Astrologer Jessica Adams reveals what your stars have in store this week

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In astrology, the sign of Gemini rules language, words, reading and illustration. Today it rules the internet. Centuries ago it ruled the relationship between twins, who often have their own special language, and who frequently encourage other to speak, understand, write, read and draw as small children. There is a whopping emphasis on Gemini in your chart this week, and so we must look to the worldwide web, multimedia, publishing or education for a new beginning. There may also be a concern with literary, language, speech, hearing or comprehension for some of you. It is a baptism of fire. That is perfectly fine, as it is only by jumping through a couple of flaming hoops, that you will achieve the fresh start you need so much. This new approach, technology, concept, idea or project is long overdue and it will teach you a lot.


You are well-known for your very particular way with business, money, shopping, investment, charity or property. Some Taureans are arch capitalists. Some are alternative lifestylers, who prefer to grow their own food. You can be as wealthy as your fellow Taureans David Beckham and Her Majesty the Queen or as poor as the proverbial church mouse, and you are still going to have an uphill battle this week. Keep pushing. You will get there in the end, and in order to have a fresh start which leaves no stone unturned, you may have to put in more effort than usual. There are long-term implications for your short-term decisions, this weekend or early next week. Try to think in terms of 2017 as well as June 2016, because the choices you are about to make will have far-reaching effects. There is no substitute for expertise or other people’s hard-won experience at the moment so lean on it.


There is an unusual focus on your personal appearance, profile, reputation, image or persona at the moment.
The reason for this is the Sun in Gemini’s opposition to Saturn on Friday 3rd June, and the opposition from Venus in Gemini to Saturn the following day, both of which precede a New Moon in Gemini on Sunday. Whenever there is a flurry of activity in your own sign, you just know you must relaunch. This may be about a new look, or a different version of the old look. Perhaps it is about your title, role or brand. In order to get there from here, you must face a couple of obstacles. Perhaps there is an inner conflict to deal with. Maybe you are dealing with people, organisations or situations which confront you when it comes to the most intensely personal questions about how you appear – and how you are seen. Do what you must and write a new chapter in your real-life autobiography – or perhaps paint a new portrait of yourself - after Friday.


Much of what goes on this week will not be seen, or even guessed at, by the people around you. There is a new beginning ahead, and it will involve a secret you cover up, even from those who are closest to you. Alternatively you may be operating behind the scenes, pulling strings above the stage, while others draw the attention. Less commonly, this cycle is about matters which are either psychic or psychological in nature, and unfathomable to outsiders. As you are ruled by the Moon, the New Moon on Sunday has a particular impact on your life. There will be a fresh start ahead, with all that others do not see, understand or know about. In order to make the very best fresh start you can, allow for a couple of obstacles along the way, as something inside yourself, or perhaps taking place in the outside world, is far from easy or straightforward. Untangling this will help you weave the right pattern for your future, however.


The Sun and Venus are now passing through the Eleventh House of your horoscope, which describes group psychology, tribal thinking and the hive mind. You seem to be experiencing this either in your social circle, or through a more formal organisation, like a rock band, political party or book group. The Sun will draw your attention to who (or what) needs to change. Venus will remind you that even platonic friendships or purely friendly group associations can become complicated when she is around! Venus, of course, is associated with tangled emotions and intense feelings. I am sure you will take all this in your stride, and the right new chapter will be written in your life after Sunday, when your ruler the Sun joins the Moon. This is a birth of sorts. The birth of something or someone new which will make a lasting difference to the way you see friendship – and the group.


This is the most important time of year for your projects, role, goals and position in life. This applies to full and part-time work, as well as full-time parenting, unpaid work or university life. You will be sorting things out throughout June, and it all begins with a new episode in your life, close to Sunday. Look up and you will see the New Moon over the rooftops, which ushers this change in. Should you be one of those Virgo people who have personal horoscope factors in Gemini, then the new episode will involve your way with words, ideas or images in a crucial way. No matter what your birth chart suggests, you seem likely to face a couple of inner conflicts or genuine challenges, as you set about your new direction. It may help to remember that the Midheaven of your chart is ruled by Gemini, and thus your highest achievement will always be to connect and communicate. Everything else should come second to that. You are ruled by Mercury the Messenger and it is really the medium and the message which matter now, not so much the personalities involved.


The time has come to take a new approach to places and people which are miles outside your usual experience and knowledge base – perhaps even not far from your home – or genuinely exotic, as they may lie across Europe, the Americas or Australasia. The New Moon you see overhead this week is a sure sign that change is on the way, and it will preoccupy you for most of June. Do all you can to try and resolve what (or whom) does not fit the jigsaw this week. A couple of pieces are either missing or the wrong shape and the picture needs to be as firm as possible, before you accept it as final. This will not happen until Sunday or possibly early next week, so even though the next few days may be demanding, try to do your best with the pieces in the box. You are piecing together something which will reveal just what another part of the map, its locals, its features or its culture will mean to you.


You are well-known for your particular approach to your money, house, possessions, apartment, business interests or charity concerns. You may be a John Cleese, who announces a divorce tour – so he can earn his way out of personal and legal battles. You may be a Bill Gates, who gives it all away. Perhaps you are the Hillary Clinton type, who is forever associated with business, no matter how far she travels in politics. I mention all this, because you are about to make a short-term fresh start which will affect the long-term situation. At the moment you are moving slowly through the Saturn in Sagittarius cycle, which makes very heavy demands on you, financially or materially. It does not end any time soon. In fact, you will still be working your way through this cycle next year. All the more reason to take the new beginning which is indicated this weekend (or early next week) very seriously. It will have long-term implications so take your time as you navigate a rather tricky situation. Of course, life is always complex when you are dealing with sexually intimate agreements (like marriage, or a mistress). It is also complicated when you deal with the reality of deadly serious arrangements, like a mortgage (the bank really is in this with you, until death do you part) or insurance. All the more reason to do your research.


You now have both Venus and the Sun in your opposite sign of Gemini, which rules your opposite number in life. This is usually your former, current or potential partner. Sometimes it is your opponent or opposition – the person who is against you, for whatever reason. The story goes something like this. After a couple of inner conflicts or real-world issues to resolve, you then move to a new beginning, involving this person, over the weekend – or early next week. From there you must navigate June, when you find out what is working for you, with this new chapter – or what frankly needs a rewrite. You will need to allow more time and space for all of this, but make sure you also take time for yourself. You matter a very great deal in this story, because a great deal of what is about to take place will also have an impact on your identity, role, persona, title and so on. If you are starting a new relationship adopt a wait-and-see policy throughout June and give the chemistry between you both, a chance to truly show itself fully and completely.


No new beginning which affects either your body, or your daily workload, is likely to be a snap. What lies in front of you is probably more like a pinball machine, and as you ping around one part of the game to another, you will need to try and keep your energy on an even keel. In astrology there is no separation between your duties, your service to other people and your physical condition. They are all interwoven. In June, when this area of your horoscope is well and truly triggered, you will need to take your time as you play the game and find your way around. The fresh start which affects your lifestyle so much, will either come this weekend or early next week. Rather than just plunge in, or assume you know enough from previous experience, you may want to canvass opinion. Anonymous internet forums could give you food for thought, no matter if your question is about your doctor, drugs, food, drink, surgeon, healer, nurse or gym. When it comes to your job, unpaid work, degree or full-time parenting role you will find yourself in the company of experts if you reach out.


The Sun has always been associated with fathers, as much as the Moon is associated with mothers – primarily because the lunar cycle coincides uncannily with a woman’s menstrual cycle. Thus, when the Sun and Moon come together, in the same sign of the zodiac, at the same degree, there is often conception or a birth. The odds of every single Aquarian delivering a child or conceiving one this week are obviously rather low. There will, however, be some kind of new beginning, and it will certainly involve a younger generation, perhaps 20 years or more your junior. The aftermath of this fresh start will preoccupy you for all of June and it will involve a fair amount of dedication and effort. Sometimes on this New Moon cycle, the issue is a lover who could bring children, godchildren, nieces or nephews into your life, if things became serious. Very occasionally the concerns are broader, so this New Moon may be about your paid or unpaid work on behalf of children. Also rare, but very important, is the loaded question of parenthood as a whole. Maybe you need a new direction with that. Maybe it is time to alter your direction, and that will have lasting results on how you see parenting. Do your utmost to fix whatever needs fixing before the weekend. Then allow time and space in June for the first part of this journey.


A stellium in Gemini, at the Immum Coeli of your solar chart, announces a new beginning with the family or your home. Of course, ‘family’ can also mean a shared household of flatmates, the animals who are your companions, or the neighbours. Your home may be your apartment, house or temporary accommodation. On a broader level it may be your town or country. This week we have a New Moon in Gemini, standing right on the Immum Coeli of your horoscope. Look up and you will see it over your own roof, last thing at night. You will need more time and space for important questions and some thoroughly thought-out answers, both before and after this lunar phase. In fact, June may well be spent setting priorities and stacking up the advantages and disadvantages of particular decisions. You are currently in a cycle when your job, unpaid work, degree or full-time parenting role has seldom been so demanding, but for all that, it does make sense to set aside this new month for matters closer to home.