As October draws to a close, what do your stars have in store? Astrologer Jessica Adams has your predictions

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The paperwork or discussion will be in front of you on Monday, Thursday or Friday, with a new beginning for your finances, house, business, apartment, company or possessions on Sunday, or next Monday. This is a clean, simple new chapter with very little to complicate your life. You are with a person, organisation or situation here which produces solutions like rabbits out of a hat, so if you are in the mood to pursue what makes perfect, practical sense – this is the moment. For a high percentage of Aries people born in the 1960s, this week finds them embarking on a financial great escape – a holiday from reality, via a particular company, house, business or apartment.


You are in a fantastic position to make a fresh start with your partner this week. This also applies to your former or potential partner. Asking the right questions is half the battle, and you are well placed to do this on Monday, Thursday, Friday when one particular e-mail, letter or piece of news will need further investigation. If your enemy, rival or opponent matters more to you than a lover or work partner, this week is battle stations. Negotiating a fair outcome, if the scales need to be balanced, is a wise use of this cycle. The powerful little asteroid Ops, the mother of Jupiter, the planet of opportunity, is circling your horoscope now. There is a solution for every issue, and this will have a fantastic impact on your marriage, relationship, professional partnership, dating situation or biggest battle.


The focus is squarely on your working day, lifestyle, body, physical condition, regular chores, work ethic, duties, service to other people (and even animals) and so on. It’s about how you divide up 24 hours a day into three slabs of 8 hours and make it work. Your ruler Mercury changes signs on Monday so you are about to hear or read some crucial news regarding this, with the most fantastic insights possible. You are also being shown practical solutions to issues, as the person, organisation or trend which is picking you up (and transporting you somewhere new) is right for these times. The New Moon on Sunday is worth a proper wish. Set goals. It describes a brand new start with your work, university degree, unpaid work or housework. It also shows how the body can renew itself, no matter what.


If you have personal birth chart factors in Leo then this week is particularly important for you as you are the natural-born ‘Queen’ or ‘King’ of an entire court of children, rather like J.K.Rowling or C.S. Lewis. This week is probably about your own godchild, niece, nephew, son, daughter or grandchild. In other cases it will be about a lover who might bring junior in-laws into your life one day, or an ambitious commitment to youth as a whole. The news is good. You will hear what you need to hear. Read what you need to read. Find out what you need to know. Your ruler the Moon is involved in a stunning, clear, bright New Moon on Sunday which you will see over the rooftops. Use that as a reminder to make this a new era, in your relationship with a younger generation born 20+ years after you. A significant number of Cancerian people will become pregnant, adopt, become step-parents, foster or see a green light on a youth project very close to that New Moon.


Do you want to buy land, overhaul the garden, attend to overdue home repairs, make solid family plans, buy or sell property, renovate, redecorate or reshuffle the flatmates? Are you concerned about your home town or homeland and want to make plans there? This dazzling New Moon on Sunday could make it a reality. Your ruler the Sun joins the Moon, at the end of a week in which you will have all the facts at your fingertips. In fact, Leo, what you read, hear or discuss when your ruler the Sun joins Mercury on Thursday could fill in every gap in 2016. They say astrology is about timing. Now, you can see why you were made to wait for particular events to become realities. If there is any past pain over unresolved issues with your house, family, apartment, tenants, home town, homeland and so on from 2012-2015 now is the time to lay the ghosts of the past to rest. Why? Knowledge.


Your ruling planet Mercury changes signs on Monday and by Sunday your new project, telephone, computer, website, blog, social media commitment, multimedia project, course or thesis is on the way. There are some Virgo people who don’t live to connect and communicate, but I am yet to meet one. Dazzling insights and clear answers will come near Thursday’s Sun-Mercury conjunction and the powerful little asteroid Ops will reveal practical, determined, successful answers to even intractable problems. It may be the technology, the collaborators, the internet itself – yet you are in a fantastic position to get what you want, or at least a sound version of it. Make a wish on the New Moon on Sunday. This zone of your chart also rules short trips, usually domestic flights or Jack Kerouac getaways, On The Road. You may also be packing your bags.


I am sure you would rather forget the financial, business or property episodes of 2012-2015 when everything was stuck, slow or far too serious. Genuine recovery can be hard to find on a cycle like that, yet this week will enable you to wave a cheerful hand at the past and truly feel that you are now (almost) in 2017. New Moon, new era. The numbers will be on your computer screen, in the post or under discussion near the dazzling Sun-Mercury conjunction on Thursday. What makes the difference now is the sense of optimism, trust, belief and certainty. Some people or organisations do actually have the answers, and it is time to see what can be done. The New Moon is an ancient symbol of the coming together of the Sun and Moon. They knew it at Avebury and Stonehenge. In your own life, it is the coming together of budget details, business questions and so on, that will help you feel as if you can put your best foot forward.


Relaunch, rebirth, renaissance, renewal. Why the ‘re’ for you this week, Scorpio? Because you had to go through Saturn in Scorpio, in your own sign, for such an interminably long time, from 2012 to 2015. This affected your reputation, personal appearance, image, brand, name, wardrobe and anything else that beamed your phizzog across the internet. This week sees an embarrassment of riches in Scorpio, your own sign, as you find yourself spoilt for choice with image options. A new role or title is not impossible. Perhaps you just want laser surgery on your lines. All that ‘New Year, New You’ stuff that gets pushed at you on January 1st is actually wrong, in terms of your astrological timing. The whole relaunch should begin now, and all you have to do is snap up the solutions. For every issue there is an answer. No time like the present.


The time has come to turn to the secret you cover up from other people. The role you play behind the scenes. The inner mysterious only you understand. Mercury changes signs on Monday, educating you and updating you. Informing you – and also inspiring some thoughtful questions. He conjuncts the Sun on Thursday, so a spotlight will turn on all that lies beneath the surface, rather like a searchlight scanning the ocean and picking out the fish. Having this kind of access to clarity, truth and proper insight is priceless. You need it, when you are hiding things from other people, or letting others be the name or face of a project. You need it, too if you are dwelling on matters psychic or psychological. The New Moon on Sunday is a new beginning. Plain and simple. I am sure you know what it will be, even as you read this prediction for the week ahead.


You may have personal birth chart factors in Aquarius, the sign of friendship and group involvement, in which case this week is twice as important for you. No matter what your chart looks like, you will make a new friend or join a new group by Sunday, or relaunch an old alliance, or reboot a society, team or club you have been with for years. Why does this matter? Because it changes 2017. In fact, what you set in motion this week will be with you for months, so ask every question that occurs. There is a smart solution to a looming question, if you want to take it. There is also the potential for a genuinely new beginning. The group may be a circle of friends, social media tribe or perhaps something more formal, like an ensemble cast or metal band. What matters is the sense of community as there are no issues here about gender, age, class, nationality, race (or there shouldn’t be). People power works. It’s here. Friendship, too has its own glittering potential, and this week you will find it matters quite as much as marriage or parent-child relationships.


It is time to set everything aside and focus on your mission, ambition and position. You may be a social climber who wants only the shiniest trophy marriage or the biggest paparazzi coverage at the best party. This seems unlikely, though, if you are true to your sign. You are more far more likely to be committed to a career, full-time parenthood, unpaid (but crucial) work on behalf others, or an impressive university degree. As you went through an unbearable time for a large chunk of 2012-2015 you are now entitled to wrap up the past any way you want. That was then, this is now. A new job, project, reshuffle in your workplace, reshuffle in your chosen field, or similar – is likely. Looking around your chart at the moment we also see Jupiter, the planet of opportunity, showing you what might be done in other regions or countries, or by studying/teaching. There is potential here, too, on the web, in the publishing world or through your personal beliefs, like astrology. What can you concoct by Sunday?


You are in a classic cycle for ambitious travel across your country, or around the world. This is also the week when we might find you moving or emigrating. Beyond this, travel in the mind can be the outlet you crave, so this might be the time to commit to a new course or degree. Maybe you just want to teach other people, in a more interesting way. Publishing on a digital or traditional level? Sure! Why not take it further than you ever did before? The Ninth House of your chart is also associated with your personal beliefs and philosophies, no matter if you worship science or astrology. What happens near Thursday 27th October is a wake-up call, a revelation and also good motivation for your next step. On Sunday 30th October, just before Halloween, you have a solid chance for a fresh start. You have well and truly paid your dues and done your karma with one issue. Now is the time to put it behind you and start a new era.

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