buried treasure is. Your fingertips will be on the lid after two stunning patterns begin the week on Monday and Tuesday. There is a great deal to be said for hiding behind the scenes, sometimes, and perhaps your situation makes that unavoidable, as someone is so very well-known or prominent. In other cases, you may want hibernation. Astral travel? Work with MI6? Therapy? See, nobody really knows what you’re up to now! Scorpio, give yourself plenty of time and space to deal with workload or body issues, Thursday-Sunday. This is not the time to try and change your world, or even the world. Your daily routine, lifestyle, physical state, regular tasks and work ethic are all on the line, for obvious reasons, yet there are much easier times to sort this out. That time will appear – all in good time. For now, just honour what you feel and leave it. Diana, Cupido and Venus all enter your money, property, charity and business zone soon. Suddenly it’s not just about the issue it’s about the people and – the women in the mix.


Ever since Uranus changed signs in 2011 you have almost come to expect the unexpected with babies, children or much younger people. This covers pregnancy, parenthood, stepchildren, godchildren, young relatives and any work (paid or unpaid) involving youth. Uranus describes a long, slow revolution with the known world in slow rotation, as everything shifts upside-down. There is more to deal with this week, which is why you may want to cut yourself and others a lot of slack, Thursday-Sunday. We also have a Full Moon in this same zone of your chart, so no matter if this is a lover who could bring children into your life, one way or another – or existing parenthood – you need to steer clear of major judgement calls or action plans. Why? It’s not going to make the ultimate compromise any easier, Sagittarius! Now – the good stuff. The easy stuff. The fun stuff. Did you know that the old friend or very good acquaintance who is so firmly locked into your social circle, social media or more formal group, is the best and luckiest connection in years? Say yes, yes, yes and thank you as the week begins. This is so much more than it first appears as you will see by 2017 when you will bless true friendship. It will begin with an obstacle course, but climb those rope ladders and get through those tyres.


Do not over-egg the pudding. Let sleeping dogs lie. Don’t add fuel to fire. All these clichés have survived for a reason – sometimes they are very good advice. You know very well that nothing was ever truly finished with that emotional question about a close relative, flatmate, house, apartment, block of land, home town question or homeland concern. Now, it’s back on your agenda in a big way, but Thursday-Sunday is best avoided for sweeping decisions or major moves, as the Full Moon is hardly likely to help you. Ultimately, you will come to a compromise which gives everyone a share of the control. That will be a lot easier if you leave the pudding without eggs! Capricorn, the really great thing about your chart now is the stunning opportunity for success or the amazing solution which will help your quest for genuine achievement. What you hear, read or discuss as the week begins has been a long time coming, but you deserve it. It will not be without adjustments or challenges, yet ultimately, it’s a CV game-changer. If you’re a social mountaineer, it’s a social pages pinnacle.


Sometimes life turns around so rapidly you have to catch your breath. You are now free to travel, or travel in the mind, on a scale you must have wished for, years ago. Now it is easy. Sign, book or reach agreement as the week begins, because what you assume is rather a nice journey, move, course, workshop, book, website or foreign involvement will be so much more. From one acorn, a big oak tree can grow. From a big oak tree, a whole forest can grow. What else is going on now? Volatile conditions surround you Thursday-Sunday but they are easily managed. That is what astrology is for! The internet, multimedia, publishing, education, language, telephones, computers, microphones, short-haul travel, commuting and all the basic business of being heard (or read) suggests far too much drama. How do you avoid it? You don’t go there in the first place. Especially as this is your ruler Uranus, clashing with the Sun. Diana, Cupido and Venus all enter your zone of friendships and groups soon, too. The climate is changing. Women pose interesting questions for you.


For an easy life, avoid the period from Thursday-Sunday for your major decisions and discussions involving the money, business interests, company, taxation, house, possessions, charity or apartment. Oppositions in astrology spell opposite sides, or opposing points of view – and this may even occur within your own heart. Try to do all you can much earlier in the week, when the astrological weather is superbly in your favour, Monday-Wednesday. There is wisdom on tap if you need good advice. There is a smart solution. There is a dazzling opportunity. The road you are on with a deadly serious agreement, or perhaps a sexually intimate one, is not only lucrative or budget-friendly, it will take you further than you dreamed, next year. If the road that stretches out ahead has a few potholes and barricades to begin with, take this in your stride, yet do yourself a favour and skip that Full Moon and Ceres ingress period, Thursday-Sunday, for the big stuff. You can also expect a change in the atmosphere with your career soon. Diana, Cupido and Venus suggest complicated relationships and interesting women in abundance.

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