Our hugely popular astrologer Jessica Adams reveals what the stars have in store this week

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Meanwhile, here's your weekly horoscope, below.


Dealing with the new realities which surround travel, foreign people and places, the web, education, publishing and even (perhaps especially) your beliefs, is down to patience. Knowing that this phase of your life has an end point helps, even though it may seem as if some issues will never shift. What happens this week is important, because you need to stand well back from new influences, new people (or returning faces) and new priorities. What you create in your life will either burden you further, or help you understand the current situation more. A great deal depends on how much wisdom and experience you can bring to the big question, and if you can’t do that, then lean hard on those who have been in a similar set-up before you. Diana, Cupido, Venus, Panacea and Saturn are all in this zone of your chart. It’s complicated. It’s contradictory. It needs time.


You need to do some more homework where the money, land, house, apartment, business, possessions or charity is concerned. A rapid change in the atmosphere, suggested last week, is now a reality. You must also deal with the situations, organisations or people you cannot change. This does improve in time. Next year will be a great deal easier than this year. For the moment, though, some research and deeper thought is required. Given that the repercussions of what you do and say now, could be with you as late as Christmas 2017 (when this Saturn cycle ends) how do you intend to think about the long-term? It may appear that this is just a matter for October or November but your horoscope suggests, if you take the wrong path, it could be a hard one to climb, for months.


The other person on the opposite side of the scales from you, requires as much time, energy and thought as possible. It may be marriage or war. It may be a working partnership or love. Figuring out how to balance the scales, or even replace the old model, with a new model, is worth all the attention you can devote. It may help to talk to people who have experience in a similar situation. Some fundamental realities are not going to go away quickly or easily, and you know that. Separating all the different questions may be helpful. Look at fear of the future and the impact that has on the human soul. Consider how important freedom, independence and lack of commitment is to some people – especially women. Think about short-term desire and how powerful it is, yet how temporary. Most importantly, perhaps, consider the ethical or moral grey areas of some solutions. There is an obvious answer for your questions about former, current or potential partners staring you in the face. This applies to enemies or rivals, too. Only you can make that judgement call, Gemini.


If ever there was a week to proceed slowly and carefully, it is this one. You are shaping your own future in terms of your daily workload, lifestyle, unpaid work or housework. You are also crafting 2017, in terms of your physical state and physical condition, and the impact your body has on the rest of your life. In astrology you cannot separate one (work) from the other (drugs, food, doctors, drink, fitness, healers and so on). You are now living with a fact of life. It happens to others all the time, or they experience a variation of what you must now deal with. For that reason, it may help to seek out first-hand accounts from people who have walked a mile in your shoes, or something like it. What is new now? The emphasis on the people, rather than the broad issues. This whole situation is coming down to personalities and how to read particular hearts and minds. This will help you. Most of all, though, turn to the voice of experience, or perhaps expertise.


It may be the fact that your godchild’s parents are close to separation. It may be your daughter’s school. It may be your son’s problems with his friends. Perhaps your lover has a hard-work relationship with his own godson – from your point of view. Leo, the area of your horoscope where you should find it so easy to lead, mentor and guide a much younger generation is very hard work. Perhaps it is fertility, unplanned pregnancy, adoption or step-parenting which is your concern. In all cases, no matter if this is about courtship, the royal bedchamber or the junior heirs to your ‘throne’ of influence, you have a lot of choices to make very quickly. Freedom will be an issue. So will powerful emotion. So will the rights and wrongs of what is obviously a strong solution, cure or answer! Your projects, plans, concepts and ideas are calling you with a loud-hailer but to avoid obvious pitfalls and make sturdy plans for 2017, you do need to devote a lot more time and thought to the best way to proceed. Expertise and the voice of experience could be invaluable. Some things you can’t avoid about this situation, yet some you can. It’s time to be cautious.


It is unusual to see Saturn joined by Diana, Cupido,Venus and Panacea. All this takes place in your property, family, household, home town and homeland zone. You already know what you simply cannot change about a close relative, flatmate, home, local area or particular national issue. It is not going to vanish overnight and you are already aware of the need to accept a particular load. Virgo, this cycle does have an end point, but this week in particular reminds you to take it easy and take it slowly. You will need more energy to deal with new factors, new people or the fresh importance of those who were already in the story. Trying to see life (and particularly close relationships) through the eyes of people (especially women) who are very different to you, is half the battle. Some people really are defined by their personal lives and understanding that might help you figure out the bigger question. If it’s really serious? Seek expert opinion, especially about property.


You might have assumed that writing, public speaking, the worldwide web, social media or even fundamental communication (hearing, being heard, reading, being read) were straightforward. Not so on this cycle! Saturn brings some pretty tough learning experiences and it is the reality of life, as it stands in 2016, not the good old days, that you must live with. Astrology can help by giving you useful questions to answer, and there is certainly a powerful solution, remedy or cure waiting. Your dilemma is moral or ethical. If something works then is it automatically right, or are there mitigating factors you need to think about? Beyond the actual project, course, concept, class, book, website and so on – you need to look at the people. There are some strong female personalities here so you need to figure out how they operate and how you can deal with it. Libra, do not lumber yourself with something if you know full well it would loom into late 2017.


The time has come to put a price tag, or dollar/pound/euro value, on your peace of mind. You are not going to make the central issue about your finances, business interests, property, possessions or rent go away – but it does become easier over time. In fact, the burden will lift considerably next year. In the meantime you are dealing with some brand new situations and your priorities will shift. It may also help to fathom the price that other people set on the things that money cannot buy. Your situation goes way beyond the actual monetary value of what is at stake, into questions about the people involved, their personalities and particularly their personal lives. Make your choices thoughtfully and slowly (even more than usual) as you are dealing with a Saturn cycle here and everything has to be accounted for, literally, over the next 15 months.


We live in an age of ‘Me, me, me’ thanks to Social Me-me-me-media. Does that mean it’s going too far to spend even more time on yourself? Not at the moment. In fact, just being in your own skin, with your particular name, reputation, profile, brand, shape, wardrobe or body seems to be an ask. Saturn always brings slow, serious, rather stuck cycles when nothing can be resolved quickly or easily. All the more reason, then, to give yourself plenty of breathing space this week, as there are some new questions about the way you look and appear to the world, which need more thought. There is a background issue which will not go away and it has been lurking there for months. In October, though, your horoscope suggests you would gain by examining each of the new challenges and questions for yourself in turn.


Just because you cannot reveal or show too much, does not mean you are not feeling things deeply, down below. You have been put in a situation where you must operate at a distance, unseen, uncredited and unacknowledged. Alternatively, you have put yourself in a situation where covering up a secret has become a temporary way of life, but also a burden. This week turns your attention to either subject. Some Capricorns are on a more private path, pursuing the psychological, psychiatric or psychic world. This may also take you on a more serious and demanding journey at the moment. In all cases, to be born under the sign of the goat at the moment, means remembering your ruler Saturn is about slow, steady efforts and the Getting of Wisdom, over the passage of time. This does become easier, next year. For the moment you have choices to make. What you decide will influence 2017, as Saturn will not leave this chart zone until later next year.


The arrival of Diana, Cupido and Venus in your house of friendship and groups (from purely social circles, to more formal organisations) is worth noting. This is an unusual pattern in an unusual year, full of changes and challenges. You appear to be stuck with a situation which is going nowhere fast, yet even with this rather demanding Saturn cycle, you can still gain a fresh point of view, as the faces change, or some faces come back into the mix. Understanding the way women deal with their relationships will help you. Some want freedom. Some want complication. It is also time to look at what appears to be a genuine solution, fix, repair or remedy. It will involve an old friend, or a less intimate friend who is an important player within your group. Not every solution is straightforward and this one will require a bit of extra thought. Do not enter into any binding agreements or commitments with your friend, or the club/band/team/political party/society in question unless you know exactly what will be involved next year and what it’s worth to you.


Success without people politics. Now, there’s a fantasy. This week is all about using your well-known ability to cross over into other people’s psychic, spiritual or psychological space, to read the situation correctly. For some months you have been living with the unavoidable facts. Your chosen field, skill set, career, business, industry or unpaid role has made 2015 all about reality checks. This is hard for you, Pisces, as you are essentially about escaping from the real world into other, different, spaces, places and times. Some of these exist purely in your imagination! What is now required, this week, is a willingness to understand where people surrounding the situation (particularly women) are coming from. What motivates your boss, lecturer, employee, colleague, classmate and so on? You may need to rethink the old approach, after this week. This cycle can and does end, and the questions about status, success, ambition, mission and position will fade in time. For now, though, you need a plan, and that requires a bit of thought.

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