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By Christmas 2017, one year from now, you can walk away from issues affecting your travel, foreign, internet, publishing or educational agenda. Right now, you must deal with a matter for which there is no instant remedy or easy answer. In fact, you are about to hit grey areas rather than clear black or white solutions. It is understanding what lurks in those grey areas which will help you the most, as you are in a good position to ask questions and keep on asking them, until you have an answer that satisfies you. Next week you will make a brand new beginning and the more you know, the better. Just the facts.


This is a major commitment in terms of your money, house, apartment, business, taxation, company, charity or possessions. It is also a question about your values. What you will or will not sell your soul for. Who or what you consider to be priceless. There are some things money cannot buy, like independence and integrity. Then again, you must sit down and figure out the sums on your calculator or with your accountant. The fresh start you make next week is not easy but it has to happen. Make it the best one possible by consulting far and wide and remembering this too shall pass.


Your ruling planet Mercury is all about questions and answers. He is also about the right words to express the right emotions. Given the serious situation with your former, current or potential partner, you must take the time to find the words. This also applies to anyone who is obviously against you. It is quite true that denial is not an option. Ducking and diving is just not possible. However, it should comfort you to know that by Christmas 2017 you can draw a line under this and move on. You are also more than halfway through the toughest cycle in 29 years. Keep going. When you find out what you need to know the decision is clear and then you can live with it.


There are ways to manage with the new realities you are facing, regarding your body and your working life. You are now over the halfway mark of the most challenging cycle in 29 years and 2017 will be far easier than November and December 2016. This is no cakewalk. It is, however, something you can work your way through, patiently and steadily, using the best possible advice and opinion to guide you. Your ruler the Moon is involved in the New Moon on 29th November and this is the turning point. The new beginning. As we are talking about the tiny details of your daily life here it will help to look at the 24 hours you have each day and how you use each division of 8 hours. You are not alone and others have walked this path before you, no matter if your concern is your job, university degree, unpaid work or a more serious issue about your physical condition. Keep asking questions and finding solutions.


Courtship, babies, youth projects, godchildren, offspring, nieces, nephews and young adults are the story now. The personal angle will be decided by your personal birth chart. Mercury’s conjunction with Saturn on 23rd November is no-nonsense and although an answer is there a few days later, only you can decide if it’s right or wrong. Next week you will make the mother of all new beginnings and perhaps, take on a serious commitment. For now, though, it is enough to do your homework and ask those who have been here before. This is a heavy bridge to cross but there is no short cut so you should cross it with full preparation.


On 23rd November your ruler Mercury, the planet of the mind, makes a pattern with serious, slow Saturn not seen in 29 years. This exact pattern is unusual, because the choice about your house, flat, town, country, family or homeland is unusual. It will reshape your future and you must continue to keep doing your research and asking hard questions. It would be lovely if you had a luxurious range of choices and all the time in the world to make them, but the fact is, that New Moon on 29th November is fast approaching and you must figure out the next 12 months. You are more than halfway through this cycle and once you have made your choice it all becomes easier.


Communication is often taken for granted, no matter if you are dealing with e-mail or social media, or something larger. Even the most fundamental aspects of being heard and read (the lines which are open, or sometimes crossed, with others) are part of this. Right now you have major choices waiting, so that you can deal with what cannot be easily avoided or minimised in your life. It may be the issues you are having with your English Professor. It may be the internet itself, or a looming deadline. Hard work does pay off it you know the goal is worth it and you are following the best advice. In fact, 2018 could reward you so much because of what you deal with now. Don’t duck or dive around this. The choice must be made. Yet – you are in a good position to sound out people who know best.


The birth of a new approach to your money, shares, house, apartment, possessions, taxation, business or charity is days away now. Like all successful births this one depends on plenty of knowledge, a shrewd appreciation of the realities and most of all, very good advice. If you have not already turned to tried, tested and trusted sources then now is the time. What comes out of the paperwork or discussion next week could make 2017 a great deal more comfortable. It could also make you richer in 2018.


It is only your packaging and not your inner self, yet the wrapping around you as Christmas approaches is a serious matter. Your internet profile, real world presentation, reputation or photographs really do spin big wheels now. This goes beyond mere superficial details into major issues which really affect the other areas of your life, from your career, to friendship to your relationships. Nobody really likes devoting too much time and energy to this stuff but in your case, it is time well spent. You will see why when you make a fresh start next week. Research is everything.


You really are the person in charge of your own soul at the moment and what you decide to do next week, is down to you and nobody else. That does not mean you cut yourself off from other people and their life history and experiences. Although it must seem as if your situation is unique, it is not. Others have been through similar scenarios which weighed on them just as heavily. You may already know one famous example. If not it is time to find out more. You are already over the halfway mark of this particular cycle when your ruler Saturn is testing you so much. From Christmas 2017 you no longer care. For now, though, you must make the right choice about how things are to proceed over the next few months and that is best decided, after much soul-searching.


Aquarians know that friends matter quite as much as family, husbands or wives – and sometimes more. They also know that belonging to a group, band, club, team or similar is a commitment like no other. You are now at a crossroads where you must make a thoughtful choice about what you will carry – and what you will not. We might also add, who you will carry – and who you will not! It is possible that you are about to make a commitment, not to have any further commitment at all. If you are going to wed yourself to a particular person, group or situation, though, take your time and take the best advice you can find. In either case a new beginning is coming next week.


You have reached a point in your year when you define success for yourself. Other people have fixed ideas, no matter if it’s an Oscar for Best Actor or a big spike on the graph for a business. You are now in a position you have not been in for 29 years where you must figure out what achievement actually is. Perhaps it’s just doing the right thing. Maybe it’s just getting through this time of year. There is obviously a key conversation or paper trail (or e-mail chain) happening around you, yet it might not be until you look up and see the New Moon on 29th November that you figure out 2017. That’s fine. Take a deep breath and listen to your intuition. All Pisceans have it.

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