Astrologer Jessica Adams predicts your stars this week

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You are now at the final stages of figuring out the money, house, apartment, business, charity or possessions and by August 2nd this long-running situation is over. Amazing solutions not possible in years for your lifestyle, body and daily workload will appear very close to Tuesday. That day also challenges you to figure out the best way to move forward with your bigger ambitions and career – what you decide then will be tested close to Christmas. From Friday your priorities change to the world of children, or lovers who can bring a younger generation into your life. Sunday reminds you to end the week as you began it, trying to seek closure on a never-ending matter involving the cash, property, company, good cause or precious items.


You will find out where you stand, once and for all, with your partner over the next two weeks. This also applies to your former or potential partner. If you are more concerned with an enemy, rival or opponent then this person will be at the heart of long overdue decisions, no later than August 2nd. After this you can close the book on the last 2-3 years and move forward. The Full Moon near Tuesday reminds you to set up a situation with your internet, multimedia, telephone, publishing or other communication priorities that can stand some serious testing near Christmas. After Friday you will also be shown the big priority with your house, flat, family, town, country or household, as light is shed on what matters most and you see your situation through the eyes of others.


It’s all about the Full Moon near Tuesday and your money, house, apartment, business, charity or possessions. Look at the natural luck, solutions, advantages or remedies now facing you with a family member, household member, your town, country or property interests. Only once every few years do you have this kind of wise answer and you will see everything work out in the end, for everybody concerned. The Sun changes signs on Friday reminding you that your mission is to use your way with words, ideas or images. July is about tailoring the project, plan or idea to suit yourself and to justify the amount of energy and time you have already poured in.


You were put through the wringer with the world of children, teenagers or serious lovers in 2013, 2014 and this year has been the hangover period. Nothing has been resolved quickly or easily but at last you are in a position to find some closure. The issue may have been a godchild, son, daughter, young relative, stepchild (or a lover pulling you in a particular direction). Now, you are seeing how much freedom and independence matter. This has been a long time coming and no later than August 2nd you can gain total closure on what/who was never resolved before and walk away. It’s time to move on from this cycle, which can only happen every 29 years.


You have been unable to sort things out with your house, apartment, town, country, family and/or household for months. Tough decisions you were forced to make back in 2013, 2014 have created a domino effect in 2016 and it must have seemed as if the dominoes were moving in slow motion, backwards. Now, you are free to choose a more independent way of operating and from August 2nd you can close the book on one or two episodes that have taken far too long to resolve. Near Tuesday there is also a dazzling solution and tremendous hope surrounding your money, business, possessions, lifestyle or security.


Your way with words, ideas or images has taken you on a long and winding road since 2013 with some really difficult and demanding situations you will never forget. It may have been the internet, multimedia, languages, the internet (very likely) or other communication concerns, but nothing has been neatly or easily resolved. Now, at last, you are on your way and within two weeks you can wave goodbye to this long and protracted phase. The Full Moon near Tuesday also asks you to deal with who and what cannot be changed in terms of the group, and your friends. Park this in a good place and check the ultlimate outcome near Christmas.


The Full Moon near Tuesday falls partly in your zone of career, position, mission and ambition – and also in your zone of property, place, family and home. You are now eight years into a cycle when Pluto in Capricorn has shown you why your house, apartment, home town or homeland can either spell tremendous power and control, or show you why you don’t have as much power as you think. Let the Full Moon pass and digest what you have learned. It is also time to welcome the end of a long-running cycle affecting everything you own, earn or owe as from August 2nd you can wave goodbye to an issue which has taken months to gain closure with.


Friends and groups are still your key to everything and there is a way out one issue and very possibly a golden finish, within two months. What happens near Tuesday should leave you feeling justifiably optimistic about the future. A win-win is more than likely and there will be a wholeness and sense of completion about what comes to pass by September. The Full Moon is a different matter, as there are some realities about multimedia, the internet, broadband, the telephone, writing and basic communication which can’t be glossed over. You may have to deal with what is there and let time pass. Then you can move on, having learned a basic truth.


The Full Moon near Tuesday is about your money, house, business, possessions, charity or apartment. You may prefer to leave well enough alone on Monday to Wednesday as you have enough to sort out, without adding new and dramatic decisions. You are learning so much about how some people or organisations translate power into cash questions, or perhaps wider issues about ownership, possession and the rest. Wonderful possibilities in your career, unpaid work, degree or full-time parenting role will appear this week, as an unusual alignment between Jupiter and Ops, two symbols of optimism, give you hope for a satisfying outcome.


Allow Monday-Wednesday to pass without adding anything new to your agenda with a former, current or potential partner. This also applies to opponents, rivals or enemies. You already have enough to cope with, emotionally – or for intensely practical reasons. You will be pleased to know you can wash your hands of a never-ending matter concerning your friend, and perhaps a group, club, team, committee or other network. It has dragged on for so long that it may be a revelation to know that within two weeks you can draw a line under this year, and perhaps the events of the last two years.


The Sun enters your opposite sign of Leo on Friday and it is time to focus your attention squarely on your former, current or potential partner. This also applies to your enemy, opponent or rival. You are in the most important cycle of the year for judgement calls, as you will see by August. What you decide to do about, with or through this crucial person will influence you in February 2017 as well. The other key issue this week is the prospect of some kind of resolution about a career, university, unpaid work or full-time parenting matter. You may have thought this was over and done with last year, but in fact it has dragged on for months. Now, at least, the end is in sight, Aquarius.


Make sure you allow plenty of time and space to absorb what you are being shown about the world of children, or a lover, near Tuesday’s Full Moon. Godchildren, paid or unpaid work with younger people, sons, daughters, young relatives or the basic business of pregnancy may be your concern. Alternatively it is a partner who could bring a younger generation closer one day. Once you have resolved things as best you can, you can leave the matter until Christmas. Your former, current or potential partner is at the heart of stunning solutions which will take time and effort – yet you have every right to be hopeful. This also applies to anyone you’re battling with.

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