As 2016 draws to a close, astrologer Jessica Adams has the predictions for your star sign

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Your career, degree, unpaid work or full-time parenting job will require more time and energy in the final week of December, for all the right reasons. Something very special is unfolding as you have so many heavenly bodies in the success, ambition and achievement zone of your chart. Yes, you are dealing with delays, changes and rescheduling right up until early February, but this game of musical chairs will still result in you having more power, if you are prepared to put up with a stuck needle and changing sound track. It’s been a long time coming.


You are the traveller and explorer of the zodiac at the moment and will be swept away by the journey (or internet adventures) in the second half of the week, with more to come by early February. Just remember to allow for rescheduling, changes or delays, Taurus. There is so much to learn about this special place on the map, no matter if you are packing your bags or just connecting with the locals on Skype. You also have some key decisions to make about timing, though, as Mercury Retrograde guarantees extreme weather will affect your plans, or there may be chaos elsewhere which will result in retractions, or that ‘dress rehearsal’ feeling which comes with this cycle.


As you have just seen, December is the most important month of the year, for deciding how to proceed with your former, current or potential partner. If an enemy, rival or opponent matters more to you, then it is the conflict which has taken up your time. Now, the the pros and cons of a final choice must be left behind in the old year. You need all the information your heart can absorb, so if there are any mysteries, do your best to find out what this man (or woman) is feeling. The results will change so much. You also need to know the worst is absolutely over.


The final half of December and first half of January finds several heavenly bodies in your zone of marriage, serious relationships, professional partnerships and one-on-one conflicts. They all involve two people on opposite sides of an emotional or psychological see-saw. Balance your end, by making sure that you allow for Mercury Retrograde, which means the conversation stops and starts, or there is a ‘first take’ feeling before the final edit in February. This may be love or war, but the feedback you receive from outsiders from this point forward helps you make a smart decision in time for early February when what lasts, lasts.


With so many patterns involving Saturn now, it’s no surprise that this month has been all about courtship, babies, children, teenagers, Millennials or the relationships which might bring them into your world. January, just around the corner, is all about your lifestyle, when you realise that the way you work and look after your body, depends on having your facts right. Probe deeply, then. There may be changes in daily routine, reshuffles around your working or university life and other imponderables so keep your diary flexible. You may want to adopt a wait-and-see policy with matters of lifestyle or workload as anything from extreme weather to internet issues could hold you up in January or change the agenda.


Why has it taken you so long to be rewarded for your faith in the house, flat, family, home town, household or homeland? The timing had to be right for others as well as yourself, is all. You have been put through the toughest cycle in 29 years in 2016 but now a new year is here and you will see how right you were to adopt the strategy you chose. You are also in the Mercury Retrograde cycle though, so if purchasing computers or phones, please read the terms and conditions carefully. You are ruled by Mercury! Any new project on the internet, or elsewhere, involving communication at a high level needs Plan B.


In 2016 you were shown an obvious opportunity to use your voice, across all mediums, and see enormous benefits. It may have been online or elsewhere, but it then took a very long time to show any progress. Saturn is the ruler of slow, stuck and serious situations, thus your experiences in recent weeks. The choice you had to make will resolve a great deal and by July you will be very pleased you persisted with this special plan or hard-won skill. One more thing. The planet Mercury is out of sorts so read the fine print and have a backup plan for any matter that really matters to you. Anything from extreme weather to chaos elsewhere could hold you up. This is particularly important if everything hinges on a printer, the internet or the media.


The deadline for financial, property, charity or business decisions has passed and you can congratulate yourself for persisting with your plans. Saturn is the TINA planet – There Is No Alternative – but you have had your discussion with Tina and now you can move on to 2017 knowing that the worst is very much over. In this final week of December or first week of January you will be asked to fully and finally commit to a confidential project, or to take a backseat role without credit. This will be a long and drawn-out process yet the rewards are fantastic as you will see in 2017.


Mercury is well and truly retrograde now, Sagittarius. When it comes to the money, house, business, shopping, selling, flat – or charity - do make allowances for a stop-start process until early February. Anything from flawed communication to an uncooperative computer could be involved, so cover yourself. Wonderful compensation for your high hopes with a good friend, or intriguing group project, makes this a time to put in even more energy. You were quite right to invest your time and energy and by the end of 2017, a major achievement will be in the bag.


Update your travel insurance, back up your computer and mix your usual common-sense precautions with astrology, as Mercury the messenger planet appears to be moving strangely across your horoscope now, in your own sign too, and your personal agenda could be subject to rescheduling or delay. Fantastic achievements which owe a great deal to your staying power will make a lasting difference to your CV thanks to what happened in December and how you decide to follow through in January. You are the mountain goat who climbs to the top and knows how to stay there even when the winds are wild.


Mercury is retrograde in your zone of secrets and unseen efforts, so an issue could follow a zig-zag pathway until early February. Read the fine print and make allowances for a state of flux. The total certainty you have had in your plan to travel, publish, study, teach or write at a much higher level will be rewarded now as a result of an act of faith earlier in December. This also applies to your pursuit of a particular interstate or foreign agenda. Your timing turns out to have been right after all; what you planted is now starting to show green shoots or even a whole oak tree, depending on how early you were to grab a chance in September.


One of the reasons that your property, money or business outcome has not liberated you like this, for quite so long, is the stake that others have held in the situation. This wonderful turning point you have just seen in December has taken some time for the universe to knit together and there will be more benefits to come by October 2017. Mercury is also retrograde in your zone of friends and groups at the moment. Do allow for discussion, plans or paperwork to be held up or reversed. Read the fine print particularly carefully.

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