Find out what's in store for your weekly horoscope as Jessica Adams predicts your stars

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Close to Wednesday and Friday, you have important questions to answer about your money, house, business, apartment, possessions or charity. This is an ongoing theme for the whole month so you have plenty of time. This goes beyond the actual dollar/pound/euro value of what is at stake and reaches into your entire value system. Of course you cannot escape the significance of a sexually intimate relationship or a deadly serious matter (like a legacy, life insurance or mortgage). What feels like a brand new start towards the weekend should probably be viewed as a dress rehearsal rather than the final act, though. Allow until June 7th for the wheels to spin backwards and forwards. Get everything in writing before then, get second opinions and read the fine print. That’s the Mercury Retrograde rule.


Juno in your opposite sign of Scorpio refers to your opposite number, your opponent – and the opposition in general. If you are going to pit yourself against others (or be pitted against them) you really need to have your own ‘other half’ to support you, even though there may be issues between both of you as well. This applies to your former, current or potential partner. Very close to Wednesday and Friday you will see how one big question talks not only about the two of you – but also about you, you, you (in the context of your title, image, reputation, appearance and packaging). This is going to take a while to sort out. In fact it may not be until June 7th that the story stops sticking or shifting. Allow for that.


Your lifestyle, body, routine, work and chores zone is occupied heavily near Wednesday and Friday. Important questions about the price of commitment are hovering. Firm choices and big promises offer security, of course, but there is always the loss of freedom to consider. This may be about your paid or unpaid work, but it also pulls in questions about your physical condition and the way your body influences who you are, what you do, and how you live your life. There is certainly an answer here, and it’s a good one - but there is also a moral or ethical question attached. What else is important now? The secret you keep. The way you operate behind the scenes. The world of psychic ability or psychology. One of these will matter more than the other two. Bide your time. What looks like a fresh start is actually a first attempt and there will be slowdowns, standstills and possibly rewrites of the whole story by June 7th.


This week finds Juno and Panacea in the horoscope zone which points to your children, godchildren or young relatives. This is also where we find serious lovers who have their own lives as godparents/uncles/aunts – or parents from a previous relationship. You are over the heaviest cycle in 29 years and must now feel the difference. Much as I’d love to say this is The Incredible Lightness of Being, it’s still a bit of a mental exercise. Only you can decide who and what is worth a commitment – or not. Only you can say what is black, white or just a shade of grey in this situation. This week is also very much about the hive mind, as I am sure you know. Group psychology was never so important, no matter if you are concerned with your swimming team or your political party – or your band. Nothing is signed, sealed and delivered in your life with these people (or the friend concerned) until June 7th so be hugely flexible. Mercury Retrograde specialises in stop-start and also SLOW signs. On occasion it can even flip things around 360 degrees. Be aware.


Juno and Panacea are now in your home zone. This covers your family, apartment, house, flatmates, tenants, builder, town, nationality and so on. It’s quite true that deep promises offer so much – yet they also deny fundamental freedoms. It is also true that the only person who can make a big moral judgement is you – you have to be your own judge and jury on the matter at hand near Wednesday and Friday. May is also very much about your career. This may be paid or unpaid work, your university degree or your full-time job as parent. Bide your time until you pass final judgement on the new beginning just before the weekend. There may be typical Mercury Retrograde delays, changes or standstills. All the more reason to get things in writing then read the tiniest fine print. After June 7th, you’ll know.


The horoscope zones which rule travel, the internet, foreigners, multimedia, publishing and all journeys (including journeys of the mind) are in flux this week. That’s a pretty good reason to have Plan B up your sleeve and to take common-sense precautions on board. Nothing wrong with double-checking, especially when your ruler Mercury is Retrograde. He’s out of final shadow on June 7th but until then, things are like wet clay on the potter’s wheel. No actual finished products yet, just a spinning wheel. Ultimately, you will emerge with a much stronger idea of your project, plan, trip or paper trail. The very best use of this time, astrologically speaking, is to use it as a first draft or rehearsal.


It’s going to take ages for the money, house, business, company, apartment, charity and/or possessions to fully sort itself out. Be kind to yourself and allow until the second week of June for all the necessary unravelling, stitching, knitting and reworking. You are actually over the worst. I am sure that when you had Saturn going through your cash, security and lifestyle zone from late 2012 through 2015 you felt like you had the weight of the world on your shoulders. That cycle is now over for about 30 more years. Rest assured, no matter how demanding current concerns are – and how much they take up time and energy – you’re in the clear. In fact, you will be positively joyous in 2018 when you make or save a fortune. For now, though, do what you must. Just remember – get it in writing, read the fine print, and get a second opinion if you feel the need. This will take time!


This week is about your former, current or potential partner. Alternatively, it is about your great rival, enemy or opponent. In some cases, Scorpio, both stories will be entwined. Give this time! Talking points are going to alter, there may be a waiting game – perhaps even a reversal. You are in the Mercury Retrograde zone now and the shadow won’t end until June 7th. What this does is buy you time to examine your heart and soul. Words are words. Facts are facts. Beyond that, though, you are an intensely emotional water sign, and you respond best to your own passion. You may not know where things are for some time – at least where communication and information is concerned – but you will certainly come out of this phase in your life knowing who and what matters most, to your heart and soul. Your reputation, title, image, personal appearance and persona cannot be separated from the issue about him (or her). Do your best and be your best, it will serve you handsomely in 2018 and people don’t forget these things.


The activity in Taurus, the sign which rules your working day, your housework, your lifestyle, daily routine – and crucially, your body – is here all month. In fact, it may not be until June 7th that you have every last detail ironed out. May is as much about your service and duty to yourself, and your own body, as it is about your work ethic in terms of other people. This is a state of flux which ultimately helps you, despite the temporary question marks or quandaries. Essentially it helps you get to the bottom of major issues about the small stuff. The trivial details of your daily existence are not so trivial; they do matter! This week also finds a pattern in Scorpio, which rules your secret life, your classified information, your confidential concerns, your role behind the scenes – or your hidden self. You have a choice to make here and it’s pretty important. Acquire the time and space you need for it.


Let yourself off the hook where the children, lover, young relatives, youth project, baby or teenagers are concerned. You do have time. We live in a 24-hour world where there is a constant merry-go-round of information, news and factoids. This might explain why you are looking for some sentence you can draw a line under. Fair enough, but it’s inappropriate right now. In fact, you won’t know for sure – about this – until the first week of June has gone past you. The reason for this is Mercury’s odd retrograde motion. The planet of ‘certain’ facts, agreement, discussion and ‘absolute’ arrangements is not behaving. Be kind to yourself and if you can possibly play for time, do that. If you have to make choices now, give yourself Plan B and Plan C. The other key issue now, of course is your group – the one which involves your great friend. Only you know what is right and wrong here, and what works – and does not work. It’s an intensely personal moral decision.


Juno and Panacea in your house of achievement, success, status and ambition have a message for you. Basically, not every solution, remedy or ‘fix’ is entirely straightforward. Sometimes there is a price to pay, and only your own conscience can decide that, as you will see towards the weekend. The other message is about solid promises. On the face of it, commitment is always to be recommended, but what about autonomy and individuality, outside the ‘we’ that happens when there is bonding or blending? Aquarius, your chart this week is also obviously about the house, family, apartment, household – or your sense of belonging to a region. Despite the fresh start that appears later this week, this is basically a dress rehearsal or first version. It’s like the first draft of Seinfeld, or the first casting session. Be savvy and allow for the Mercury Retrograde cycle to spin its wheels until June 7th. Until then there may indeed be changes of personnel, script, concept – and other details. A useful rule of thumb on this cycle is to get it in print, and then read the fine print. This covers mothers, builders or Mayors.


The Taurus-Scorpio axis of your horoscope is about ideas, trips, words, images, learning, teaching, big ideas – and distant regions and countries, along with their locals. It’s about the journeys you take, geographically or intellectually. At the moment it is looking awfully mixed and muddy, which might explain a few things to you this week! Of course sometimes you need randomness, delays or uncertainty in order to get to the core of what you want – and deserve. If you are using astrology (the people’s timing, since Stonehenge) then be hip to Mercury Retrograde now. The planet of information, communication, transportation and negotiation will not behave normally until the second week of June. So – cover your bases. Ultimately, of course, you’ll end up with the itinerary that works.