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This week tells two different stories about the relationship you have with your former, current or potential partner. Or lover! The first story unfolds near Monday when Cupido, that ancient symbol of desire, crush and infatuation, opposes Ceres in Aries, your own sign. One way or another, understanding the short-term passions of yourself, or the other person, will contribute to a grand outcome in October. Cupido is the grandson of Jupiter (Venus is Jupiter’s daughter and his own mother). In October, Jupiter will move into Libra, your opposite sign, for the first time in 12 years. Jupiter is associated with the solution of problems, the expansion of horizons, the opportunities for abundance and the Getting of Wisdom. Most of all Jupiter is associated with the win-win. That is why even a challenging moment with the whole business of passion, early in the week, will still set you on the right path. On Tuesday, Fortuna (another of Jupiter’s daughters) will oppose Minerva, her sister, in the sign of Leo. This rules lovers who could bring a younger generation into your life one day. You might both be in charge of a godchild, for example, or find nieces or nephews come into the fold. Then, there is the chance of your own pregnancy or life as a step-parent. Leo also rules existing sons and daughters, fertility, adoption and blended families in your life. Keep the faith with what occurs. There is wisdom. There is an answer. There is a valuable and precious insight. It may take time to get there, but you will cross this river and find the solution on the other side.


Babies, children or younger adults are the key to something very special and welcome at the moment. The conjunction of the True North Node to Bacchus on Monday is one part of the story. On Wednesday, Jupiter will also conjunct the Node. On the same day you have an opposition from Neptune to Ops, that ancient symbol of optimism. Even if the situation is complex, you stand to gain. Think of yourself as the Queen or King of a younger court, who inherit the legacy of your personality. Your ‘heirs’ can give you as much as you are able to give to them, through your guidance, or example. You can do this just by writing a children’s book. More commonly, you can do it by leaning hard on the generation born 20 years or more later than you, within your own home or family circle. This cycle is also associated with abundant opportunities involving lovers who could bring their own godchildren, young relatives or children into your life – or bring pregnancy. What else is going on this week? On Tuesday, Panacea stations direct in Scorpio, your opposite sign. There is a genuine remedy or cure-all waiting, which will change the way things are with your former, current or potential partner. Perhaps with an enemy, opponent or rival if that matters more to you. Panacea is a symbol of cures, fixes and answers – yet there is always a moral or ethical question attatched. Time to ponder that deeply because only you can make a key decision.


There are two chapters in your story this week which matter. The first is the opposition from Cupido in Libra to Ceres in Aries on Monday. This is about a lover who could bring a younger generation into your world, via his or her godchildren, children, nieces, nephews and so on. This person may even bring pregnancy to your door, if things became serious. Cupido in Libra is also about the children who are already in your universe. Your son or daughter. Your godchild. Your young relatives. Paid or unpaid work with a much younger generation, who inherit the legacy of your personality and are steered by your guidance and example. What does Cupido trigger? He is Cupid, as you might have guessed, and this is his Italian title in astrology. He is about short-term passion and the intense arrow-wounds of longing and desire. Normally we might send him on his way, but there is something different about this Cupido cycle. For all its conflicts and complications, you stand to gain long-term. Why? Because what you do, or what you discover, will help you find the right way forward in October, when you can welcome the biggest and best cycle in 12 years, in terms of your relationship with a younger generation. By 2017 you should be most content. This week will have a small but important part to play. I should also mention the second story in your horoscope. Aesculapia is opposite Apollo on Friday. There is something about your former, current or potential partner which is about to come back from the brink. Something or someone is about to be resurrected. Will it be easy? No. Will it be useful? Absolutely, yes. You need to know and you need to see. Each time this happens, dealing with what is unavoidable in your life becomes less of a challenge. This may also apply to an enemy, rival or opponent. Whatever is resurrected or pulled back from the brink this week will help you understand your next best step.


This is one of those weeks in astrology when people read the horoscope for their partner, crush or former lover – as well as their own. There are two important patterns this week, affecting the relationship you have with your ex, current or potential man (or woman). The first is Panacea, standing still in Scorpio on Tuesday. This is very much about the children for most Cancerians. Sons, daughters, godchildren, stepchildren, nieces or nephews. There is a big answer here and it would resolve an issue you have, or they have – but it also means answering questions about what is right or wrong. This also applies to lovers who could bring a younger generation into your life one day, via their godchildren, young relatives, children from a previous relationship – or just their capacity for pregnancy. Panacea, as you might suspect, is a symbol for remedies, cures and fixes. Sometimes these are not sparkling white. Sometimes they involve shades of moral grey. What else matters now? On Friday, Venus in your sign is opposed by Pluto. As I am sure you have seen in your relationships since 2008, you cannot avoid questions about power and control when Pluto is around. Now, you must draw on previous experience to look at the reins and how they are held. Your former, current or potential partner? Your enemy, rival or opponent? Perhaps the person and their particular character matters less than the lesson. The lesson here is to trust that anything or anybody which dominates will ultimately be taken down. This always happens on this cycle. Pluto can sometimes manifest as a husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend – or a love rival – or an ex partner – who takes over. Occasionally this ancient Roman god can surface in the atmosphere so you feel that trends, circumstances, or other people are somehow dominating your love life. Again, trust the process. Nothing and nobody takes over for very long on this cycle and if there is imbalance, it will be corrected.


On Monday, Fortuna stations retrograde in Aquarius, your opposite sign. On Tuesday she opposes Minerva in Leo, your own sign. Fortuna teaches you the Meaning of Life, through your husband, boyfriend, girlfriend or wife. Sometimes Fortuna also achieves this by steering your attention towards a former partner, or a potential partner. Occasionally it is an enemy, rival or opponent who will teach you. Why does life become more meaningful now? Because it has to. It is the only way you are going to make any sense of what is going on, which is about as stable, permanent and logical as a gigantic Wheel of Fortune. I am sure you know the Wheel of Fortune in the Tarot. It takes its symbol from the old goddess Fortuna, who was thought to steer your ship of fate with a rudder, while blindfolded. This might explain why everything feels random. Actually, it is isn’t random at all. Even the lows become highs eventually with this person. And the highs become lows. This is why you need to find the meaning in what is going on. Perhaps you need to find the Consolation of Philosophy. Or comedy! The other keynote pattern this week is Aesculapia’s opposition to Apollo on Friday, from the sign of Sagittarius. This is about children, godchildren, fertility, pregnancy, adoption, termination, stepchildren or similar. It is about lovers who could make you an aunt or uncle by marriage, or bring their own godchildren, young relatives or children into your life. You are taking a hard and heavy road with this in 2016. Nothing is fast, easy or simple. What you must now do is look at some kind of return, resurrection or comeback. Who or what you assumed was gone from your life, or almost over, will be back. This involves a pretty weighty decision. Take your time and see what others did in the same, or similar, situation before you. Sometimes you need to stand on the shoulders of giants, even if they are people like you in an anonymous relationship or parenthood internet forum.


On Monday, Chiron stations retrograde in Pisces, your opposite sign, which rules your opposite number in life. This is commonly your former, current or potential partner. Sometimes it is your enemy, rival or opponent – literally opposite to you in every way. On Wednesday, Neptune in this same area of your horoscope, opposes Ops. On Friday, Pluto in a related zone of your chart – ruling children, or the potential for other people’s children to come into your life one day – is also opposed, this time by Venus. As you might suspect, oppositions in your horoscope are about two polar opposites who cannot see eye to eye. They stare each other down from very different perspectives and situations. Sometimes an opposition emerges as an inner conflict, where you feel you are two people, and neither of them can agree. Sometimes, in a week of oppositions, the best idea is that old solution – ‘agree to differ’ and you can do this with others, as much as you can with the two people inside yourself who cannot reconcile. At this point it may help to remember who Chiron is and what he does in your chart, because he is the key player. Essentially, you are being shown what you can get away with. You have already got away with quite a lot, where your relationship with a former, current or potential partner is concerned – particularly in recent years. At the same time, I am sure your jaw has been on the floor as her/his audacity left you reeling. Remember, Virgo, this cycle can also bring the same story with enemies, rivals or opponents. This week, Chiron’s change of direction will help you deal with a familiar question. How far is too far? How much is too much? Is this okay, practical, and even possible? It is through this cycle that you learn about relationships, marriage, common law marriage, the law and the rest. And it’s a changing universe.


You are well-known for the way you handle duets in your life, and also duels, because your sign is associated with the scales, which must be balanced between two people, either for reasons of love, war or professional partnership. On Monday, we find Cupido in Libra, your own sign, in opposition to Ceres in Aries, your opposite sign. It is time to accept that you want power (or empowerment) as much as the other person and to find a way forward, together. This applies even if there is tremendous rivalry or bitterness. Of course, you may be one of those Librans who steer clear of animosity, in which case you must simply take the marriage, the relationship, the work partnership – or the understanding you have with a former or potential lover – and rework it. There is always a fair amont of aggrieved entitlement when Ceres is around. There is raw emotion and also a sense of owning something or someone – having a right to it. This is quite understandable given your situation at the moment. At the same time, Ceres only requires to be taken seriously. Out of all this, must come an acknowledgement that both players, or all players, have a right to respect, and to equal access to the controls. This may mean sharing, rostering or dividing – the time, the energy, the attention, the rights, the responsibilities. On Friday, Salacia stations retrograde in Aries – again, your opposite sign. This is pretty momentous. It means that you are about to drift into an unreal situation with this person, for the second time. There is nothing gritty, ordinary or real about the chemistry you have with your former, current or potential partner. Or with an enemy! It is like a chemistry experiment which exists in another universe. I don’t think too many people would call it everyday or regular. Be aware of this, as you float into it.


In astrology, the sign of Pisces rules fertility, termination, parenthood, godchildren, nieces, nephews, adoption and the rest. It is the sign which rules the ‘Call the Midwife’ zone of your horoscope. This is also where we find sexual encounters with people who could bring pregnancy, stepchildren, or their own young godchildren or family members into your world, if things become serious. This week, we have Chiron about to stand still in Pisces, and that requires a fair bit of thought. On Wednesday, Neptune (also in Pisces) clashes with Ops, which is more food for thought. If either you or the other person involved has three or more personal horoscope factors in Pisces, then I don’t doubt that what is going on, is extremely confidential, highly classified and the rest. Whatever your personal charts look like, whenever you see Chiron looming large, you just know there will be issues about what is acceptable, possible, practical, moral, ethical, legal and the rest. Actually, what you are experiencing is a real-life experiment in the laboratory of life. Nothing is ‘the known world’ any more and it ceased to be that way, a few years ago. As a result of this, you have to figure out your own rules about what you can get away with, and should get away with. This also applies to children, lovers or an entire younger generation. Sometimes the rules should change! Sometimes the map should be redrawn. I am reminded of 1977, the year they found Chiron, and the year they began experimenting with ideas which would lead to the brilliant arrival of Louise Brown, the first test-tube baby. Eyebrows were raised. Jaws were on the floor. But now look – IVF changes and saves lives. 1977 was also the year that punk rock broke. The music industry wondered, ‘Could they, should they, will they get away with it?’ The punks did and the independent music industry, controlled by bands, thrived. So, when it comes to Chiron the centaur, sometimes it’s true that everyone should hold their horses before getting on their high horse. Yes?


There was movement at the station, to quote a great Australian poem. The movement this week affects the love and sex lives of every sign of the zodiac. As with everything in astrology this is no accident. We are all being thrown into the washing machine at the moment, so that we can emerge, blinking, in October – when the churning is at an end, and we can all put on new relationships, or new versions of old relationships, to fit us. In your own life, Sagittarius, the churning at the moment concerns a lover who could bring a much younger generation into your world, if you two made commitments. Sometimes it’s a godchild or niece. Sometimes it’s a baby. Equally, there is a churning around your own sons, daughters, pregnancies, adoption, stepchildren, godchildren, young relatives and so on. When Ceres is opposed by Cupido on Monday, you must agree to share. On Friday, when Salacia stations retrograde, you will be sharing in a strange, unreal, distinctly ‘other’ world where nothing is normal or ordinary. We associate Ceres with tremendous compromises over access, control and particular rights. This is now what you must deal with – a different way of sharing or dividing the turf. This will happen with either the younger person in question, the lover – or other people. Sometimes you do the deal with the universe itself. Salacia is quite a different symbol. She is the wife of Neptune in Roman mythology and is Queen of both the beach and the sea. She is a holiday from reality. From Friday, you will enter the Salacia zone and travel very far from what we might call the real world. All the more reason to have it done, dusted and sorted before you go there.


The great wheel of the world horoscope is shifting this week, and as a result of what you and others discover about the heart, the soul (or sex) there will be nothing short of a love revolution in the first week of October. For you, Capricorn, the story is firmly about your former, current or potential partner and the need to make a few new discoveries. Venus is conjunct Vulcano in Cancer, your opposite sign, on Monday. Your opposite sign describes your opposite number on the relationship scales – the person who should balance your own qualities and characteristics in a neat piece of symmetry. Sometimes the scales can be quite lopsided, though, and your opposite number can be your opponent or opposition! The person who is pitted against you. After Mercury changes signs to Cancer on Wednesday the plot thickens. Very quickly, it looks as though a major discussion, or a significant e-mail, letter or text, must come – sooner rather than later. On Friday, Venus in Cancer opposes Pluto in your own sign of Capricorn. Essentially you are getting ready for the New Moon in Cancer on Monday 4th July. This is prep time. You need to figure out the layers of the relationship you have with this person, or what they now mean to you. Venus is an ancient symbol of desire, right or wrong. Vulcano was actually her husband in mythology and he was a symbol of self-control. With these two wandering around your horoscope, you have an awful lot to think about, but more importantly to feel – sexually or emotionally. As you draw closer to the New Moon’s impact next Monday or Tuesday, it is time for a new beginning and a fresh start, as the result of all you explore this week.


On Tuesday, Minerva in Leo, your opposite sign, is opposed by Fortuna in Aquarius, your own sign. Your opposite sign always describes your opposite number in life and sometimes your opponent. This week is about your former, current or potential partner. Alternatively it is about your great rival, enemy or opponent. On Friday, Apollo in Gemini opposes Aesculapia in Sagittarius. Gemini rules your children. It rules lovers who could make you pregnant, too – or alternatively, make you a co-godparent, aunt or uncle if things became serious. Gemini also rules the adoption process, fertility, termination, stepchildren and the rest. Aquarius, this is one week when you need to step from one rock to another, as you cross the river. This is quite a river to cross. Yes, there are wise answers. Yes, there is someone or something rather inspiring to copy, so that you also find success. These oppositions do suggest that you are either going through some inner conflict about this story, though – or dealing with polar opposites in the world around you. It may help to explain what Minerva and Apollo can ultimately do for you. Minerva is Jupiter’s daughter, and his counsellor. Ancient Rome regarded her as the goddess of wisdom and despite a situation which seems impossible or irreconcilable as the week begins, she will find her way with you and him (or her). Answers will come, and as this is Minerva, they will be deep and profound, not flashy and easy. Apollo is another heavyweight of Rome. He is the son of Jupiter, just as Minerva is the daughter. Whenever he turns up in your chart, you just know you have to take the lead. Imitate the leaders, not the followers, in this instance. The business of leadership may be an obstacle course to begin with, but you will get there.


Karma is shown in astrology by the True North Node and True South Node,which describe your previous life, or lives. At the moment, your former, current or potential partner is showing every sign of having shared such a life with you. This also applies to enemies, rivals or opponents. This war may have been fought before! This week, Pisces, we see an unusual conjunction between the True North Node in your opposite sign of Virgo and Bacchus. At the same time, Bacchus will conjunct Jupiter in Virgo – again, your opposite sign. This all takes place by Thursday, by which time you will know exactly which blessing to take advantage of, first. I sometimes hear from people that ‘nothing happened’ on their Jupiter cycle in love. This is usually because they turned an offer down, or blew an opportunity by repeating old, unhelpful relationship patterns. Jupiter always gives you a second chance, though. If you have blown it with someone, or let a perfectly good relationship opportunity pass you by (since 2015, when this cycle began) there is always more where that came from. And there is always a chance to make good, either with that person or quite another. For most Pisceans, though, this week is about a good hunch, paying off. You are famously intuitive and insightful as you cross the usual boundaries which divide you from other people and can read their very souls. This means you have, most likely, made a smart decision about your former, current or potential partner. And now it is paying off. And taking you further. And it may even be fun. Bacchus is the god you see in leopardskin, eating grapes and drinking wine. Jupiter, his father, is on the march along with the Node, signifying splendid karma, well earned. Pisces, this is the kind of week when you can even smack your lips over a duet, battle or contest. Make sure you take advantage of it.

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