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Pssst! Did you know that we've just entered a crucial astrological phase for love and relationships?

On 10th September 2016, Jupiter moved into Libra, the sign which rules love. This transit is bringing life-altering, positive relationship changes for everyone for the next 12 months.

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You have gone all around the houses, up the garden path and possibly up a gum tree a couple of times, yet at last you will know where you stand with your working day and also your body. What you produce with your paid work, university life or unpaid work once Psyche changes signs this week, will outlast you. The potential with your former, current or potential partner is huge and one of the most important discussions you two will ever have, will take place within three weeks. Are you weighed down by the new realities of foreign people and places, education, publishing or the web? You’ll be relieved to see a change in the weather, from this week forward. Panacea brings remedies. Bacchus even brings genuine pleasure.


The earlier you started your grand plan involving babies, children or younger adults, the better. This also applies to lovers with parenthood potential. Now, you will see why the weeks of changes or delays were worthwhile, and yet the story is not over. If anything, the chapter you have written will last forever. The mood changes with your money, house, land, apartment, business, possessions, charity or company too. Instead of the constant feeling of no alternatives or heavy realities, you will find options which create light relief. The big news in your chart is about your lifestyle, of course, incorporating a better way to work and deal with your body. The key information you need will be with you from this week forward.


Big wheels are turning with your former, current or potential partner and any children you have, or wish to have. This also applies to your paid or unpaid efforts involving younger people and the chemistry you share with your ex, present or possible lover. Much more is possible, from this week forward and as your ruler Mercury changes signs on Friday, a weekend talk could be useful. You have a legacy to leave those who come after you, no matter if they are your offspring or not. You should also be happier with the alchemy that exists between you and a certain someone. What else is going on now? The end to a long and complex story involving your house, apartment, home town, country, family or household. This has taken ages, but it’s final.


You have been dealing with Saturn and all his heavy reality checks and unavoidable situations, for months – and the impact is clear, with work or your body. Now, you are offered something or someone different to work with and it will come as a relief. This week also finds you beginning the most important chain of meetings, e-mails or documents for years. As your house, family, home town, apartment, household or homeland is at the heart of this, devote all the time and energy you can. The outcome could change everything. What else is in store now? Well, you can sign off on a lengthy and complicated process which made the worldwide web, multimedia or communication in general far more demanding than it had to be.


What a long and winding road you have been on with the land, money, business, possessions, charity, apartment or house. It ends on Thursday. This story has been rewritten twice or even three times, but what comes out of this, will last forever. Two more things to think about this week. A crucial discussion or paper trail involving a very special project, idea or course which could take your use of the worldwide web or multimedia to the next level. Secondly, a welcome change in the atmosphere which surrounds a very heavy question involving your godchild, young relative, son, daughter or a parenthood-potential relationship.


All those questions about your role, title, brand, identity or appearance can now be put to bed, as your ruler Mercury is back to normal from Thursday. Psyche in her new sign of Virgo suggests that the chapter that is written about yourself, or the portrait that is painted, will outlast you. Look towards the digits, calculations or price tags after Friday, as the proverbial ‘beautiful set of numbers’ could be in your hands shortly, no matter if you want to save money or make it. All that remains is for you to welcome some breathing space where a family member, home town or homeland question, renovation, property transaction, flatmate or builder is concerned. You have been shown reality, and how, yet you will have a break from this week forward.


A relaunch or new look (or profile) is now down to signatures or discussion, with everything you need set up from Friday when Mercury enters Libra. This is the first time in 12 years that Mercury has been alongside Jupiter, the planet of big answers and ultimate solutions, so what you read, hear or suggest in the weeks ahead will turn everything around. You also have a useful turning point ahead with a project, course, computer, idea or phone issue which has not resolved itself. Ever since Saturn entered Sagittarius last year you have been lumbered with one of those unavoidable issues regarding your way with words, ideas or images, for which there is no simple solution. This general issue will not vanish yet it can be eased for you and that is what is set to happen, according to your horoscope.


The earlier in 2016 you began the push to benefit from your group and your friend, the better. Even though the last few weeks has held you up with delays, changes or even u-turns, you can at last close that chapter and enjoy reviewing 12 months of staggering benefits. Now, your attention must turn to an aspect of your personality or life which nobody else can see, or even fathom. This is where the advantages are and you will be thinking about nothing else after Friday. The financial, property, business, shopping, sales or charity agenda has been heavily weighed down by unavoidable problems since last year. Now, you can see a different perspective. You do need a break.


What you accomplish in your career, unpaid work, university degree or full-time parenting role will last forever, as Psyche changes signs on Monday. You have been sent backwards and forwards for weeks, yet you can now close one chapter and begin another. You are also at the very first chapter of a new life story involving your social life, friends, social media and the group as a whole. Amazing things are possible and what you hear, read or discuss after this week will have a huge impact on your happiness and satisfaction next year. Sagittarius, with Saturn in your sign, matters of image, branding, profile, reputation and appearance have weighed heavily and you must be sharply aware of just what the implications are, not only now but next year too. All light relief is welcome and this week there will be a change in the astrological weather as two potent little asteroids arrive to shift the balance with serious, stuck Saturn.


You are experiencing the end of one Jupiter cycle and the start of another, so will be flying high and seeing the big picture, both across your country or around the world. A story which never ran as it should owing to cancellations, delays or changes will now reach the finishing line and you should be left feeling happy about all you achieved as a traveller, world citizen or explorer of life. Your next big for empire building is your own chosen field, industry or business. Jupiter was linked to the eagle in Ancient Rome and you can be quite predatory about this if you wish (or opportunistic) as the news which reaches you after this week is a game-changer. The trick to this cycle is to get in early and take what is on offer.


Unavoidable realities which come with the territory, with a particular friend or group, must be accepted. There is not an awful lot you can do to change things, yet a shift in your horoscope now will at least lighten the psychological or spiritual load for you. The money you saved or made, or the other property, shopping or business gains – now concludes. This story went on and on, yet despite your circular progress it is also true that you are about to write a ‘forever’ chapter about all that you own, earn or owe. Jupiter in your zone of travel, and also travel in the mind, is helped by Mercury his messenger, from this week forward. Outstanding news is on the way. Time to decide, very soon!


What you create with, for or through your partner after Psyche changes signs on Monday will last forever. This has been quite an epic story with this person. Sometimes the cycle is also about a former or potential partner. It has also been known to star an enemy or rival! You have been going back and forth with what should have been a three-week exercise, since August, yet now you can lay things to rest and also leave them in rather a special place, as what unfolds will outlive you. Do look at the numbers, once you hear about an important meeting, call or piece of paperwork after Friday. You stand to gain so much, that it is worth squirrelling away these particular acorns. You may also want to plant some for the life you lead, 12 years from now.

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