As we ahead into December, astrologer Jessica Adams has your predictions for the coming week

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So, stuff just got real (again) with your foreign, regional, internet, travel, education or publishing agenda. This whole cycle is actually becoming easier, the longer you go through it. For a start, you are beginning to see the whole picture – getting the lay of the land. Secondly, you will find 2017 a great deal easier than 2016, in terms of Fate. Why? Because so much of what went down across your country or the world, this year, was not of your doing. This New Moon is a new beginning and it is worth thinking about the repercussions next year, because right up until Christmas 2017 you will be dealing with the ripple effect of what starts, this week. The more you learn, the more you listen, the more stoic you are – the better. Why? Because it rewards you in 2019. Read more at Get The Gloss. Premium Member? Continue.


You can’t control your age, your circumstances, the place where you live or the times you live in. Later on in 2019 this will benefit you financially, as you make or save rather a lot of dough. At the moment, as you go towards Christmas 2016, you are well and truly landlocked by a situation with your money, shares, business, property, and so on – that you did not create and did not choose. Actually, being practical works rather well. It is also worth knowing that your horoscope says, next year is so much easier and breezier than 2016 ever was. This is still not a done deal and you do have to be very careful and cautious, yet that Monty Python foot will not land again next year.


The New Moon in your opposite sign of Sagittarius will help you make a new beginning, where your former, current or potential partner is concerned. This also applies to your rivals, enemies or opponents. Look up and you will see it near Tuesday. It is important that whatever is in motion, is something that serves you next year as well, because you will have to live with the outcomes until Christmas 2017. I am sure that you know you are going through the Saturn in Sagittarius cycle too, which only occurs every 29 years. That is why everything feels so momentous – because this cycle usually coincides with outcomes which change everything, for some time to come. You know exactly what to do and you are doing it. If you don’t, then it is older or wiser people who have been in similar situations, who can advise you.


The big Sixth House focus in your solar chart is about your lifestyle (with all the small details), your body (so, everything from doctors to drink, to food) and also your service and duty to others (your work ethic). You have already been living with two big, fat realities about the same and now, it seems, you have some choices to make. Everything in astrology ends up somewhere, and part of the path to tremendous fulfilment in 2019, when Jupiter goes through Sagittarius, is what you learn now. Also what you achieve – the hard way. You would not end up with the ideal daily existence that year, or on better terms with your body, were you not to do the hard yards with Saturn now. As you are ruled by the Moon the New Moon is quite personal. Time to choose. Cross that bridge.


You don’t just have children or Millennials in your life, you rule, guide or mentor them. They inherit the legacy of your personality. They are your ‘heirs to the throne’ and although this week is obviously about your daughter or son, it may also be about those born 20+ years after you, who are at the heart of the most serious decisions. Saturn is at large. His nickname is TINA, or There Is No Alternative. However, one thing you can do is control the way you choose to respond and react. You can also time it right. What is under discussion, so firm news, or apparently decided, may not resolve itself with any finality for some weeks. Mercury Retrograde Shadow begins on Friday and it may be some time before there is a replay or rewind of what goes down this week. There is also a New Moon, which means a new beginning. It is happening against the backdrop of a slow, stuck, serious situation but it is also the decision you needed to make.


All those questions about where you belong to , where your roots are, where you should move to (where you actually can move to) and so on, belong to this current cycle. It’s the Saturn in Sagittarius cycle, which only happens every 29 years. It builds in intensity now through Christmas, so you get to make the absolute best decision. The house, apartment, relative, flatmate, home town, homeland are all just parts of something deeper. This next 12 months, through Christmas 2017, will be a great deal easier than 2016 ever was. This does not really spell capital E Easy, however – just a downhill slope instead of constantly trying to push uphill. It all begins with the choice you have to make, and the choice you have to make is signalled by this bright New Moon, up above.


The penny well and truly dropped a few months ago, where the internet was concerned. Or was this about multimedia, publishing, education or other forms of communication? Now you are being returned to the same issue, with bells on for Christmas. The tried, tested, trusted and true ways of dealing with the situation are correct. There are no fast or easy answers on this Saturn cycle, yet even if December brings a reality check, at least you know what is going on, and where you stand – and what to do next. Some things are unavoidable facts of life, and yet you will be pleased to see that anything which lingers beyond the end of 2017 will be resolved, to your satisfaction, from late 2018 into 2019.


You have to accept the things you cannot change, with your money, shares, house, business, apartment, charity or possessions. Some things are a fact of life. At the same time, stepping back from it all and taking the long view, will help you come up with a way of thinking about the situation, that gives you a rock to lean on. It is almost inevitable that the final two months of 2016 will bring a moment of truth about all that you own, earn or owe. Things have their own momentum! Yet – this too shall pass – and actually, any issues which do remain into 2017 will turn the corner from late 2018 and be so easily resolved in 2019.


Saturn passing through your own sign now makes his presence felt even more intensely as you head towards December, and the planetary activity in Sagittarius also builds. Matters of image, reputation, profile or appearance must be addressed, even if you cannot fix one particular concern. Actually, this has been such a long time coming that it would be futile – this too has its fated purpose in your life. You can make your life so much easier, though, by not starting anything new or adding to it. A typical example would be a ‘New Year, New Me’ program if you already have enough to deal with, anyway, regarding your appearance. Saturn in Sagittarius is all about the way you look or appear. What else works now? Just a point of view that helps you.


You may want to keep life very simple. You are covering up a secret from other people and perhaps from yourself, unconsciously. You may also be operating behind the scenes with no credit, nor recognition. Why? The person or project concerned is dazzling everyone involved and they are not seeing you. As your ruler Saturn is now making his presence felt, the time has come to accept what cannot be shifted, but also to see that it is your point of view which is the key. So find a point of view that feels as reassuring as an old sock, but also as sturdy – and keep it close. You know what is tried, tested, trusted and true for you, regarding this matter – and you should stick to it. Try not to add to this any more, as Mercury is about to go Retrograde Shadow.


Dealing with the group, be it the GOP, the Kickstarter, the private members’ club or the Girl Guides, has not been this challenging for some time. It may be that you don’t relate. It may be that friendships – particularly those which cross over into social media – have gone on the line. As you go towards Christmas, Aquarius, you have some thinking to do. There are some things about life which are just unavoidable. You can’t change them, any more than you can change who you are. What you are free to alter, though, is your way of thinking about one person or community of people, in particular. You also need to be highly tactical at the moment and come up with a way of dealing, that sees you through 2017. From Christmas Day, you will at least know where you stand. Try to dot any I’s and cross any t’s before Friday if you can.


Any career, unpaid work or university issue which is left up in the air after Friday may get stuck, disappear or go through changes – as you are about to hit the Mercury Retrograde cycle with the first shadow. Things may be in limbo for weeks so be aware of that. You may want to get it in writing and before Friday, to skip the usual stop-start of Mercury’s patterns As this planet rules communication, information, transportation – and especially the web – you can see why this cycle might be an issue. In any case, you can sign off quickly if you wish to, this week, and make up your mind once and for all about a matter that will not go away of its own accord.

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