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Sons, daughters, godchildren, nieces, nephews and stepchildren may be part of a brand new story for you this week. Paid or unpaid work with children can also become crucial on this new cycle. Lovers who could bring a younger generation into your life via friends or family might also push your buttons. It’s time to write a forever statement about this side of your life. In fact, the conversation or news which reaches you close to Thursday and Saturday could change things for some time to come. What is interesting about the weekend is that it puts words to feelings – and those feelings are tremendously powerful. What comes out of this is lasting and that’s why it requires tremendous care and thought.


Your town, country or region? Your house or apartment? Your family or household? Each Taurean defines ‘home’ in her own way. Her Majesty the Queen was born under your sign and for her it’s Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, Sandringham and the family firm. For you it’s an intensely personal business too, and as early as Tuesday, when Venus changes signs, you will become aware of complicated relationships with those who decide how good life feels with your place or your people. The weekend will bring news, discussion or paperwork that lets you see why other matters have to be put one side. Clearly you have a key choice ahead.


You are well-known for your way with words, ideas and images no matter if you are a multimedia queen or a born writer. This week will point you in a new direction with a special project, idea or piece of technology. A rather intriguing relationship will take precedence after Tuesday and you will need to find a way to stand back from the personality of the other person involved, and the emotions, to get the full measure of what is on your computer (or on your mind). Certainly the patterns in your horoscope on Saturday involving your ruler Mercury suggest a crucial conversation. It may be better conducted face-to-face than online or by text.


You must now turn your attention towards your money, house, business, charity, possessions, company or apartment. This will come down to personalities and chemistry as much as the actual numbers involved. Nevertheless, you need to see the facts and figures as they stand and make every attempt to balance the scales correctly, this weekend. Your ultimate decision will live for a very long time indeed so think about life beyond July 2016, as well as the immediate question that must be answered. Communication is a great gift at the moment and once you find a way to articulate everything, you will be on your way with calculations.


Venus, Psyche and Mercury all enter Leo this week. This is unusual and it makes your title, name, face, shape, style, role or reputation tremendously important in the grand scheme of things. Of course you have other priorities, but do all you can to welcome the necessary discussion or e-mail that puts you in the centre, by this weekend. It is a good time to take stock of how you wish to be seen and appear. It is not narcissism it is just common-sense. You are now etching something in stone, regarding yourself, and it will pay you to be absolutely clear on the message you are sending or the portrait that is being painted. Vanity and ego are not even issues – so stand back from “Me” to make choices about yourself that will stand you in good stead later.


It’s not often that we see your ruling planet Mercury joined by Venus and Psyche – all in the same area of your horoscope. This unusual activity in your astrological chart tells you it’s time to duck out of sight, spend more time alone, cover things up or operate behind the scenes. This is one of the very best things you could do right now, even though other aspects of your diary require you to be out there and upfront. Sometimes life has an odd way of making you retreat for a little while, even if you don’t want to do that – consciously or unconsciously, though, you will be steering yourself in the direction of a room with a closed door. Some things just can’t be shared or revealed.


It’s all about old and new friends at the moment and particularly your most important group loyalties. It’s time to look at the nature of the relationships within that circle, team, party, club, society or social media network. If you are single or one of your friends is – then there may well be a serious flirtation, affair or new relationship at any point after Tuesday. The nature of your friendships and group involvements is up for explanation or a serious Q&A session near the weekend as things must be understood, not only intellectually, but also emotionally. From this comes your own judgement call and it will be written for some time to come.


This is one of the most important weeks of the year for your ambitions, achievements, career path – and definition of success. The combination of Venus, Psyche and Mercury at the very top of your horoscope is unusual and something about the outcome will last for years – even forever. You do need to look at the immortal aspects of what you are achieving or accepting. At the same time, one particular association, understanding or bond will demand a tremendous amount of time and energy. There are so many layers to this connection you two share that it will take time to look at them all. Fortunately you know what to say, when to say it – or how to ask it – this weekend. If you don’t work this applies to your full-time parenting role or your unpaid position.


You are the explorer of the zodiac who is a student of life, a mentor or guide for others, a traveller, reader, internet expert or writer. Naturally your head is always turned when there is another trip on the way, or contact with someone from a different district, region or country. Sometimes it’s enough to just focus hard on a particular course, website or book, which for you is virtual travel anyway – and if this sounds like you, then you will have a huge amount of time taken up by this new pathway. What is discussed or discovered as the week closes is very important. You have some choices to make about when, where, how and with whom – and all of this helps you explore the world differently.


This is a crucial week for deciding long-term outcomes where your money, house, business, possessions, charity or apartment is concerned. It will come down to the interplay of personalities in the end, but you will have the facts and figures filed neatly in front of you by the weekend. Do not underestimate how long the impact will last – for example, if your quest this week involves a particular house or garden, it may be there forever. Maybe it is your charity work that is about to be written in stone, or a precious possession which will be handed down. In all cases, you have much to discuss. Try to balance the scales with the other person involved.


It’s all about your former, current or potential partner at the moment. Or are you more concerned with a rival, enemy or opponent? One person is certainly pushing your buttons after Tuesday when Venus changes signs. It is tremendously important that you figure out what you need to say or write and then get your message across, just as you wish. This becomes more of an issue near the weekend. Your horoscope suggests that you are writing an everlasting statement about the nature of your relationship or marriage, at the moment. Alternatively some wars linger on – like the War of the Roses, for example. History has many records of such battles. Be it love or war, this is a forever moment. Take your time.


The way you work, live and look after your body (or not) is now a prime source of questions. Perhaps you have your own enquiries to put to an employer, doctor, colleague, healer, gym, client and so on. Maybe your issue is food, drugs or drink. Occasionally this cycle is just about housework, paid work, unpaid work and its interplay with your general health and wellbeing. The way your horoscope is aligned at the moment suggests that this is a moment whose time has come. It was never right to ask before – but now it is. It was never the moment to make a statement before – yet now all things are possible. More than anything else you need to get to the bottom of the details of your everyday existence.

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